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First off, we want to go ahead and say – thank-you


The simple fact that you are on our blog means that you’re already helping to support our journey. However, if you feel inspired to do a little something above-and-beyond – then this is the place!

On this page, you can pick a way of supporting us that is right for you. Some ways are completely free, while others will cost a few bucks. Browse through the options below and choose one that is a good fit for you. Remember, anything helps!

Here are 4 unique ideas to choose from –



Option #1: Become a Patreon!

By becoming a “Sailboat Story Patreon“, you make a small donation for each new documentary video that we create along the way. You’ve got full control over your pledge amount by setting your maximum monthly pledge level. We’ll return the favor by keeping you entertained and updated by sending you each new video that we create of our travels.

If you feel it in your heart to donate to our journey, visit our Patreon page and choose a pledge level.





Option #2: Be A Pal – With PayPal!

With, you can send a 1-time donation of any amount you choose. Any amount at all is greatly appreciated, and your support will help us with everything from creating our video documentaries to maintaining our little floating home.

We set up a donation page where you can easily transfer a few bucks to us via Paypal by using either an existing Paypal account of your own, or by using your credit card. Either way – the money will be wisely invested into the fundamental expenses of our sailing journey. Visit our Paypal donation page.

support sailboat story



Option #3: Buy Something (Anything) On Amazon!

Here’s a zero-cost way you can help us out anytime you buy something from Amazon…

Anytime you buy from Amazon, simply go to the Amazon website by using the link below. What will happen is Amazon will send us a tiny percentage of your total purchase because we “referred you”.

This method doesn’t cost you anything extra at all, but it’s a cool way that you can help support us by doing your Amazon shopping by using our referral link. So just head to Amazon using this link and shop as usual!

PS: Go to Amazon using our link, then save the link in your browser bookmarks. Then whenever you need to buy something from Amazon, just go there by using the bookmarked link. It’s a cool way to help us out for zero dollars out of pocket!

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Option #4: Share, Like, Subscribe, and Follow!

The more people who know about what we’re up to, the better our chances are for being able to gain supporters along the way! Also, when more people “like” our Facebook page and “subscribe” to our Youtube videos, it helps with our rankings – which really let’s us get more exposure with the right people.

All you need to do is visit the page you want to help promote, and either share, like, subscribe, or follow! The magic is in the collective network that we are all tied into – but the trick is to share our pages with other people.

Please visit the links below and share, like, subscribe, and follow to help us grow our audience!

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