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Posted by on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 in Eleuthera, Photography, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

Watch video 57 here!

On one of our last days at Governor’s Harbour, we check out the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve.

I’ll admit, that Tambi was far more excited about walking through the woods and looking at a bunch of plants than I was. When we arrived, and I had a chance to get a better understanding of the park, it’s quality, and it’s purpose, I began to get a bit more interested. This plant park is actually quite nice!

It’s very clean, very well run, and the experience was educating and relaxing. I enjoyed my time walking through the bush and looking at plants after all.

For more information on the Leon Levy Preserve, go here: Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve


5.20.17 So today we went to the Plant Preserve with Keith. It was so beautiful! After walking around in the beautiful gardens of plants native to the Bahamas, Keith took us for lunch at the yellow food truck in Governors Harbour, and then we got some Ice Cream. It was delicious!

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Posted by on Sunday, August 6, 2017 in Georgia, ICW Travel, Photography, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Cumberland Island by Sailboat

Watch Video 27 here!

It’s time to explore Cumberland Island – land of the wild horses – and to see if the cousins of the Carrot Island herd are as bloodthirsty as their kin.

No joking now… Cumberland is WONDERFUL. This is a place we would definitely like to revisit for at least a week, to thoroughly explore, and to experience this wild and wonderful place all over again.

It’s just great, and I’m sure anyone else who has been there before would certainly agree!

12.6 There was so much rain and lightning last night. It was so close that it was scary! Today we left for Cumberland Island, but it started raining so hard about an hour into our sail, that we couldn’t see anything. So we stopped in front of the waterpark on Jekyll Island. N31*02.338 W81*25.497

12.7 Finally on our way to Cumberland today! YAY! I have been looking forward to Cumberland Island since we left Maryland. I hope that it doesn’t disappoint.

We got here early enough that we went over to the island to check it out. We saw the horses, the ruins, armadillos, deer, turkeys, walked on the beach and all the cool trees. Cumberland is so beautiful and did not disappoint! I am so excited to go back tomorrow! N30*45.411 W81*28.613

12.8 We did some school work this morning, then went over to the island. We had such a great day! First we walked over to the ranger station to get a map, then we walked through the campground over to the beach. We walked along the beautiful untouched beach for probably an hour down to the other beach entrance. We saw horses near the beach. From the beach, we waked to the salt marsh, the cemetery and back to the ruins. We saw so many horses and turkey’s today. I love Cumberland! It’s our favorite stop so far!

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