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Posted by on Saturday, August 19, 2017 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Berry Islands, Living Aboard, YouTube Videos | 2 comments

Cruising Hoffmans Cay in the Berry Islands

Watch Video 35 here!

This post is about us leaving Great Harbour, and heading to Hoffman’s Cay – both in the Berry Islands.

This was a great little stop at a laid back, and fairly remote anchorage.
We do some snorkeling, some blue hole exploration, and some general beach stuff.

1.27.17 Moved to Hoffmans Cay today with Claudie and her family today. Molly, Claudie and Aymeric went swimming next to the boat, and they invited us to their boat for dinner.  N 25*36.581 W 77*43.917

1.28.17 Moved closer to shore today after the other boats left. There is a wind coming in and we wanted to get out of the open and snuggle up to the shore to hide so we don’t get blown around and don’t have too much swell. N 25*36.982 W 77*44.024 Today we hiked to the Ocean Hole and then played at the beach with Claudies family. We played with the frisbee, Molly and Aymeric played in the sand and we had a great time. It’s such a beautiful secluded beach!

1.29.17 There was a lot of wind and rain today so we stayed on the boat. We did some school, I read some, and Molly played on the Kindle. It was a nice lazy day hanging out on the boat.

1.30.17 We did two days of school today since we will be traveling tomorrow. We also went to the beach to play with Claudie and Aymeric today. We had a great time exploring and playing at the beach.

1.31.17 Woke up to the most gorgeous sunrise! Today we traveled to Rose Island with Dorenavent, it’s a little island a mile East of Nassau. We did not want to stop at Nassau because of the crime, bad anchoring, and current. We stayed on the boat and there was a beautiful sunset tonight. N 25*05.049 W 77*12.760

Beautiful Sunrise in Hoffmans Cay.

Went past Nassau today, we could see Atlantas from the boat.

Sunset from Rose Island.

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Posted by on Saturday, August 19, 2017 in Bahamas Anchorages, Berry Islands, Living Aboard, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Winter Norther & Spiny Lobster At Great Harbour

Watch Video 34 here!

We’ve arrived at Great Harbour in the Berry Islands just in time for a serious cold front to bear down on us.

The fun part is that even though we have an excellent spot for wind protection as the weather clocks around from the West to the North – we’re wide open to a very rough, roll-inducing ocean swell that rocks the boat for days.

So that, and also the fact that Tambi has been struggling with seasickness, makes for an arrival in the Bahamas that is a lot more stressful that we had anticipated.

All is not lost though, because once the weather subsides, we are able to stretch out and begin enjoying this wonderful place that we’ve been dreaming about for months.

1.22.17 Today, we had french toast for breakfast, and then we went to the beach with Sarah & Andrew from Honeymooner. Molly found some neat shells, and she played in the water. Sarah gave Ben a fish fillet they caught while sailing to Great Harbour and he cooked it up for dinner. I’ve been feeling sick and uneasy about this sailing adventure. I keep praying that it gets better and that I start enjoying myself. Today, I felt a little better, and the light is shining a little brighter for me. There is hope that this will get better and that I will start to enjoy this family adventure. There is a lot of strong wind coming in tomorrow and we will be stuck on the boat for a few days so, it felt really good to get off the boat for a few hours today and stretch our legs. Hopefully the next few days won’t be unbearable.

1.23.17 The strong wind came in last night and lasted all day today. It was so strong, and so uncomfortable trying to sleep in all that wind. I am feeling pretty crappy today, we just hung out on the boat and didn’t do much.

1.24.17 The strong wind lasted all night last night as well as all day today again. The swell is so bad and the boat was rolling all over the place. We didn’t get much sleep again last night. I am still feeling bad and it’s getting worse. At one point I began to think, what have I done? Why did we do this? We were crazy to think this would work, I’m not made for this! I get car sick just going to town.

Molly did an art project today while we were stuck on the boat. Hopefully there won’t be too many more days like this one. I don’t know how much more I can take.

1.25.17 The strong wind and swell lasted all night again and it has began to die down today. Thank goodness! We got in the diggy and went over to a little island across the cove from us with Claudie, Laurent and Aymeric from Dorenavent (we spent New Years with them). Molly had such a great time playing in the water and sand. I really enjoyed talking with Claudie and getting to know her better. It felt so good to finally get off the boat today. I’ve been feeling stuck and sick for three days now.  While we were chatting and playing on the beach, Ben went spearfishing with Laurent, Andrew and Sarah (from Honeymooner). He caught a HUGE lobster! The Bohemians call them spiny lobsters or crawfish. It was so big! He cooked it up for dinner but I don’t think we cooked it long enough because it wasn’t completely cooked inside and was super tough. He was so disappointed, but now we know for next time. We also cleaned the composting toilet today.

