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Posted by on Thursday, August 2, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Exuma Islands, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Waiting on the Wind at Allens Cay

Watch Video 50 here!

“Allen’s Cay” is a group of 3 islands that are just North of Highborne Cay in the Exumas. Honestly, there’s not much here aside from the local group of iguanas that roam the island. Well, that’s not true – there’s also a beach shack and the ruins of an old Chic-Fil-A.

Well also check out that old Chic-Fil-A that I told you about. It’s amazing how quickly such a nice establishment can go to waste once abandoned. What a shame… these islands could use a spicy chicken sammich every once in a while.

There’s also a cool mini beach hut on the East side of the island. No idea how it got there, who built it, of what purpose it serves, but it’s so cool! You wouldn’t want to weather a hurricane there, or even sleep over night because of the mosquitos – but it’s PERFECT for a quick photo!

Finally, the reason we’re hanging out at Allen’s Cay in the first place is because we are waiting for the wind to change directions so that we can cross the Exuma Sound and make it over to Eleuthera. Well, until then, it’ll just be us, iguanas, ruins, Chic-Fil-A, and a beach hut.

4.20.17 Moved to Allens Cay and Leaf Cay today, just north of Highbourne Cay. N 24*44.818 W 76*50.270

There are a lot of iguanas here. Molly held class with her ponies today. Ben and I watched a movie tonight.

4.21.17 We went ashore today to see the iguanas and explore the island.

4.22.17 Moved to the North side of Highbourne Cay today to hide from some wind coming in.

N 24*43.629 W 76*49.328

4.23.17 We did some school today so we can sail to Eleuthera tomorrow. We watched Maleficent for family movie night.

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Posted by on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Exuma Islands | 0 comments

Northern Exumas with friends

4.12.17 Rain today… and we cleaned out the composting toilet.

Moved to Normans Cay today. N 24*36.271 W 76*49.237

After we got to Normans, guess who showed up!? Honeymooner! We thought they’ed be in Cuba by now! After they got settled and had dinner they came over to catch up. They decided not to go to Cuba. They left Black Point today, heard us on the radio with Bali Ha’i and followed us here! There was a beautiful rainbow in the sky when we anchored.

Ben and I watched Star Wars episode 6 tonight.

4.13.17 Today we went to Lobster Cay with Bali Ha’i and Honeymooner. N 24*40.287 W 76*49.339

We did some school and then went snorkeling/fishing. After that we went back to the boat and prepared rice and the yellow snapper Ben caught. Sarah made the lobster and also cooked Jeff’s catch, and a lion fish. We all met on Honeymooner and had a great dinner. We really enjoyed hanging out together!

4.14.17 Moved to Highborne Cay today. N 24*42.572 W 76*49.567 We stayed on the boat tonight, there is another cold front coming in tonight.

4.15.17 Today we stayed on the boat. We made bread, did a load of dishes, read the Easter story in Molly’s Bible. It was a nice lazy Saturday! We had a delicious dinner too!

4.16.17 Today is Easter Sunday, and we went to shore. We got diesel fuel, then we went to the grocery store. After the grocery store we went to lunch at the Xuma restaurant with Jeff and Katina from Bali Ha’i. There are some beautiful flowers by the marina. After lunch we got ICE CREAM and took it back to the boat!! Ben and I watched Star Wars Episode 7.

4.17.17 We had a delicious breakfast this morning then we moved the boat a few hundred feet North.

N 24*43.119 W 76*49.818

This afternoon we went snorkeling with Honeymooner. Tonight we all got together on Bali Ha’i and had an amazing dinner! I made red beans and rice, Katina made chicken bites and bread, Sarah made sushi and potatoes. It was all so YUMMY! We really enjoyed spending time with all of them. We will miss them a lot when we all have to separate.

4.18.17 Today Andrew and Sarah on Honeymooner left for Nassau to start the trip back to the states. We cleaned up the boat and Jeff and Katina came over after dinner to hang out before they leave tomorrow. We will miss them and Honeymooner a lot!

4.19.17 Today Jeff and Katina left for Nassau to start their journey back to the states. After lunch Ben, Molly and I went to the beach. It was a nice relaxing afternoon. We came back to the boat and had tacos for dinner. We watched Brave and had a family movie night.

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Posted by on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Exuma Islands, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

The Most Beautiful Beach in the Bahamas

Check out video 49 here!

