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Posted by on Sunday, May 19, 2019 in Florida, Visiting Family | 0 comments

Visiting Tambi’s Family

December 13, 2018

Today my Aunt Kim picked us up from the marina and took us to Walmart after a delicious lunch at Chic-Fil-A. After shopping, we picked my cousins little girl up from school. Molly went inside with my Aunt to surprise her. They were so happy to see each other! Then we went back to her house. The girls played outside on the swing set, while the adults just hung out. My Aunt Kim and the 3 girls made cookies, and brownies. Then they decorated felt gingerbread houses. After that, they decorated real gingerbread houses. We all had a great time. My grandmother and cousins also came over to have dinner with us. We ordered pizza for dinner and it was so good. We stayed the night at my Aunt and Uncles house.

December 14, 2018

Today we got up and just hung out at my Aunts house for most of the day. My cousins daughter got out of school early, and Molly and her played together outside. Aunt Kim and I started a movie while the kids played, and Ben edited video.

After my uncle got home from work, we all went out to eat dinner at our friends restaurant, Long Doggers, Molly got her photo taken with the Surfing Santa. After dinner we took the girls to look at Christmas lights. When we got home, we put the girls to bed and the adults finished the movie Aunt Kim and I started earlier in the day. We spent the night at my Aunts house again. We’ll go back to the boat tomorrow. 

December 15, 2018

We got up this morning and my Uncle Phil brought us back to the boat. We hung out and got the groceries put away. This afternoon, we walked to the Ace Hardware, got the dinghy off the deck, and Ben put up the new lights we got for the boat. I also washed the sheets before leaving the comfort of a marina tomorrow.

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Posted by on Thursday, November 15, 2018 in Florida, Georgia, Visiting Family, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

3 Weeks Away From Sandflea

Watch episode 75 here!

We go home, we stay 3 weeks, then we go back to Sandflea. That’s the jist.

Let’s see, what else?

Oh, Tambi drives a car for the first time in over a year. It was terrifying. She did alright though. Once the gravel stopped flying, and we tightened our seat belts to the point of maximum tension, things settled down. It was funny because we felt like we were FLYING, even though we were doing 35 in a 55mph zone.

This was a tough period of time to be away from the boat. Prior to this trip, we’ve not been away from the Sandflea for more than a few hours at a time. It’s stressful, and there are so many bad things that can happen while your away. It’s just part of the life though, and something we’ll have to get used to.

So after our 3 weeks back home, we return to the boat to see how she faired after being all by her lonesome. Hopefully there aren’t cockroaches, spiders, mold, and who knows what else on the inside.


July 24-August 13

We spend in Georgia. We visit with friends and family. We have playdates. I get sick. Ben and I celebrate our 12 year wedding anniversary. Molly spends tons of time with Grandparents. It was a great 3 weeks!

August 14-28

We head back to the boat. We do some boat work, check out the town of Green Cove Springs, and try (thanks rain!) to witness the eclipse. We also drive down to Melbourne, FL for my aunts surprise birthday party. On the way there is when our phone died and we lost all the photos I hadn’t yet had a chance to export onto the computer.

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Posted by on Sunday, October 28, 2018 in Florida, Georgia, Visiting Family, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Leaving our Sailboat and Traveling to Georgia

Watch Epidsode 74 here!

In this post, we prepare our sailboat to be alone for a while, then we travel back to GA to visit our family.

Tambi cleans the oven while wearing her alluring mermaid leggings. Always entertaining. That’s probably the highlight of the video to be honest. You can go ahead and leave a thumbs up after that bit, then move onto something else.

Yes, it’s painful to drive away from the boat after it’s been such an important part of our lives for the last 9 months.

What the heck is it about boats that gives them a kind of human quality? I mean, we call the boat “her” and “she”. Why is that? It’s tough to explain the bond that you form with a boat, but none-the-less, the bond is certainly there. For whatever reason, it’s that bond that makes it difficult to drive away and leave the boat behind.

Lastly, we make a spontaneous stop at my Grandparents house. They are undeniably very happy to see us.


7.19.17 So today, we cleaned the stove/oven. We took it off it’s gimbal, and did a major deep cleaning. Ben also installed “heat shields” because the oven gets a little hot and kind of burns dark spots in the wood by the door opening.

7.20-7.21.17 These two days we were just cleaning and organizing everything on the boat getting ready to go back to Georgia for a much needed visit with family and friends!

Since we were so busy working on our to-do list, we didn’t record anything.

And (incase you didn’t read this in an earlier post) sadly, at the end of August 2017, our phone died, and we lost ALL of our photos from the end of June through most of August. I cried. Really. A lot. So there are no photos of these days.

