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Posted by on Sunday, October 28, 2018 in Florida, Georgia, Visiting Family, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Leaving our Sailboat and Traveling to Georgia

Watch Epidsode 74 here!

In this post, we prepare our sailboat to be alone for a while, then we travel back to GA to visit our family.

Tambi cleans the oven while wearing her alluring mermaid leggings. Always entertaining. That’s probably the highlight of the video to be honest. You can go ahead and leave a thumbs up after that bit, then move onto something else.

Yes, it’s painful to drive away from the boat after it’s been such an important part of our lives for the last 9 months.

What the heck is it about boats that gives them a kind of human quality? I mean, we call the boat “her” and “she”. Why is that? It’s tough to explain the bond that you form with a boat, but none-the-less, the bond is certainly there. For whatever reason, it’s that bond that makes it difficult to drive away and leave the boat behind.

Lastly, we make a spontaneous stop at my Grandparents house. They are undeniably very happy to see us.


7.19.17 So today, we cleaned the stove/oven. We took it off it’s gimbal, and did a major deep cleaning. Ben also installed “heat shields” because the oven gets a little hot and kind of burns dark spots in the wood by the door opening.

7.20-7.21.17 These two days we were just cleaning and organizing everything on the boat getting ready to go back to Georgia for a much needed visit with family and friends!

Since we were so busy working on our to-do list, we didn’t record anything.

And (incase you didn’t read this in an earlier post) sadly, at the end of August 2017, our phone died, and we lost ALL of our photos from the end of June through most of August. I cried. Really. A lot. So there are no photos of these days.

7.22.17 Today we did a major clean out of the composting potty. We’ve put it in “no-use” mode. As long as we’re tied up to a dock with marina bathrooms within walking distance, we’ve decided not to use the potty on the boat.

Tonight we met up with some fans for dinner! We had a great time!

7.23.17 Driving home back to Georgia today! We are so excited to see everyone! Yay!

Our MAJOR to-do list we needed to complete before we could come home to GA.

Saying goodbye to the good ship Sandflea. See you soon girl!

Finally being able to see family was such a treat!

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