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Posted by on Monday, January 23, 2017 in ICW Travel, Living Aboard, South Carolina, YouTube Videos | 2 comments

Beaufort, SC (Byew-Fert NOT Boh-Fort)

Watch Episode 24 here!

Now, to further clarify… Boh-Fort is a completely different place, and is in fact, in a completely different state… NC to be exact.

Moving on…

BEAUFORT, SC! Great little town. One great thing is that the marina offers FREE dinghy dockage, and there is a laundry facility right there on the water that is coin operated! Oh, and a great spot to wash off any accumulated sailor stank as well – the showers are wonderful and only cost $1!

In this video, we really just walk around and explore the city a bit. We also take a visit to the Beaufort National Cemetery. Sound creepy? Not at all… it’s a simply wonderful place, and there’s a good, long clip in there where I (Ben) get all sappy. Yes, there’s more to this bloke than fun and games… he has a soft side as well.


11.13 Beaufort SC Today! It was a cold and windy day with a bit of rain. Ben was awesome at the helm most of the day. We went ashore and did laundry and took showers today. The showers were pretty awesome, and they were ONLY $1.00 per person!

11.14 Today we got off the boat and walked to K-Mart and Bi-lo. We did some shopping then we got an UBER back to the marina. We had 7 layer dip for dinner. YUMM! We washed sheets and did a video upload at the local coffee shop.


Yummy! Fresh 7 layer dip, with only 5 layers. 🙂


11.15 Today we did 2 days of homeschool because we missed yesterday. Lynn and Brad from Baila got here from Charleston today. We all walked around town and went to the national Cemetery. I actually didn’t take ANY photos in the Cemetery… So if you want to see how beautiful it was and Ben’s heartfelt comments about it you’ll have to actually watch the video.


New BFF’s Molly and Avery (from Baila)


11.16 Today we went on a walk over the swing bridge. We walked around town for a bit in search of pants…. no luck. We had dinner and Ben and I watched another Harry Potter movie. Molly taught Ben how to use her new Rainbow Loom.




11.17 Today we hung out on the boat. Then at 4, we met up with Katie and Gabe. I worked with Katie and babysat Gabe years ago at the YMCA in Toccoa. They moved to Beaufort a few years ago and I had no idea! After seeing them for a bit, we went to dinner and had pizza with the Baila crew. After dinner we took showers then went back to the boat. Ben and I watched more Harry Potter tonight.



11.18 Today we left Beaufort and anchored in Skull Creek. N32*13.839 W80*45.362


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Posted by on Monday, January 23, 2017 in ICW Travel, Living Aboard, South Carolina, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Cruising Charming Charleston

Watch Episode 23 here!

Ah Charleston –

Probably the nicest city we’ve stopped at so far, and absolutely the WORST anchorage. Good grief! Ripping current, trashy bottom, & dragging anchors make for a pretty sketchy anchoring experience.

Still, the city is one that should not be missed if you are cruising through the area.

In this video, watch as I take a spin on a child’s playground fixture and nearly barf all over the place. I think I hit a speed of roughly 1200 RPM at one point.


11.9 Today we woke up and left for Charleston. When we got to Charleston, we just stayed on the boat for the evening. Ben took the diggy off so we can explore tomorrow. Ben and Molly went for a little diggy ride and found Canadian Paul. N32*46.783 W79*57.588


1.10 Today we got up and did some homeschool. After school and breakfast, we got ready and went to Charleston. We rode a bus into the downtown area and walked through the craft market, we got some fudge, and went to the waterfront park. We had lunch and played on the playground. We walked back to the marina where the diggy is through battery park. When we got back to the boat we finished homeschool. We had Canadian Paul over for dinner. He brought Molly a hat from Charleston and Ben and I a bottle of wine. He is a really great guy and we are glad to have gotten the chance to get to know him. Tomorrow we leave here to make our way to Beaufort SC.




11.11 Today we left Charleston and anchored in Church Creek. Nothing here but grass and water. There is a lot of smoke in the air from the wildfires. Heading to the Ashepoo River tomorrow before Beaufort. N32*42.580 W80*11.024

11.12 Ashepoo River tonight:  Motor sailed a lot today, got up to 9 knots! Beaufort SC tomorrow. Had yummy homemade chicken noodle soup with dumplings for dinner. N32*32.170 W80*25.194


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Posted by on Monday, January 23, 2017 in ICW Travel, Living Aboard, South Carolina, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Georgetown, SC

Watch Episode 22 Here!

Speaking strictly of the anchorage itself, its probably my favorite anchorage thus far. It takes a bit of tight maneuvering to get your boat tucked in, but once you set the hook, you can enjoy this beautiful place that much more. Calm, quiet, protected, and convenient access to all that Georgetown, SC has to offer.

Lot’s of excitement in this video! We get groceries, do laundry, and walk around a whole lot. If that’s the kind of thing that gets you excited – buckle up buddy… we’re about to knock your socks off!

Jokes aside, we truly enjoy this stop and highly recommend it to other folks who are traveling through this area.


11.4 to 11.7 Made it to Georgetown SC today. Georgetown is a cute little town. Nice spot to anchor. We plan to stay here for a couple days. N33*21.962 W79*17.124

In Georgetown we walked to the grocery store and stocked up on some things we needed. We hung out with the crew from Baila a lot too. We also decided to switch from AT&T to T Mobil because they have unlimited data, talk and text. Also, we can use data and text in the Bahamas at no extra charge. We meet up with Ron and Mindy of SV Follow Me and met the couple on SV Let It Be. As we were walking to T Mobil, we realized that we’ve been here before! This is where the Aloha boat is, that we decided to see while we were in Maryland the first time to see our boat. It was trippy to be walking down the road and recognize the hotel we stayed in.



11.7 We left Georgetown this afternoon after leaving T Mobil. We went to South Santee River with Baila. N33*08.751 W79*18.839

11.8 Today we anchored in Whiteside Creek. We took a diggy ride with Baila to a beach up the river. It was so beautiful! We had dinner on Baila. N32*52.307 W79*42.846



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