We’ve discovered the most beautiful beach in the Bahamas. It’s on the East side of Shroud Cay in the Exumas. GORGEOUS!

Go there, then take the dinghy through the northern-most mangrove creek until to you reach the Atlantic side of the island, then BOOM!

It’s hard to describe the colors, the contrast, the raw beauty of this place. The water is absolutely outstanding, the tall rocky cliffs frame the view, and the silky soft sand underfoot solidifies the notion that you’ve just arrived at the most beautiful beach in the Bahamas.

What an outstanding place to be. We also saw sea turtles and an entire NEST of lobsters (crawfish). I guess they mature to such great size and numbers here because they are protected by the rules of The Land & Sea Park, but WOW – those lobsters still look mighty tasty!

If you ever have the chance to see this beach, take the chance. It’s entirely well worth it. OH! Also, go at low tide if you can… that’s when the beach turns into a maze of small winding “rivers” that flow into the island… just amazing. 🙂

4.9.17 Moved to Shroud Cay today with Bali Ha’i. N 24*32.823 W 76*47.429

Molly dressed as a pirate as she ate breakfast. We watched a family movie tonight. “Where the Wild Things Are”

4.10.17 Today we did school and then we went over to the mangrove creek. We went through the beautiful creek all the way to the other side of the island. We saw a lot of sea turtles. When we got over to the beach we were blown away! It’s the most beautiful beach we’ve experienced so far!

After a busy day Ben and Molly snuggled in the V-berth.  There was also a beautiful full moon tonight.

4.11.17 Today we went back to the mangrove creek. It was a lot of fun! I swam a bit of the way back. I was chasing the turtles, but they were way too fast for me, I couldn’t catch any of them. They could see me and swam away before I ever got sight of them.

Tonight we went over to Bali Ha’i. The guys on another boat named Trident went over too. We had brownies and popcorn. Ben and I had a rum punch. We enjoyed hanging out and chatting with everyone. Trident is going South tomorrow and we are going North with Bali Ha’i.

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Posted by on Monday, February 12, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Exuma Islands, YouTube Videos | 3 comments

Snorkeling and Dinghy Boarding

4.5.17 After going to Rachaels Bubble Bath today, we moved over to Bell Island. N 24*18.518 W 76*33.072

4.6.17 We went back to the Coral Gardens by Little Halls Pond today again. The swell was really rough, but it was still beautiful. I could spend hours here. After swimming for as long as we could, then we went back to the boat and washed up.

4.7.17 Moved to Warderick Wells today and just hung out on the boat. Ben and I watched Gran Torino tonight.

N 24*23.178 W 76*37.938

4.8.17 We had a lazy morning today. Then we went to the little sand bar by the boat for Molly to play around in the water. It didn’t take her long to get cold and want to go back to the boat. After lunch we went over to Butterfly Beach and we had a great afternoon playing at the beach. We went with Jeff and Katina on SV Bali Ha’i, and Cheryl, Kevin and their nephew Jay on SV Kracken. They brought paddle boards and surf boards and went surfing behind the dinghy. It was awesome and OH so much fun! You can watch that video here, Dinghy Boarding!

Afterwards, we went back to the boat and cleaned up and had a quick dinner. After dinner we went back over to Kracken to hang out. We had such a great time. We really enjoyed getting to know the Bali Ha’i and Kracken crew. Kracken is going South and Bali Ha’i is moving North with us tomorrow.

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Posted by on Sunday, February 11, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Exuma Islands, Snorkeling, YouTube Videos | 2 comments

A Relaxing Bubblebath At Racheal’s

Watch Video 48 Here!

Racheal’s Bubblebath is a hidden gem in the Bahamas. It’s located at the NE end of Compass Cay in the Exumas.

Racheal’s Bubblebath is a somewhat hidden treasure on Compass Cay – the same island where we swam with the nurse sharks. The Bubblebath is located on the North East tip of the island, and is accessible by hiking about 1/2 mile up a very shallow creek that lets out on the North West corner of the island.

It’s an amazing place. Beautiful, raw, enchanting. If you’re in the area, this is one of the places that you can’t pass by without seeing for yourself.

While in the area, we stay a night at Fowl Cay, just South of Rocky Dundas, so of course, we have to stop by the Dundi one more time as well.

This area of the Exumas is one of our favorite. There are plenty of areas to hide if the weather turns, there are plenty of interesting things to see, and of course, the water clarity is simply breathtaking.

