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Posted by on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 in ICW Travel, Living Aboard, Virginia, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Entering the ICW!

In this post, we say farewell to the Chesapeake, and we begin traveling South via the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, AKA…

The Ditch.

From here, there are 1000 miles of “The Ditch” for us to navigate before we reach Miami. Still, there are so many great sights to see along the way that we are really looking forward to this part of the trip.

By the way – things are going just great! The only regret we have at this point is that we didn’t make the decision to embark on this adventure a whole lot sooner. It’s just plain amazing in so many ways.

Watch Video 19 here!

10.14 We left really early today because we had a long day ahead of us. I was so windy when we got into the Potomac. The waves were crashing over the bow of the boat and were probably 5 or 6 feet high. I was so sick that I couldn’t move. We tried to go South to test the waters for when we turned the point and it was even worse. We decided to retreat and go to the north side of the river to hide for the night. N 38*02.744 W 76*19.837

10.15 Last night was weird in the little cove we were hiding in from the winds. The boat was moving around all kids of different ways. Today we woke up and the river was MUCH smoother. We have just a few more days until we get to Norfolk. We got moving this morning after breakfast and anchored in this beautiful little cove with about 6 other sailboats. Beautiful sunset and beautiful full moon tonight. N 37*32.327 W 76*20.235

10.16 Today we traveled about 7 hours. We got to a marina down Sarah’s Creek for fuel and they were closed, so we just tied up to the fuel dock for the night. We spoke to a nice couple and they gave us the bathroom code. We took a wonderful shower, then we went to eat dinner at the restaurant here at the marina. It was very good. After dinner we found a laundry room and washed all our clothes and sheets and towels! YAY! N 37*45.429 W 76*28.704

10.17 Today we woke up early to get ready for the fuel dock to open at 9. We got everything ready to go, so that when they opened, we could grab some fuel and water and get on our way. We traveled until 4:30 when we landed in Norfolk. We passed the Naval Base and all the super cool ships on the way. Tonight we ancored in a little cove near the large container ship loading docks. There was a pretty cool rocket launch that we watched from the boat. The rocket went off at a NASA Base in Virginia. All we could see was an orange/red light streaking through the dark sky. Tomorrow, we enter the ICW!! N36*54.352′ W76*18.628

10.18 Today we enter the ICW! Yay! We wanted to go down the Dismal Swamp route but due to hurricane Matthew bringing in high waters, they have closed it. Sad day. On the way to Great Bridge, we went under our first ever bridges and through our first ever lock. We docked at the free dock in Great Bridge for the night and walked to the store. We stocked up on groceries and got a propane bottle refilled. We got CHEESE and MILK (!) I made white chicken chili for dinner and we had milk and Oreos for desert. N 36*43.248 W 76*14.292

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