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Posted by on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 in List making | 3 comments

Let the list making begin

Today, I told my mom about our sailboat plans. Just like I thought, she thought I was kidding at first. Haha. When I told her that I wasn’t, she looked a little skeptical. But she soon came around and even told me some stories about friends of hers and my dads that did the same thing.

Tonight, Ben and I made some lists in Google docs to get this Caribbean sailboat adventure started. We really want to be prepared and organized, and our lists will help us do that. Also, I just really love making lists! 🙂

One list we have is a Boat Inventory List. This list is for stuff we might need or want on the boat, this is a GROWING list. Below is just what I have down so far and it is growing longer everyday!

Boat Inventory List Google Sheets

Man, there is so much stuff to think of. You would not believe the amount of stuff that we will be stashing on that boat.

Other lists include stuff like:

Household Keep/sell list, which pretty much has everything we own on it. Everything is broken down into basically one of three columns. 1)Sell/Donate/Giveaway 2)Keep in Storage 3)Keep and take with us

A questions list for things that we don’t understand or know about. Like how do we get internet? What are the customs and entry procedures for sailing? How to go about homeschooling the kid? There is an awful lot of stuff to know before we head out, and this list will help us make sure we know everything we need to know.

Our To-Do list, sounds pretty self explanatory. Get passports, learn to sail, teach the kid to swim, and create a budget are just a few things on that list.

The First Aid and Medicines List, because who doesn’t need a good first aid kit. We are going to be out and about, not knowing where the next doctors office will be. So it’s nice to be prepared for anything, from band-aids to ibuprofen to seasickness we’ll have it. 

We start tomorrow going through closets (YAY!). Making piles for donation, keep, throw away, and sell. This is not the fun part, let me tell you. But it’s all part of making our sailboat dreams become a reality. We have to work hard to accomplish our goals and dreams in life whether its fun or not. So if you have something you want, work hard and push yourself to get it. I may need a little pushing from Ben every now and then, (I am really good at procrastinating) but if we keep the end goal in mind we know we will succeed.

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