7.22.17 Today we did a major clean out of the composting potty. We’ve put it in “no-use” mode. As long as we’re tied up to a dock with marina bathrooms within walking distance, we’ve decided not to use the potty on the boat.

Tonight we met up with some fans for dinner! We had a great time!

7.23.17 Driving home back to Georgia today! We are so excited to see everyone! Yay!

Our MAJOR to-do list we needed to complete before we could come home to GA.

Saying goodbye to the good ship Sandflea. See you soon girl!

Finally being able to see family was such a treat!

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The ICW Bridge Gauntlet Of Southern Florida

Watch Video 30 here!

South, South, and more South!

Things change the further South that you get along the ICW. The water gets clearer, the people get crazier, and the bridges become MUCH more numerous.

These changes occur quickly and dramatically right about the time you hit Jupiter, FL on a South-bound course. Try it, you’ll see.

In this post, we conquer dozens of opening bridges, we endure dozens of monster powerboat wakes, we get yelled at by emotional “panties-in-a-wad” bridge tenders, and we get THAT much closer to our “jumping off” point of Key Biscayne, FL.

C’mon crew… hang in there! Not far to go now.

So. Very. Close.

I can almost taste the conch salad.  🙂

12.26 Moving South down the ICW today. We went past my (Tambi’s) grandmothers old house on the Indian River. We anchored at Pine Island for the night. N27*43.229 W80*23.873

12.27 Anchored in Ft. Pierce today. I finally finished the closet shelves!! We made new friends on the boat Moxie. Travis and Jen, and their two Hudson and Vivian. Vivian is Molly’s age. They invited us over to their boat for drinks after dinner. The kids enjoyed spending time together, they played together and watched a movie while the adults chatted. N 27*28.195 W 80*19.535

12.28 Today we took an Uber ride to West Marine and we got lunch at Popeye’s Chicken. Yum! There was a beautiful sunset over Ft. Pierce. 

12.29 Moved to Jensen Beach today to hide from the strong North winds coming tonight and tomorrow. N27*14.955 W80*13.326

12.30 Stayed in Jensen beach today. Had a lazy day on the boat. What a beautiful sunset tonight!

12.31 New Years Eve! We moved to Lake Worth today. We found Claudie and Laurent on Dorenavent. We were invited to their friends boat Katmando (Phil and Gi-Gi) for the evening. We had a great time and enjoyed getting to know new friends! We got back to the boat before midnight and Ben went to bed, I stayed up and read my book. N 26*50.263 W 80*03.141

1.1.17 Happy New Year! We walked to West Marine and Ben got new free diving fins, and we all got new life jackets (thanks to one of our fantastic viewers!) Aunt Maryanna and Uncle Joe (Ben’s great Aunt and Uncle who live in Jupiter, Florida) picked us up from West Marine! They took us to Dunken Donuts, and Publix then we went back to their condo. We had pizza for lunch and we were able to take showers and use their washer and dryer. We really enjoyed meeting them and had a great time with them. They brought us back to our diggy and we said goodbye. We are leaving tomorrow for Lake Boca

1.2.17 We made it to Lake Boca today! It was such a long travel day! We went through 12 opening bridges and it took us 8 hours to get here! Baila’s here! Yay! Molly is so excited! We had left over pizza from Aunt Maryanna and Uncle Joe’s house for dinner tonight. After that we went over to another boat that Baila knows. Their boat name is Mariposa. They have two little girls who are around Molly’s age, give or take a year or two. The adults chatted in the cockpit and the kids played down below. They have a beautiful catamaran. We are leaving Lake Boca tomorrow. N 26*20.706 W 80*04.391

1.3.17 MIAMI!!! We made it! Yay!

Woah! Today was another long long day, 9 hours! We went through 16 opening bridges today! We saw a lot of iguana’s sitting on the fenders of all the bridges.

There is nowhere to get off the boat, so we just hung out tonight. N 25*47.612 W 80*10.594

1.4.17 Stayed on the boat and were lazy today. Did some boat projects and caught up on some homeschool. Pretty nice to be lazy and have a refresher day every once in awhile. There are some beautiful sunsets over the Miami skyline. Tomorrow we will move to another part of they bay. There is some pretty strong wind and rain coming in soon. 

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VHF Woes, Christmas & Family in Titusville and Melbourne, Florida

Watch Video 29 here!

I thought we were done with boat work! Don’t you remember all the hot, sweaty work we did before departure? What gives?

Well, in this post Ben installs a new portlight, a new VHF antenna, wire, and transceiver unit. Sounds easy. It’s supposed to be easy, but why does boat work take 10 times as long as it should?

Probably not the most exciting stuff, but HEY, this is what it’s like when you live on a boat – particularly an old boat.

