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Posted by on Sunday, May 19, 2019 in Florida, ICW Travel, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Southbound Cruising the AICW

Watch episode 97 here!

We continue cruising Southbound along the Atlantic ICW as we leave Eau Gallie Yacht Basin, stop at Pine Island, then Fort Pierce, and finally arrive at a really cool anchorage called Peck Lake.

While in Ft Pierce, we had a really cool visit with a few of our fans. It’s really humbling to have folks enjoy our videos enough that they want to see MORE of us. Well – maybe it’s just the ladies. Surely, it can’t be the weirdo.

We also had a good chance to get to know our new homemade dinghy a little better. We’re really enjoying it so far and it’s proving to be a very useful, multi-purpose tender.

Finally, we wrap up this post with our arrival in Peck Lake. REALLY cool anchorage! The beach is just on the other side of a 100 yard wide spit of land, and the anchorage is really well protected as well.

Oh yeah! We also got to meet up with Billy and Sierra from Tula’s Endless Summer while at Peck Lake. Much more to come about that little visit in a future post.




December 16, 2018

Today we got up and left the dock. As we were leaving the basin, we had some dolphins at the bow. We had a nice motor today. We anchored at Pine Island, one of our favorite anchorages on the Florida ICW.

N27*43.224 W80*23.880

Ben and Molly sailed the dinghy around the anchorage. I read my book. We had a nice sun downer beer and juice in the cockpit, then we had tacos for dinner. Ben and I watched a movie.

December 17, 2018

We left Pine Island this morning and had more dolphins with us today. At the end of the day, we anchored in Fort Pierce.

N27*28.239 W80*19.508

Ben went to the fuel dock and filled up the jerry cans. After he got back, we went back to the Marina for dinner with some new friends who watch the videos. We had a really fun night, and really enjoyed meeting new people.

We also decorated our Christmas Tree tonight. 

December 18, 2018

We got up and moved to Peck Lake today.

N27*06.836 W80*08.577

We anchored next to Tula’s Endless Summer. Ben sailed over to say hi and they jumped into the dinghy with him. Jetty, their dog, did not like them leaving and she jumped in after them. She was trying to follow them as they sailed away. They had a dramatic rescue and plucked Jetty out of the water.

We had a nice evening on the boat. Ben wiggled at Molly’s loose tooth. No luck getting it out. I read my book and enjoyed the comfort of our cockpit on one of our new Sport-A-Seat chairs. I love these chairs! 

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Visiting Tambi’s Family

December 13, 2018

Today my Aunt Kim picked us up from the marina and took us to Walmart after a delicious lunch at Chic-Fil-A. After shopping, we picked my cousins little girl up from school. Molly went inside with my Aunt to surprise her. They were so happy to see each other! Then we went back to her house. The girls played outside on the swing set, while the adults just hung out. My Aunt Kim and the 3 girls made cookies, and brownies. Then they decorated felt gingerbread houses. After that, they decorated real gingerbread houses. We all had a great time. My grandmother and cousins also came over to have dinner with us. We ordered pizza for dinner and it was so good. We stayed the night at my Aunt and Uncles house.

December 14, 2018

Today we got up and just hung out at my Aunts house for most of the day. My cousins daughter got out of school early, and Molly and her played together outside. Aunt Kim and I started a movie while the kids played, and Ben edited video.

After my uncle got home from work, we all went out to eat dinner at our friends restaurant, Long Doggers, Molly got her photo taken with the Surfing Santa. After dinner we took the girls to look at Christmas lights. When we got home, we put the girls to bed and the adults finished the movie Aunt Kim and I started earlier in the day. We spent the night at my Aunts house again. We’ll go back to the boat tomorrow. 

December 15, 2018

We got up this morning and my Uncle Phil brought us back to the boat. We hung out and got the groceries put away. This afternoon, we walked to the Ace Hardware, got the dinghy off the deck, and Ben put up the new lights we got for the boat. I also washed the sheets before leaving the comfort of a marina tomorrow.

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Sailing Southwardly

KWatch episode 96 here!

Titusville, FL is where we find ourselves. Time for showers, a bit of provisioning, and to refuel the boat so that we can continue making miles SOUTH.

We use the new Chameleon Dinghy for the first time, we enjoy lunch with the prior owner of Sandflea, and we wrap it up by taking a slip at the Eau Gallie Yacht Basin in Melbourne, FL.

The crew is excited for clear water, palm trees, and warm breezes – but for now we have to continue working our way South through the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway until we reach our “jumping off point” of Key Biscayne, FL.




