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Posted by on Thursday, February 8, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Exuma Islands, Food, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Sea Turtles and Wooden Owls on Little Farmers Cay

Watch Video 45 Here!

So we sailed to Little Farmers Cay, a little island with sea turtles and wooden owls. Sounds GREAT!

Oh, here’s a highlight for your viewing pleasure… witness, in this video, Molly’s first attempt at blowing a conch horn. It’s just great.

This was a great little island. It’s definitely the smallest settlement that we’ve had the pleasure to visit thus far. A step down from Black Point even – and we thought that one was quite small.

While on Little Farmers Cay, we saw only 2 cars driving around on the roads. I’m not certain of the population on the island, but I’d be surprised if there were many more than 100 people living there.

Very simple, laid back, slow paced, and just plain wonderful.



3.14.17 Today we moved to Little Farmers Cay. We had to split from Baila and Robin. They went North and we went South. We were heeled over so far today during our sail that everything in the galley fell onto the floor. We anchored on the East side of the island for tonight, we think that we’ll just stay here for tonight and head South again tomorrow. Molly and Ben swam around the boat after we got anchored to check out what the bottom looked like. The holding is not very good here. But it’s enough for the night.

N 23*57.549 W 76*18.998

3.15.17 We decided to stay in Little Farmers until we have a good weather window to go to Georgetown. We moved to the other side of the island  where there is better holding and also for better North- Northwest protection for when the wind switches.

N 23*57.133 W 76*19.230

We went ashore to take a look around. Little Farmers does not disappoint in the beautiful sunset department.

3.16.17 We stayed on the boat today and caught up on some school work.

3.17.17 We went ashore today to look around some more. We saw some beautiful sea turtles swimming in the bay and chatted with some of the local kids. They were a lot of fun. We also, met a man named J.R who is a great man and a wonderful wood carver, we bought an owl from him and he gave us his conch horn, which he taught us how to blow. He also showed us how he does his carvings. Then, he showed us around his amazing garden of fruit trees. Ben also bought a Hawaiian sling and spear from one of the local fishermen here on the island. Ben and I had popcorn, M&M’s, wine and watched Star Wars tonight.

3.18.17 Today we went ashore and spent a few hours at the beach. We found all these tiny little jelly fish looking things floating at the waters edge. (The little brown things in the shell) I also brought in a nice collection of shells. That group of photos of Molly is one of my most favorite collages. She is such a sassy, fun, kid! It was such a fun day!

3.19.17 We made bread for the first time on the boat today. (Check out Ben’s Boat Bread Recipe here!) It was SO good!

We ended up staying on the boat, and Ben went for a swim.

3.20.17 We went ashore today to do some more exploring. We went to Ty’s Sunset Bar and Grill for lunch. We had the pizza because the mail boat hadn’t come in yet, and they didn’t have much to offer. The pizza was ok. Definitely not as good as the one in Black Point. Tomorrow we leave for Rudder Cut Cay. I am so excited about this stop!!

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Posted by on Thursday, February 8, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Exuma Islands, Food, Snorkeling, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Black Point is our Bahamian Home

Watch Video 43 Here AND Video 44 Here

We love Black Point, Exumas so much of all the places we’ve see so far that we’ve dubbed it our official Bahamian “Home Away From Home”.

The people are wonderful, there is a grocery store, restaurants, laundry facility, and showers. Everything is laid back, and things move a bit more slowly here… even slower than most parts of the Bahamas, if you can believe it.

The anchorage is well protected from every direction except West, and the holding is as good as it gets.

Then, if all that isn’t enough, Black Point is situated between Staniel Cay and Little Farmers… 2 other settlements that likely have any resources you might need that aren’t available in Black Point.

Also – Tambi spends her birthday stuck aboard the boat with the 2 people she loves the most. Wow, lucky her! We do our best to make her birthday special despite being confined to a floating jail cell. Maybe it wasn’t all that bad… we did make her some birthday coupons!


2.28.17 Moved to Black Point today, we anchored right next to the Government dock.

N 24*05.975 W 76*25.169

As soon as we got settled in we went ashore and walked around town. It’s a lovely island, as we were walking the school children got out of class and crowded around us. They were in love with Ben and the camera. We explored the different restaurants and bars, we checked out the little grocery store and the laundromat and the showers. After we walked around the island a bit, we found Will at Scorpios, and had dinner and rum punches. It was a great evening. Will bought Molly her very first non-“rum punch”.

Black Point’s bay at low tide.

3.1.17 We went snorkeling today with Will. Then we went ashore to do laundry and take showers. It feels so good to have clean sheets and clothes! Ben took Molly while I showered, so I had a shower all to myself! First shower since January! They give you 8 minutes for $4.00. That was the best 8 minutes of my life! Ben and I watched Captain Ron tonight.

3.2.17 Today we hung out on the boat. Ben went ashore and filled up some water cans. They have a free water spigot here. They ask that you don’t take more than you need and give a small donation to the little box on the trash trailer. It’s the same with garbage. We met Ian from a boat named Stormy Weather. Our friends from Cream Puff got here today. They have an extra computer cord, so maybe it will work since the new one didn’t. We went to shore for Happy Hour at Scorpios again. We got drinks and burgers. Yummy!