We spend time in Titusville with Baila and we visit some family in Melbourne.

In addition to that, we’re getting closer to a jump-off point for the Bahamas. Won’t be long until we’re staging for our first official crossing. Holy cow, that’s hard to believe…

Getting butterflies in my tummy just typing this up.

(watch the video and Ben will show you how to make a jong.)

12.15 Made it to Titusville today. We anchored by the Train bridge because there was a heavy north wind that was making it really choppy near the main anchorage. Baila is here! We finally caught up! N28*38.941 W80*49.007

12.16-19 Moved closer to the marina into the main anchorage today (12.16). We got fuel and water before we anchored. As we were getting fuel, Baila came to the dock on their way to take showers. We saw a lot of manatees too! There was one drinking the fresh water from a hose while there were divers down in the water.

We took showers and did laundry on the second day here.

We also walked to the grocery store twice while we were here. The save-a-lot is a great place to stock up on cans! They are anywhere from $.50-$.60 a piece! We stocked up on like 125 cans, lots of dry goods, and some other things that we needed. I reorganized some of our food storage places and found places for all that extra food we bought.

We hung out with the Baila crew a lot and met a new boat family. Drew, Jessica, and Marleigh (4) on the boat Wild Child. We also went to the marina’s Christmas party. The same day as the party there was a rocket launch. It was pretty cool.

On our last day here (12.19), we walked to get the propane tank refilled and went to a pizza place, Pistilli’s Bistro & Pizzeria, they made the best pizza we’ve ever had! We also took one more shower before we leave tomorrow. We got a lot of boat projects done/started also. Titusville turned out to be a lot better than we were originally thinking.

12.20 We wanted to leave Titusville today but the North wind was just crazy and the water was way too choppy. So we moved over back by the train bridge for the night. Hopefully we can leave here tomorrow.

Getting closer to Melbourne. We have some packages to pick up at Walmart from a wonderful person, and some packages of other things we needed that we had sent to my Aunt and Uncle’s house. We had a really lazy day today. I worked on the closet shelves some more. Fingers hurt! N28*38.949 W80*48.027

12.21 Went to Cocoa today and we stayed on the boat. Ben and I had an Ernest Saves Christmas movie date night. N28*10.480 W80*38.422

12.22 We are on our way to Melbourne today. We passed the rubble that used to be the great dragon of Dragon Point built in 1971. When I was a kid it was always fun to drive past the dragon. It fell apart and into the water a few years ago.

When we got to Melbourne we anchored near Ballard Park and the Eau Gallie Yacht Basin. Great place, but very shallow. We got stuck while trying to find somewhere to anchor, and Ben had me going from one side of the boat to the trying to rock us enough to get us unstuck.

We walked to the Ace Hardware and to the Boathouse Marine Discount store. Aunt Kim, Uncle Phil, and Khora came to eat dinner with us at the park. They brought fried chicken, salad, and Christmas cookies! It was really great to see them. Molly and Khora played on the playground. N28*07.478 W80*37.592

The Dragon Rubble

12.23 This morning we got up and had breakfast, then we went over to the Marina and got our bimini/dodger connecter worked on at the canvas shop. Then Aunt Kim picked us up and took us to Walmart for some groceries and to West Marine for a new VHF cable and antenna. Molly went to Aunt Kims house with her, and Ben and I put all the groceries away. I completely reorganized all of our settee cubbies and put all the food into the starboard side. Ben and I went to shore and took showers and washed a load of laundry. We went to Squid Lips for dinner with some of my family tonight. They gave us a ride back to the Yacht Basin Marina.


12.24 Christmas Eve! Today we just hung out on the boat and worked on some boat projects. I’m still working on the stinking closet shelves. Ben is working on the VHF antenna. We tried to attach the new cable to the old one and pull it through the mast, but that did not work. We spent hours trying to figure out how to get the cable through the mast. At the Marina, a nice guy named Jim that lives there, gave me some fresh herbs that he has been growing. We had a yummy dinner of chicken pot pie (I used some basil and lemon thyme from Jim!), then we watched family Christmas movie with Christmas treats. We had Christmas Tree cakes and hot chocolate.

12.25 Christmas Day! Happy Birthday Jesus! This morning we got up, put on some Christmas music, had some cinnamon bagels (instead of the traditional cinnamon rolls that we usually have, no refrigeration=no cinnamon rolls), and opened presents. Molly got me and Ben some sweet presents when she was with my mom and Ben’s mom during their visits. We got Molly some things when we went to the store in St. Simons.

