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Posted by on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 in Florida, ICW Travel, Living Aboard, Visiting Family, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

The ICW Bridge Gauntlet Of Southern Florida

Watch Video 30 here!

South, South, and more South!

Things change the further South that you get along the ICW. The water gets clearer, the people get crazier, and the bridges become MUCH more numerous.

These changes occur quickly and dramatically right about the time you hit Jupiter, FL on a South-bound course. Try it, you’ll see.

In this post, we conquer dozens of opening bridges, we endure dozens of monster powerboat wakes, we get yelled at by emotional “panties-in-a-wad” bridge tenders, and we get THAT much closer to our “jumping off” point of Key Biscayne, FL.

C’mon crew… hang in there! Not far to go now.

So. Very. Close.

I can almost taste the conch salad.  🙂

12.26 Moving South down the ICW today. We went past my (Tambi’s) grandmothers old house on the Indian River. We anchored at Pine Island for the night. N27*43.229 W80*23.873

12.27 Anchored in Ft. Pierce today. I finally finished the closet shelves!! We made new friends on the boat Moxie. Travis and Jen, and their two Hudson and Vivian. Vivian is Molly’s age. They invited us over to their boat for drinks after dinner. The kids enjoyed spending time together, they played together and watched a movie while the adults chatted. N 27*28.195 W 80*19.535

12.28 Today we took an Uber ride to West Marine and we got lunch at Popeye’s Chicken. Yum! There was a beautiful sunset over Ft. Pierce. 

12.29 Moved to Jensen Beach today to hide from the strong North winds coming tonight and tomorrow. N27*14.955 W80*13.326

12.30 Stayed in Jensen beach today. Had a lazy day on the boat. What a beautiful sunset tonight!

12.31 New Years Eve! We moved to Lake Worth today. We found Claudie and Laurent on Dorenavent. We were invited to their friends boat Katmando (Phil and Gi-Gi) for the evening. We had a great time and enjoyed getting to know new friends! We got back to the boat before midnight and Ben went to bed, I stayed up and read my book. N 26*50.263 W 80*03.141

1.1.17 Happy New Year! We walked to West Marine and Ben got new free diving fins, and we all got new life jackets (thanks to one of our fantastic viewers!) Aunt Maryanna and Uncle Joe (Ben’s great Aunt and Uncle who live in Jupiter, Florida) picked us up from West Marine! They took us to Dunken Donuts, and Publix then we went back to their condo. We had pizza for lunch and we were able to take showers and use their washer and dryer. We really enjoyed meeting them and had a great time with them. They brought us back to our diggy and we said goodbye. We are leaving tomorrow for Lake Boca

1.2.17 We made it to Lake Boca today! It was such a long travel day! We went through 12 opening bridges and it took us 8 hours to get here! Baila’s here! Yay! Molly is so excited! We had left over pizza from Aunt Maryanna and Uncle Joe’s house for dinner tonight. After that we went over to another boat that Baila knows. Their boat name is Mariposa. They have two little girls who are around Molly’s age, give or take a year or two. The adults chatted in the cockpit and the kids played down below. They have a beautiful catamaran. We are leaving Lake Boca tomorrow. N 26*20.706 W 80*04.391

1.3.17 MIAMI!!! We made it! Yay!

Woah! Today was another long long day, 9 hours! We went through 16 opening bridges today! We saw a lot of iguana’s sitting on the fenders of all the bridges.

There is nowhere to get off the boat, so we just hung out tonight. N 25*47.612 W 80*10.594

1.4.17 Stayed on the boat and were lazy today. Did some boat projects and caught up on some homeschool. Pretty nice to be lazy and have a refresher day every once in awhile. There are some beautiful sunsets over the Miami skyline. Tomorrow we will move to another part of they bay. There is some pretty strong wind and rain coming in soon. 

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