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Posted by on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 in Cleaning out, Job | 0 comments

Selling the truck and getting a JOB!

So a few weeks ago, Ben sold his beloved truck! That has always been his dream truck and about a year ago, he finally got it. He loved that truck. But in order for our sailing dream to work, we really don’t need 2 vehicles costing us in insurance and a monthly truck payment when my car is paid off. We already don’t know what to do with my car while we are gone, so having 2 vehicles we don’t know what to do with is unnecessary.





image2 (1)









Also, in October, Ben mentioned that it might be a good idea for me to get a part time job to help out with bills and our boat fund until it’s time to leave. I was thinking it to, but pretty much kept my thoughts to myself because I didn’t think Ben would agree that working is a good use of my time right now. Apparently I was wrong.

I haven’t “worked” at a place of business since the YMCA in our town closed it’s doors in October of 2013. Since then I’ve been working from home with Ben and our business and really just enjoying my time spent with Molly. I had worked at the YMCA since I was 15, and I pretty much worked in every job available there with the exception of aerobics instructor or the CEO. I started out volunteering when I was 13 at summer camps, and when I turned 15, I was offered a job with the afterschool programs. Then I worked summer camps, afterschool and what we called Childwatch (where the parents left their kids while working out). I also worked with our gymnastics program a little. Eventually I worked my way up to Afterschool Director, then Childcare/Summer Camp Director, then over to the Membership Director until it closed. I really enjoyed my job at the YMCA and I miss the people and organizational aspect of running the programs the most.

Moving on to present day, several weeks ago, I started putting out feelers for a part time position. I had a really good offer to work at a CPA full time, but since it’s pretty up in the air about our sail date, the owner understandably didn’t want to hire someone who might quit in 3-6 months. I looked into the local golf club trying to work in their restaurant, but apparently winter is their slow time, and didn’t need anymore help. That one was a real bummer, since the pay is really good, and it’s only working Thursday to Saturday.

Then I saw on Facebook that a local salon was hiring a part time receptionist. SCORE! I can be a receptionist! I was pretty much a glorified receptionist at the YMCA for many years, so it was right up my alley. I turned in my resume, and now I’ve been working at Spa and Salon Anastasia for 2 weeks! I absolutely love this job! I work with some great ladies and the hours are pretty flexible for us being down to one car now. I love working the desk, organizing the schedule and talking to the customers. Also, it’s a business I can really get behind, it’s all organic and natural products are better for you and don’t have all those yucky chemicals in them that regular salons have.

Organic Spa Salon in Toccoa


Me working the Fall Harvest Fest my first week.

Me working the Fall Harvest Fest my first week. Yea, you like that fanny pack don’t you.

Let me tell you, after not working for the last two years, I really have to rewire my brain. It’s been really laid back around our house, and I had plenty of time to do the bills, and run Molly around, go to the gym, do errands, and spend time with my girlfriends. Now I am having to reacquaint myself with fitting all that around a job. Even my sister noticed how forgetful I have been recently and said “what have you done with the planned and organized sister we know and love!” Ha! Well she’s still here, but she’s just lost at the moment! I even totally forgot to pay our cell phone bill! Thank goodness for AT&T’s text alerts and grace period!

Lets hope that I get the hang of working again…. and Ben gets over selling his truck.

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