December 10, 2018

Today we left New Symurna at 8:10. About 10 minutes in our engine kept dying! We figured out that we were calculating our fuel usage using .5 instead of .7 and we were out of fuel! We pulled over to the side of the ICW and threw out the anchor. We were aground, and the anchor was only about a foot in the water off the bow! We put fuel from our jerry cans in the tank and had to get the boat rocking to get off the bottom. We were finally on our way. It was a cold and windy day today. We anchored in Titusville.

N28*37.380 W80*48.543

On approach to the Titusville anchorage, we were hailed on the radio and guess who it was? It was Captain Murphy! The man who we bought the Sandflea from!

We went ashore to get cards from the marina so we could use the bathrooms and the dinghy dock. We took Molly to the park for some play time. Today is the day we use the dinghy for the first time!

December 11, 2018

Today we went ashore to have lunch with Murph. He picked us up and we went to a great restaurant. It was yummy and we had a great time chatting and getting to know Murph.

After lunch, he dropped us off at the grocery store. We got some groceries and walked back to the marina. While we were just about to get in the dinghy to go back to the boat, we were recognized by some folks who watch the videos. They have 3 kids. We went down to their boat and had a nice chat. 

After visiting with them, we went back to the boat and put away the groceries. After that we went ashore to take showers. We came back to the boat and had dinner. 

December 12, 2018

Today we got to the Eau Gallie Yacht Basin Marina, where we took a slip. We put the dinghy on the deck and did some laundry. Tonight we went to a potluck dinner (Molly called it a Lucky Pot) with other boaters in the marina. It was fun. 

N28*07.528 W80*37.656

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New Adventures!

Watch episode 95 here!

There’s something very exciting about the moment an old sailboat leaves the dock and sets out for new adventures over the horizon.

An organic chemical cocktail of uncertainty, anxiety, excitement, happiness, and even a little fear is produced by such salty stimulus. It’s a potent mix of emotions, and a mix that would rival that of any type of drug or adrenaline rush.

Sandflea has LEFT THE DOCK!

A new adventure is officially underway as our little ship begins to make progress South & East.




December 4, 2018

We left the dock at Reynolds Marina in Green Cove Springs today! We left at 11am and made it through the bridges in Jacksonville and docked at the free docks at 2:45.

N30*19.155 W81*38.445

Mike, Allison and two of their girls came to the boat and brought dinner. We had a great time hanging out on the boat and visiting with them again!

December 5, 2018

We left the free dock at 10 this morning. It was a rough start getting off the dock. The current was really strong, and the wind was blowing us towards the dock. We finally managed to scrape ourselves off the dock. It was really scary, we almost got caught on the corner of the dock where it’s broken and rusted. That would not have been good for our hull.

We had a long, cold day today and got anchored in Shell Bluff Landing around 5:40.

N30*00.137 W81*20.185

I made chicken pot pie for dinner.

December 6, 2018

Today we went from Shell Bluff to just past St. Augustine. It was a pretty easy day. We anchored by the Fish Island Marina where Quinn and Becca have their boat. They are the ones who made our new dodger for us. We tried to dock there, but it was just too rough at the old broken dock. We rowed the dinghy over to their marina where they cooked us lunch.

N29*52.345 W81*18.155

After lunch we came back to the boat and just hung out. We had our stern anchor out and it dragged a good bit. Ben pulled up the stern anchor later in the evening and we were fine. We had creamy potato soup for dinner. Molly beat Ben at Connect 4. Ben and I had hot chocolate mixed with baileys and watched a Christmas movie.

December 7, 2018

Anchored at Fort Mantanzas today.

N29*42.951 W81*14.252

We hung out on the boat and Ben edited some video. We had spaghetti for dinner and we watched a family movie, Hook. Beautiful sunsets here!

December 8, 2018

We got up and left Fort Mantanzas at 10am. We anchored in New Smyrna at 4:40.

N29*00.989 W80*54.831

We had 4 cheese pasta peas for dinner. Later in the evening as we were preparing for bed, we heard the sound of explosions. We looked outside and we were treated with a lovely fireworks show!

December 9, 2018

We stayed anchored in New Smyrna today. There was so much wind and rain, it was crazy! Ben had to put the pump in the dinghy and pump out the rain water. I was feeling a bit sick because we were bumping around so much! We just sat around and hung out on the boat. Our swing track on the GPS was everywhere! Later in the evening, we put up our “Christmas Tree.” We had roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, and brown gravy for dinner.