4.3.17 Moved to Fowl Cay today, by the North end of Compass Cay.

N24*16.407 W76*32.291

Molly swam out and checked the anchor set. We took boat showers and Ben and I watched  the next Star Wars.

4.4.17 Today Bali Ha’i, Kracken, and Cereulum got here. We went over to Rocky Dundas again. It was a lot of fun. When we got back to the boat, Molly and I showered off and Ben went out to spearfish. He came back with a HUGE yellow tail snapper. Bali Ha’i invited us over for dinner. We took the fish and some yellow rice. Katina made yummy tacos.

4.5.17 Today, we moved the boats over to Compass Cay to go to Rachels Bubble Bath.

N 24*16.627 W 76*31.526

We went to Rachels Bubble Bath, it was so cool. This place has got to be in the top 5 places in the Bahamas for me. We really loved it. Molly was learning to swim without floaties in the pool of water.

We didn’t want to stay here at this anchorage long since it’s kinda exposed. So, we decided to move over to Bell Island. But that’s in the next post. 😉

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Posted by on Saturday, February 10, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Exuma Islands | 0 comments

Good Friends in Staniel Cay

We’re back in Staniel Cay for a second time on our way back North, so we can head to Eleuthera. There is no video for this post. Why you ask? Well…

First, we’ve already been here, and we really didn’t do anything you haven’t seen before. And second, in the words of Ross Geller, “We were on a break!” We used this time to recharge our batteries. While filming is great, it is also a lot of work. We just didn’t worry about having a camera on us all the time, and just spent time together as a family and making new friends.

3.27.17 Moved to Staniel Cay today. We anchored in the same place as last time by Thunderball Grotto. Great sail today. Molly likes to take many photos of herself making weird faces while under sail. What a great kid.

N 24*10.693 W 76*26.760

3.28.17 We did school this morning. Molly had a really great school day! Molly lounged in her bed and played on the kindle. We had lunch on the boat, and after lunch we went to town to the grocery stores. We found this really cute swing outside near the pink store. Molly really enjoyed playing on it.

3.29.17 We did some more school today, we have quite a bit of catching up to do since we slacked off while in Black Point. Then, this afternoon, we went snorkeling with Jeff and Katina on Bali Ha’i. Ben caught a big eye fish and a huge lobster! We invited them over to our boat for dinner. We had a great evening getting to know them. Molly and Katina painted nails. They are a really great couple, and I can’t wait to spend more time with them.

3.30.17 Today, we did some more school, then we went over to the General Store to drop off the propane tank. After that we went by Bali Ha’i to exchange movies and see their boat. We had a good time visiting with them. Molly really enjoyed swinging in the hammock they have on deck, and Katina has a really cool Polaroid camera, so we took some photos. I took photos of the photos. Ha! Tonight Ben and I watched the next Star Wars.

Like father like daughter?

Incase you haven’t noticed, there isn’t a shortage of beautiful sunsets here in the Bahamas. That’s one of my most favorite things to take photos of.

3.31.17 Today we went to the pink grocery store to get some fresh produce and tortillas that came in on the mailboat yesterday. Then we went snorkeling around the reefs by the boat.

I am just so proud of Molly. She is becoming more and more independent in the water everyday. She swims around with her mask and fins like a little fish. Now, if we could just get those floaties off her.

We had a yummy taco dinner tonight with all the delicious fresh goods we bought today at the grocery store.

Ben and Molly like to blow the conch horn at sunset most nights now. I’m not very good at it, but I try. I’d rather take photos of them blowing the conch horn.

4.1.17 Molly thought it would be fun to lounge and maybe nap on the boom. She claims, it’s now her favorite place on the boat. Today we were invited to the boat Kracken with Katina to make mermaid crowns while Ben and Jeff fixed the engine on Bali Ha’i. We had a great time! Molly made great friends with Cheryl’s dog Mr. Toast. We hung out for a while after the boys got back.

4.2.17 Today Molly swam around the boat all by herself and even swam to check out the anchor set! She also dressed up like the mermaid princess that she is and paraded around the boat in her new mermaid gear.

Then we went to lunch at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. After that we came back to the boat. I read my book, molly played, and Ben did some video editing. After dinner we went over to Kracken again. We had drinks and snacks and we met two new cruiser boats. We had a good time.

We didn’t get back to the boat until around 10. WAY past miss Molly Moo’s bed time. We plan on leaving to go to Compass Cay to see Rachels Bubble Bath with Bali Ha’i tomorrow.

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