1.26.17 It felt so good to get a good night sleep last night! Today we did some school, then we went over to the island. We had lunch at the Beach Bar. It was pretty good, but also pretty expensive ($40 for two burgers with fries and 1 bottle of water!) After lunch, we walked over to the marina where Claudie and her family are staying. We hung out with them for a bit, and then took showers! I really needed it! Not just to get clean, but it really helped me feel better and things are starting to look up! I feel so much better, after a shower, even if it was a cold one!

We stopped by Gamma Gamma on our way back to our boat. We met them in Lake Boca very briefly and then met them again at the Beach Bar. We hung out with them for a little bit and then came back to the boat for bed.

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The Final Stretch Of The Atlantic ICW

Watch Video 31 here!

We’re stuck! Stuck in Miami.

Turns out that these winter “Northers” are no joke. Persistent, strong winds for days and days on end keeps us pinned down for over a week.

So, what do we do?

Well, we edit video, we homeschool, and we prepare for the upcoming Gulf Stream crossing… even though we’re not entirely sure when that will be.

Still, hope looms on the horizon in knowing that our next big move will be not South… but EAST!

1.5.17 Moved to a different part of the bay today. There is a lot of wind coming in and we don’t want to be out in the open. We found a little corner of the bay that will be really protected from the winds coming in. Also, I did a complete food inventory today of everything we have on the boat! N 25*48.554 W80*08.390

1.6.17 We walked to the Bank and the Grocery store today. The walk was about 1.5 miles one way. We had to get more cash for the Bahamas and wanted to get some more provisioning done. I got another blog post up today. It was my intention to be totally caught up with blog posts before we left for the Bahamas because I knew we would be here for a while with this wind coming in, but my computer had different thoughts. The battery died right after I got that last post up and when I tried to charge it, it would not charge! AHH! NO!! We think that the charging cable is bad, and that maybe the cheap inverter that we have has something to do with it. But that means that we needed to find a new cable before leaving, so we made an amazon order and had it sent to one of our lovely Patrons here in Miami that we had already planned on meeting up with.

1.7.17 Today we caught up on some homeschool and Ben filled up our water jugs. Ben and Molly did some sewing on our sail cover where the wenches are rubbing holes in them. There is a lot of strong wind is coming in tonight.

1.8.17 to 1.11.17 These days were just lazy days with nothing to do while being stuck on the boat in lots of wind. We did homeschool, played a lot of Kingdom Rush on the Kindle, Molly and Ben flew her kite from her cousin Khora, and Molly enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. 

1.12.17 Today we got off the boat! We went for a walk in Miami and had a fantastic lunch! I mean it was just so good! Probably the best coleslaw that I’ve ever had. I also had one of their homemade pickles, and I don’t even like pickles! We each had a hamburger. It felt so good to get off the boat after being stuck for 6 days. After our walk, we hung out on the little beach that shows up at low tide before going back to the boat.

1.13.17 Andrew and Sarah on the boat Honeymooner got here last night. We originally met them in Jacksonville at Sarah’s Creek free dock. They are a really nice couple. Today they came over for a bit, then we all went into town. We took an UBER and went over to South Miami Beach. There we went to the beach and a scuba shop (where Andrew got a polespear). We also found Miami Ink!! I had to get photos of the place! We went inside and looked around. It was pretty cool. We went across the street and had yummy burgers for dinner and then we got an UBER back to the boat.

1.14.17 Ben and Molly went to get some more water in our water jugs today. They got lost and almost ran out of gas. I watched a few episodes of a show on Netflix while they were gone. We had a pretty lazy day just hanging out on the boat.

1.15.17 We hung out with Andrew and Sarah on their boat today, and we had dinner together on their boat. Ben and Andrew talked about the crossing over to Bimini. We hope to cross together. We’ve become fast friends with them. We really like them a lot. Molly has really taken to Sarah too. Tomorrow we are moving closer to Dinner Key.