Ben and I watched a movie.

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Repairing the Water Tank Lid

In this post, Ben repairs the water tank lid on the Sandflea. This post links to 3 different episodes for this build. He does a fantastic job on our new lid. He also moves the filling port to the end so I don’t have to sleep on the pipe anymore! Yay! I do have a great hubby don’t I?!

Watch episode 79 here!

In this episode, I (Ben) repair the water tank aboard our Endeavour sailboat. After hurricane Irma, I noticed flakes of weird stuff are floating in our drinking water.

SOLUTION: Reseal the inside of our water tank with epoxy.

Simple, right? BwAHHahhAhahAhahAHHAAA!!!! Never.

It just doesn’t happen like that with boat projects. It’s way more interesting when the water tank lid won’t come off because it was installed with 3M 5200. That way you have to completely destroy the lid in order to access the water tank.


Once you finally gain access to the tank’s interior, it’s covered in weird brown stuff that requires hours of laborious sanding to remove.


It sure does feel good though once the work is done and the tank is freshly resealed in 2 coats of food-grade epoxy.


Oh… no not quite… now you’ve got to fabricate an entire new lid cuz you wrecked the original one, REMEMBER!??!

The fun never ends… not even when my exposed, sweat-drenched skin is covered in grayish-brownish water tank dust which gives my epidermis an unnatural tone that is reminiscent of a near-dead ET that Elliot just found in the river.

Watch episode 80 here!

In this episode, I’ll construct a brand new water tank lid for our Endeavour 32 sailboat. The old was tragically destroyed, by me, with a saw, while gaining access to the interior of the water tank.

The old lid was rotten anyways, so it’s not really as tragic as it sounds.

It’s my intent is for this new lid to be MUCH better than the original one. It will not only be stronger, but it will also be completely sealed from water intrusion so that rot will never be an issue again.

By the way, I know it’s hard to tell in the video, but this project took me nearly a full week of work to complete. Wow! I thought I’d be done with this lid in a couple days… nope. Silly me. Boat projects just don’t work like that, and when you forget that fact, the boat will remind you how it really works.

Watch episode 81 here!

Our Endeavour 32 sailboat gets a new water tank lid to replace the rotten one that was contaminating our drinking water.

This project, like all boat projects, took far longer than I thought it would.

In the end though, I think the results are worth the extra time that it took to construct the custom lid, and to ensure that it is installed properly.

Now, the big boat project on the list is the replacement of our standing rigging.

Oooooh boy.

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Hurricane Irma: Before and After

Watch episode 76 here!

In this post, we make storm preparations to our boat for the impending arrival of hurricane IRMA.

Yes, for the 10 days prior to this somewhat spontaneous trip, we watched the weather reports very closely indeed. We saw the birth of this monster storm off the West Coast of Africa. We saw it devastate the windward islands, the DR, Puerto Rico, and skim across the top end of Cuba. The whole time we were hoping that it take a turn to starboard and head back out to sea.

That never happened.

We packed the car and headed to Florida. The whole way down we watched the Northbound traffic rushing in the opposite direction… an unnerving thing to see or sure. 95% of the traffic is headed in the direction opposite of the way you are headed.

We arrive at the boat with specific plans to prep the boat and leave again the very next day. In fact, we bring enough gasoline with us in the car to get us safely back home, round trip – just in case all the gas station are sold out… a preparation that paid off. Most of the gasoline pumps in FL had plastic bags over the handles.

So in less than 48 hours we arrive in Green Cove, prep the boat, and make it back to Toccoa, GA.

Watch episode 77 here!

So, Hurricane Irma damaged our Endeavour 32 sailboat. The storm blew our boat against the dock, breaking the standing rigging.

The wind was so powerful that it healed the boat over nearly 45 degrees towards the dock – so much that the shrouds were touching the dock.

The damage we sustained was a battered port side toe rail, a couple bent stanchions, and a damaged forward/port lower shroud.

In this video I’ll repair the toe rail, and I’ll show you the damage to the standing rigging.

Now, thanks to Irma, I have 2 more rather large projects to on our to-do list. 1) Repair the standing rigging. 2) Reseal the interior of our water tank. (More on that later)

Never dull moment, that’s for sure. The primary take-away from this video should be this… Yes, our beloved boat is damaged, but we’re thankful to still have a boat to work on – damage and all. A lot of people suffered much more than we did.

After all, bruises and scars add character right??

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