After fun Christmas stuff it was time to get back to work. Ben got the VHF antenna put up on our radar pole. That’s the best place we can put it, since we can’t get it on the top of the mast. It’s better than nothing I guess. Uncle Phil came by to see the boat. We also went over to the Marina and washed another load of laundry. We talked to Jim while we were waiting on our clothes to dry. We took another shower tonight as well. We had yummy tacos tonight (used some of Jim’s cilantro) for dinner. We had a pretty good day. We are leaving tomorrow!

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Visiting Family at Saint Simons Island

Watch Video 26 here!

The good news – we’ll get to visit our family one last time before we head to the Bahamas for a while.

The bad news – now we have to say goodbye all over again!

In this post, we cruise to Saint Simons Island and meet up with Ben’s family for a few days. We also celebrate an early Christmas and exchange a few gifts. A lovely get-to-gether for sure.

Also, we climb to the very top of the St Simons Lighthouse!

11.28 Duplin River by Sapalo Island

Today we saw cows on an island on the way to our anchorage. Tonight was really windy, the wind was gusting at 29 knots and coming from the South, right up the river. The waves were building so high and it was so rocky! We went outside to check the anchor we saw the coolest glow coming off the anchor line. As it was disturbed by the anchor chain, the stuff in the water would glow. It was beautiful. Too bad it doesn’t show in photos though. N32*25.548 W81*17.685

11.29 Today was a long tough day. Getting out of Duplin River was dificult and it took us close to an hour to get the anchor up. It was so windy and the waves were so rough and high. Georgia is proving to be a difficult state. I can see why a lot of people skip it and choose to go outside into the ocean. Maybe if there wasn’t so much gusty winds it wouldn’t be so bad. There isn’t a lot of places that are protected from the wind to anchor. It’s just a lot of flat marshy land. As difficult as Georgia ICW has been, it’s also been beautiful!

Today we anchored near the Fredrica River. We are preparing for Ben’s Mom, Dad and Sister to visit! N31*10.733 W81*24.743

11.30 We didn’t have anywhere to be so we stayed here. We just hung out on the boat and got ready for Ben’s family to get here tomorrow. 

12.1 We got up this morning and decided to go around to the marina to get fuel and water. Ben was bringing up the anchor and it was really tough. It took him awhile to get the anchor onboard, when he finally did, it was stuck in an old crab pot. Ben was trying to rip the pot off the anchor and we were drifting. He finally got the pot off and was covered in bait. After that close call, we went around to the marina to get our fuel and water. After that we came back around and we anchored close to the public dock that we will be using while our family is here.

When they called to tell us they were here, Ben, Molly, and I went walking towards the condo. As we were walking they were on their way to us, we finally caught up to each other. Everyone was so excited to see each other! After they picked us up, they took us to their condo and we hung out. We had showers (!!) and went out to dinner. Molly stayed the night with them at the condo, Ben and I went back to the boat because we were worried about leaving the boat alone overnight in an unfamiliar place. N 31*10.141 W 81*24.762

12.2 Today Ben and I walked over to the condo from the boat. When we got there we all went out to run some errands. We went to the Mall to JC Penny’s so Ben could get some new jeans and while we were there, we went to T-Mobil and got the hotspot added to our account, then we went grocery shopping, went to home depot, and got some Christmas shopping done for Molly. They brought us back to the boat so we could put away our groceries and the other things we got today. We showed them around the boat and Molly loved showing Mimzie her quarter-berth. After that we all went back to the condo. Mom and Kathy prepared a delicious Christgiving meal. They also had a “dirty Santa” game prepared. We had so much fun! Molly got her Christmas presents from Mimzie, Grandad, and Aunt Kat. Molly got to stay the night with Mimzie again. 

12.3 Ben and I walked back to the Condo this morning. When we got there, they had a great breakfast prepared. After we ate it was time to go sight seeing in St. Simons. First, we went to the Pier, then Molly and Mimzie played at the park, after that we went to the lighthouse. Ben, Molly, Ben’s Mom and I walked up to the top. It was beautiful! After that, we went to the beach. Then we had lunch at Chic-Fil-A. After lunch, we went and got a fan for the composting head from radio shack. We went back to the condo and hung out. We had leftovers from last night for dinner and took another shower. Molly got to stay the night again with the family.

12.4 This morning Ben and I walked back to the condo. We had breakfast and packed up. We said our sad goodbyes to the Clardy Family. After they left we had to clean up the boat! It is a mess from all the presents and groceries and stuff that was bought. We decided to stay here another day tomorrow because of some wind and rain coming in.

12.5 Today we went on a walk and played on the workout trail by the hospital near the public dock. We hung out on the boat, and started to put up our Christmas tree. Molly also played with the thousands of rubber bands that she got for Christmas from Mimzie and Aunt Kat.

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