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Posted by on Sunday, August 6, 2017 in Georgia, ICW Travel, Visiting Family, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Visiting Family at Saint Simons Island

Watch Video 26 here!

The good news – we’ll get to visit our family one last time before we head to the Bahamas for a while.

The bad news – now we have to say goodbye all over again!

In this post, we cruise to Saint Simons Island and meet up with Ben’s family for a few days. We also celebrate an early Christmas and exchange a few gifts. A lovely get-to-gether for sure.

Also, we climb to the very top of the St Simons Lighthouse!

11.28 Duplin River by Sapalo Island

Today we saw cows on an island on the way to our anchorage. Tonight was really windy, the wind was gusting at 29 knots and coming from the South, right up the river. The waves were building so high and it was so rocky! We went outside to check the anchor we saw the coolest glow coming off the anchor line. As it was disturbed by the anchor chain, the stuff in the water would glow. It was beautiful. Too bad it doesn’t show in photos though. N32*25.548 W81*17.685

11.29 Today was a long tough day. Getting out of Duplin River was dificult and it took us close to an hour to get the anchor up. It was so windy and the waves were so rough and high. Georgia is proving to be a difficult state. I can see why a lot of people skip it and choose to go outside into the ocean. Maybe if there wasn’t so much gusty winds it wouldn’t be so bad. There isn’t a lot of places that are protected from the wind to anchor. It’s just a lot of flat marshy land. As difficult as Georgia ICW has been, it’s also been beautiful!

Today we anchored near the Fredrica River. We are preparing for Ben’s Mom, Dad and Sister to visit! N31*10.733 W81*24.743

11.30 We didn’t have anywhere to be so we stayed here. We just hung out on the boat and got ready for Ben’s family to get here tomorrow. 

12.1 We got up this morning and decided to go around to the marina to get fuel and water. Ben was bringing up the anchor and it was really tough. It took him awhile to get the anchor onboard, when he finally did, it was stuck in an old crab pot. Ben was trying to rip the pot off the anchor and we were drifting. He finally got the pot off and was covered in bait. After that close call, we went around to the marina to get our fuel and water. After that we came back around and we anchored close to the public dock that we will be using while our family is here.

When they called to tell us they were here, Ben, Molly, and I went walking towards the condo. As we were walking they were on their way to us, we finally caught up to each other. Everyone was so excited to see each other! After they picked us up, they took us to their condo and we hung out. We had showers (!!) and went out to dinner. Molly stayed the night with them at the condo, Ben and I went back to the boat because we were worried about leaving the boat alone overnight in an unfamiliar place. N 31*10.141 W 81*24.762

12.2 Today Ben and I walked over to the condo from the boat. When we got there we all went out to run some errands. We went to the Mall to JC Penny’s so Ben could get some new jeans and while we were there, we went to T-Mobil and got the hotspot added to our account, then we went grocery shopping, went to home depot, and got some Christmas shopping done for Molly. They brought us back to the boat so we could put away our groceries and the other things we got today. We showed them around the boat and Molly loved showing Mimzie her quarter-berth. After that we all went back to the condo. Mom and Kathy prepared a delicious Christgiving meal. They also had a “dirty Santa” game prepared. We had so much fun! Molly got her Christmas presents from Mimzie, Grandad, and Aunt Kat. Molly got to stay the night with Mimzie again. 

12.3 Ben and I walked back to the Condo this morning. When we got there, they had a great breakfast prepared. After we ate it was time to go sight seeing in St. Simons. First, we went to the Pier, then Molly and Mimzie played at the park, after that we went to the lighthouse. Ben, Molly, Ben’s Mom and I walked up to the top. It was beautiful! After that, we went to the beach. Then we had lunch at Chic-Fil-A. After lunch, we went and got a fan for the composting head from radio shack. We went back to the condo and hung out. We had leftovers from last night for dinner and took another shower. Molly got to stay the night again with the family.

12.4 This morning Ben and I walked back to the condo. We had breakfast and packed up. We said our sad goodbyes to the Clardy Family. After they left we had to clean up the boat! It is a mess from all the presents and groceries and stuff that was bought. We decided to stay here another day tomorrow because of some wind and rain coming in.

12.5 Today we went on a walk and played on the workout trail by the hospital near the public dock. We hung out on the boat, and started to put up our Christmas tree. Molly also played with the thousands of rubber bands that she got for Christmas from Mimzie and Aunt Kat.

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