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Posted by on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 in Florida, ICW Travel, Living Aboard, Visiting Family, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

The ICW Bridge Gauntlet Of Southern Florida

Watch Video 30 here!

South, South, and more South!

Things change the further South that you get along the ICW. The water gets clearer, the people get crazier, and the bridges become MUCH more numerous.

These changes occur quickly and dramatically right about the time you hit Jupiter, FL on a South-bound course. Try it, you’ll see.

In this post, we conquer dozens of opening bridges, we endure dozens of monster powerboat wakes, we get yelled at by emotional “panties-in-a-wad” bridge tenders, and we get THAT much closer to our “jumping off” point of Key Biscayne, FL.

C’mon crew… hang in there! Not far to go now.

So. Very. Close.

I can almost taste the conch salad.  🙂

12.26 Moving South down the ICW today. We went past my (Tambi’s) grandmothers old house on the Indian River. We anchored at Pine Island for the night. N27*43.229 W80*23.873

12.27 Anchored in Ft. Pierce today. I finally finished the closet shelves!! We made new friends on the boat Moxie. Travis and Jen, and their two Hudson and Vivian. Vivian is Molly’s age. They invited us over to their boat for drinks after dinner. The kids enjoyed spending time together, they played together and watched a movie while the adults chatted. N 27*28.195 W 80*19.535

12.28 Today we took an Uber ride to West Marine and we got lunch at Popeye’s Chicken. Yum! There was a beautiful sunset over Ft. Pierce. 

12.29 Moved to Jensen Beach today to hide from the strong North winds coming tonight and tomorrow. N27*14.955 W80*13.326

12.30 Stayed in Jensen beach today. Had a lazy day on the boat. What a beautiful sunset tonight!

12.31 New Years Eve! We moved to Lake Worth today. We found Claudie and Laurent on Dorenavent. We were invited to their friends boat Katmando (Phil and Gi-Gi) for the evening. We had a great time and enjoyed getting to know new friends! We got back to the boat before midnight and Ben went to bed, I stayed up and read my book. N 26*50.263 W 80*03.141

1.1.17 Happy New Year! We walked to West Marine and Ben got new free diving fins, and we all got new life jackets (thanks to one of our fantastic viewers!) Aunt Maryanna and Uncle Joe (Ben’s great Aunt and Uncle who live in Jupiter, Florida) picked us up from West Marine! They took us to Dunken Donuts, and Publix then we went back to their condo. We had pizza for lunch and we were able to take showers and use their washer and dryer. We really enjoyed meeting them and had a great time with them. They brought us back to our diggy and we said goodbye. We are leaving tomorrow for Lake Boca

1.2.17 We made it to Lake Boca today! It was such a long travel day! We went through 12 opening bridges and it took us 8 hours to get here! Baila’s here! Yay! Molly is so excited! We had left over pizza from Aunt Maryanna and Uncle Joe’s house for dinner tonight. After that we went over to another boat that Baila knows. Their boat name is Mariposa. They have two little girls who are around Molly’s age, give or take a year or two. The adults chatted in the cockpit and the kids played down below. They have a beautiful catamaran. We are leaving Lake Boca tomorrow. N 26*20.706 W 80*04.391

1.3.17 MIAMI!!! We made it! Yay!

Woah! Today was another long long day, 9 hours! We went through 16 opening bridges today! We saw a lot of iguana’s sitting on the fenders of all the bridges.

There is nowhere to get off the boat, so we just hung out tonight. N 25*47.612 W 80*10.594

1.4.17 Stayed on the boat and were lazy today. Did some boat projects and caught up on some homeschool. Pretty nice to be lazy and have a refresher day every once in awhile. There are some beautiful sunsets over the Miami skyline. Tomorrow we will move to another part of they bay. There is some pretty strong wind and rain coming in soon. 

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Posted by on Monday, July 31, 2017 in Georgia, ICW Travel, Living Aboard, Visiting Family, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Tybee Island and Turner Creek Georgia

Watch Episode 25 here!

Tybee Island- Turner Creek

I hate to say it, I really do, but our home state of Georgia has been the least fun section of the ICW for us. We’ve grounded 3 times, and had to be SUPER on top of our navigational skills to make it through this tricky GA stretch.

Georgia is beautiful, but it’s also the most treacherous part of the ICW in our humble opinion.

In this post, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the boat, we eat king crab legs, we explore Tybee Island, and we meet up with Tambi’s family for a while.

