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Posted by on Thursday, February 8, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Exuma Islands, Food, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Sea Turtles and Wooden Owls on Little Farmers Cay

Watch Video 45 Here!

So we sailed to Little Farmers Cay, a little island with sea turtles and wooden owls. Sounds GREAT!

Oh, here’s a highlight for your viewing pleasure… witness, in this video, Molly’s first attempt at blowing a conch horn. It’s just great.

This was a great little island. It’s definitely the smallest settlement that we’ve had the pleasure to visit thus far. A step down from Black Point even – and we thought that one was quite small.

While on Little Farmers Cay, we saw only 2 cars driving around on the roads. I’m not certain of the population on the island, but I’d be surprised if there were many more than 100 people living there.

Very simple, laid back, slow paced, and just plain wonderful.



3.14.17 Today we moved to Little Farmers Cay. We had to split from Baila and Robin. They went North and we went South. We were heeled over so far today during our sail that everything in the galley fell onto the floor. We anchored on the East side of the island for tonight, we think that we’ll just stay here for tonight and head South again tomorrow. Molly and Ben swam around the boat after we got anchored to check out what the bottom looked like. The holding is not very good here. But it’s enough for the night.

N 23*57.549 W 76*18.998

3.15.17 We decided to stay in Little Farmers until we have a good weather window to go to Georgetown. We moved to the other side of the island  where there is better holding and also for better North- Northwest protection for when the wind switches.

N 23*57.133 W 76*19.230

We went ashore to take a look around. Little Farmers does not disappoint in the beautiful sunset department.

3.16.17 We stayed on the boat today and caught up on some school work.

3.17.17 We went ashore today to look around some more. We saw some beautiful sea turtles swimming in the bay and chatted with some of the local kids. They were a lot of fun. We also, met a man named J.R who is a great man and a wonderful wood carver, we bought an owl from him and he gave us his conch horn, which he taught us how to blow. He also showed us how he does his carvings. Then, he showed us around his amazing garden of fruit trees. Ben also bought a Hawaiian sling and spear from one of the local fishermen here on the island. Ben and I had popcorn, M&M’s, wine and watched Star Wars tonight.

3.18.17 Today we went ashore and spent a few hours at the beach. We found all these tiny little jelly fish looking things floating at the waters edge. (The little brown things in the shell) I also brought in a nice collection of shells. That group of photos of Molly is one of my most favorite collages. She is such a sassy, fun, kid! It was such a fun day!

3.19.17 We made bread for the first time on the boat today. (Check out Ben’s Boat Bread Recipe here!) It was SO good!

We ended up staying on the boat, and Ben went for a swim.

3.20.17 We went ashore today to do some more exploring. We went to Ty’s Sunset Bar and Grill for lunch. We had the pizza because the mail boat hadn’t come in yet, and they didn’t have much to offer. The pizza was ok. Definitely not as good as the one in Black Point. Tomorrow we leave for Rudder Cut Cay. I am so excited about this stop!!

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