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Posted by on Friday, June 24, 2016 in Boats, Money | 3 comments

Catching up!

Is it already JUNE?!? Oh. My. Goodness!

There has been so much going on here lately. If you’ve been able to watch our videos, you know that we are working hard for the money! Watch episode 6 here. Right now, I am working two jobs; one at Anastasia’s, an all organic spa and salon in Downtown Toccoa. Also, I started in April at the Currahee Club working as a server in the restaurant and for special events. I absolutely love working at both places, but it’s tough too. I am so exhausted and working so much but it’s all worth it to fill our cruising kitty as much as we can before we go. Ben has also been working his tail off with Jimmy and his lawn care business. He’s also been busy making Real Estate Courses, and working on some Real Estate deals.

In the money video we also told you how we wanted to pay for our boat. Our initial plan was to use the IRA that I had to start while working at the YMCA. When you turn 21 and you work a certain number of hours they require you to start one. There is not much in there, but it’s enough to help us purchase a boat. As we were preparing to go see some boats in Florida (more on that later), we contacted my IRA company and requested a check for the money in the owners name so if we liked the boat, we could purchase it there on the spot. They told us that since the boat was a personal investment, and because we would be living on it we couldn’t use it to make the purchase. Bummer. SO… we just took the money out and paid the penalty for getting it out early. The penalty and taxes weren’t as much as we thought it was going to be and we only lost about 20% between taxes and the fee for taking it out early from the company, we were expecting a much higher percentage.

We have been looking at boats, A LOT of boats. Every time we have some spare time, we are looking online for “the one”. We were on the scent of a boat that we thought would be perfect for us, an S2 9.2. This boat had everything we were looking for. A nice bimini, a good size v-berth, a nice galley, and it also had an aft berth (very unusual for a 30 foot boat!) From the photos the boat was very clean, very well maintained, and the best part was how nice and helpful the owner was.

When we thought we had found our boat, we started preparing to go to Crystal River, Florida to see the S2. You can watch episode 7 here. In this video, Ben and Molly get the car ready to go, they go to the storage building behind our house to get me some things from my boat clothes box, and Ben shows you all about the S2.

In our next post, I’ll tell you all about our trip to Florida to check out the S2!

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