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Posted by on Monday, October 26, 2015 in Scuba Diving | 0 comments

October Scuba Diving!

So my hubby and I went diving at the beginning of this month. Actually it was our first dive of the year at our local spot. Sad, I know, we’ve just been so busy getting ready for sailing and the lake actually didn’t warm up enough for us until September. We dive locally in Lake Jocassee in South Carolina. It is a really beautiful place, not just for diving. There are waterfalls and mountains and picnic areas. There is also a pretty awesome campground.


Lake Jocassee Dive Ramp

Our goal was to put this pink gorilla underwater that day.

Pink Gorilla in Lake Jocassee

Here is Ben and the pink gorilla.

We attempted this last year, but just couldn’t get him underwater. He was too full of Styrofoam. So we did some gorilla surgery this year and finally got him underwater! We wanted to film it and make a cool little video about how we dragged him along the surface of the water (while we were 15-30 feet under water) to how we pulled him down by wrapping the rope around the pole and pulled. We got the camera all set up and even turned on…. but alas, something happened and it shut off while we were making our way to the gorilla’s final resting place. Sad times. I know.

Getting the gorilla ready for his trip to the lake.


Pink Gorilla in lake jocassee

Setting up the monkey for the lake.



On our way back up the dive ramp, after drowning the gorilla.

Ben says that my eyes always look funny when we are diving. Like they are really big and I look scared. I don’t know why this happens. Haha.

There are many cool and exciting things to see under the lake that divers have added to the scenery. For example we’ve put a 5 foot stuffed catfish down under a platform and a pretty cool treasure chest that we made.

Catfish in Lake Jocassee

The Kat-Fish. Scary looking right!?

We named it the Kat-Fish because Ben’s sister Kathy found this gem in the antique store that she works in. Haha! Perfect place for a 5ft stuffed catfish is in the lake right? We’ve been told many stories from other divers that this big guy has scared it’s fair share of marines and macho men. 🙂 We couldn’t be more proud.

Scuba Diving in Lake Jocassee

Treasure chest in lake Jocassee

Here is the treasure chest we built.

Ben and I spent some time building this treasure chest. It was pretty difficult to get down to the bottom, but after we filled it with rocks till it was pretty neutral, we figured it out. It has a false bottom, and we ordered some doubloons from Amazon and put in some fake diamonds and beads. People have been adding stuff to it for luck, which is what the little note says. It’s pretty popular with the divers if you can find it. . . 

Scuba Diving in Lake Jocassee

Sorry our underwater photos are a bit blurry. We are in serious need of a new GoPro. (HINT HINT). We’re working with the Hero2, which if you don’t know, has the curved lens, and the curved lens doesn’t do so well for photos underwater. The video quality is ok underwater, but for some reason photos are blurry. But for now, we will make do with what we have!

I don’t think we’ll get another chance to dive here until after our sailing adventure. It’s a real bummer, but hopefully we will have the opportunity to dive in a lot of cool locations while we are sailing. We are trying to figure out if we even want to take our dive gear with us. It might be really hard to dive with the kid around, since she isn’t old enough to dive yet. So one of us would have to stay on the surface, with her and one of will have to dive, then switch. Which isn’t recommended and isn’t very safe, buddy system people! Plus, that is a lot of gear to store on a sailboat with so little storage space as it is. We’ve thought that maybe if we found some other cruisers out there that dive, maybe we could pair up with them, and have some help keeping an eye on the kid.  Anyone with advice on this matter, please share! We’d LOVE to hear your ideas!

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