11.19 Anchored in Herb River tonight next to Baila. N32*00.775 W81*02.791


11.20 Stayed in Herb River today and hung out with Baila crew tonight.

11.21 Went to Turner Creek today. Went grocery shopping. Mom and Jimmy came down today on their way to Florida for Thanksgiving. We had a great dinner at the Crab Shack on Tybee Island tonight. N32*00.893 W80*59.394

11.22 Went to Tybee Island and Downtown Savannah today with Mom and Jimmy. Mom and Jimmy left to go the rest of the way to Florida this afternoon.

11.23 Today we walked to the Friendship Coffee Shop here on Wilmington Island. Ben did some YouTube uploads and I got a blog post up. Got a chicken from Publix today for dinner tomorrow.


11.24 Thanksgiving Day! Today, we took a walk around town. Then we had a delicious meal of Chicken, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy! We had an apple pie for dessert. While I cooked dinner, Ben and Molly scrubbed the deck. We also got to talk to my family via Facetime! We were blessed with a wonderful sunset to end a beautiful day!

11.25 Today we went to the Coffee shop again and did Molly’s Minute uploads, and a blog post. Ben got the propane tank filled. We also took another shower today.

11.26 Left Turner Creek and anchored in Redbird Creek tonight. N31*50.611 W81*09.320

11.27 Anchored in Walburg Creek for the night. Tonight was such an uncomfortable anchorage because it was so windy and the current is so strong. We were “sailing at anchor” which is where you are actually being pushed around by the wind and the current to where you are moving in every direction. It’s really scary when you sail over your anchor chain and when you get to the end of the chain your boat comes to an abrupt stop! It’s so loud and it feels like the anchor is going to rip right off the boat. So, needless to say, We were up most of the night watching the anchor. I guess it was around 1:30 in the morning when we got up, turned on the engine and put out a stern anchor to help us not move so much. N31*40.131 W81*10.740

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Posted by on Monday, January 23, 2017 in ICW Travel, Living Aboard, South Carolina, YouTube Videos | 2 comments

Beaufort, SC (Byew-Fert NOT Boh-Fort)

Watch Episode 24 here!

Now, to further clarify… Boh-Fort is a completely different place, and is in fact, in a completely different state… NC to be exact.

Moving on…

BEAUFORT, SC! Great little town. One great thing is that the marina offers FREE dinghy dockage, and there is a laundry facility right there on the water that is coin operated! Oh, and a great spot to wash off any accumulated sailor stank as well – the showers are wonderful and only cost $1!

In this video, we really just walk around and explore the city a bit. We also take a visit to the Beaufort National Cemetery. Sound creepy? Not at all… it’s a simply wonderful place, and there’s a good, long clip in there where I (Ben) get all sappy. Yes, there’s more to this bloke than fun and games… he has a soft side as well.


11.13 Beaufort SC Today! It was a cold and windy day with a bit of rain. Ben was awesome at the helm most of the day. We went ashore and did laundry and took showers today. The showers were pretty awesome, and they were ONLY $1.00 per person!

11.14 Today we got off the boat and walked to K-Mart and Bi-lo. We did some shopping then we got an UBER back to the marina. We had 7 layer dip for dinner. YUMM! We washed sheets and did a video upload at the local coffee shop.


Yummy! Fresh 7 layer dip, with only 5 layers. 🙂


11.15 Today we did 2 days of homeschool because we missed yesterday. Lynn and Brad from Baila got here from Charleston today. We all walked around town and went to the national Cemetery. I actually didn’t take ANY photos in the Cemetery… So if you want to see how beautiful it was and Ben’s heartfelt comments about it you’ll have to actually watch the video.


New BFF’s Molly and Avery (from Baila)


11.16 Today we went on a walk over the swing bridge. We walked around town for a bit in search of pants…. no luck. We had dinner and Ben and I watched another Harry Potter movie. Molly taught Ben how to use her new Rainbow Loom.




11.17 Today we hung out on the boat. Then at 4, we met up with Katie and Gabe. I worked with Katie and babysat Gabe years ago at the YMCA in Toccoa. They moved to Beaufort a few years ago and I had no idea! After seeing them for a bit, we went to dinner and had pizza with the Baila crew. After dinner we took showers then went back to the boat. Ben and I watched more Harry Potter tonight.



11.18 Today we left Beaufort and anchored in Skull Creek. N32*13.839 W80*45.362


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