3.3.17 Today we did school and went to shore. We went to Loraines Cafe. I brought the new computer cord from Cream Puff hoping that it would work, unfortunately, it didn’t. I’m guessing that my computer hard drive has given out. <Major SAD face!>

We got some chicken wings, french fries, and some Sands Pink Grapefruit beer. That beer, it’s not anything like you would think a beer would taste. It’s so good, I wish I could pack the whole boat with it to bring it home. After lunch we got some ice cream then went back to the boat. There is a very strong cold front coming in tonight so we’ll probably be stuck on the boat for a few days.

3.4.17 Today’s MY Birthday! For breakfast, I made pancakes, YUM! Ben and Molly gave me presents. They made me some fun coupons. I love them, they’re so cute! Also, Ben did dishes for me ALL day!

The wind came in last night, so we had to stay on the boat. We had a very lazy boat day. It’s a very persistent 35+ knot wind. For dinner I made cheesy broccoli soup with rice. Then I made an apple cobbler for dessert. We watched a family movie, Monsters Inc. tonight too.

I had such a great birthday, considering we were stuck on the boat all day.

3.5.17 Day two on the boat and another lazy boat day with persistent 35+ knot winds. Ben edited video, Molly played on the iPad and with her legos, I read my book, and organized the can cabinet. Ben and I watched the first half of the 3rd Lord of the Rings tonight.

3.6.17 Day three of persistent winds. Hopefully we can work our way off the boat today. We’re going to do some school and Ben is going to edit some more video.

I was going crazy on the boat, so I talked Ben into going to shore. We went to the East side of the island and went to see the blow hole. It was amazing! The wind was blowing the waves against the rock with such force that they were splashing high over our heads. After seeing the blow hole, we went to get pizza and beers at Deshamons. That pizza is out of this world!

3.7.17 Today we went ashore and walked to the castle. It was a very long and hot walk, but it was totally worth it! At first, we were sad when we got up to the driveway, because it said private property, and we couldn’t go up to see it. Just as we were about to walk away, the owners rode up on a golf cart. They said we could take a walk around and look at the grounds! It was so impressive. They live in this castle that they built here on the island because, well they like castles!

After our walk, we met Kim and Mack on a boat named Peace and Quite. They are a wonderful couple from Canada. We look forward to spending more time with them. They invited us over to their boat tomorrow afternoon.

3.8.17 Today we went to town and had lunch. We also got some homemade bread from one of the ladies on the island. We were told that this is some of the best coconut bread around, and I have to agree. I don’t normally like coconut, and this bread was amazing! We also go a cinnamon and raisin bread, which was also fantastic!

After that we went over to Peace and Quiet to visit with Kim and Mack. They have a TON of digital movies on a hard drive, so we swapped movies with them. We hung out on the boat chatting with them for a while. We had a great time getting to know them and really we enjoy their company! Kim and Molly played Dominos and took funny photos with her phone. She made the most delicious coffee cake as well.

3.9.17 Nothing worth noting happened today, we just hung out on the boat and did lazy boat stuff.

I.e: Ben edited video, I read, and Molly played Legos. We may have done some school too.

3.10.17 Today is Ben’s BIRTHDAY!!

This morning Molly and I got up and made Ben coffee and birthday cards. Then, we went to town to do a load of laundry and we took showers. I am absolutely in love with the showers here at Black Point. You put the little tokens into this machine and the water turns on. It gives you 8 minutes, after that, the water shuts off. That 8 minutes goes by really fast. I like to hurry through my washing so I can just stand there and enjoy the hot water for the rest of my time.I have really missed taking a real shower since we left the states. We also got 3 more loaves of bread. Man, that stuff is good. We went back to the boat for a while then went back to town for dinner and happy hour at Scorpios. We had a great time and chatted with all the other cruisers hanging out. Molly orchestrated a singing of Happy Birthday while Ben was inside getting drinks. Ben and I watched a movie before bed.

These are the showers at the laundromat.

3.11.17 Ben went spear fishing today with some guys we met last night at Happy Hour. He caught lobsters and a fish. He gave the lobsters to the guys. Somehow he lost his pole spear, it just vanished into thin air. We looked all under the boat, and went back to where they were fishing trying to see if we could find it on the bottom of the bay. No luck. He’s so sad.

Molly shows us how adorable she is.

Beautiful sunset over the water.

3.12.17 Ben went spear fishing again with the guys today, they let him borrow one of their extra spears. They went fishing on the east side of the island today on the big rocks off shore. He caught a good size fish. Molly and I hung out on the beach while they went fishing. Ben found me this beautiful shell while he was fishing. He put it in his wetsuit so he wouldn’t lose it. He said that while fishing he thought he felt something tickle his leg, but thought it was just water swishing around him. Come to find out that was not the case, there was something actually living inside of it and it came out of its shell to find itself pressed against a human leg. When Ben got it back to the boat, we left it on deck to dry and it had moved when we went back out to get it. I had no idea there was something in it. I was so sad, because it was such a beautiful shell. I didn’t want to kill the poor creature, so we threw it back.

3.13.17 Baila got here today! We were so excited to see them! Molly and Avery were so happy to see each other, we haven’t seen them since Lake Boca on the ICW. We hung out with them and the family on SV Robin. We had a great dinner and enjoyed spending time together. The kids watched a movie and played, while the adults chatted in the cockpit.

Tomorrow we will be moving South again.

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