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Posted by on Friday, November 16, 2018 in Cleaning out, Moving, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Selling and Sailing- General Update

Watch episode 82 here!

We spent January and February emptying out the storage building and making sure the house was in tip top shape to get it ready to sell.

Things aren’t going as easily as we had hoped concerning the sale of our house. It’s not really that big of a deal, aside from the fact that it’s causing us to miss out on valuable cruising time.

This post shares our current day-to-day living as well as sharing our future plans for sailing and cruising.

Rest assured that we are anxious as HECK to get back out there.

It’s going to happen, and when it does, we’ll be that much more free to roam as a result of the preparations we’re making during our down time.


Our house is officially SOLD as of the end of April.

Its an incredible relief to have that off our plate. Now, we can concentrate more on boat stuff instead of house stuff.

The feeling can only be described as “bitter sweet”. It’s the first house that Tambi and I bought together. It’s the house Molly was BORN in – heck, it may even be where she was conceived… bowchickawowow.

Suffice it to say that an abundance of wonderful memories are tied to that house and thats what makes it tough to see it go. Ultimately though, we’re all happy and excited for the additional freedom that we can enjoy without the added responsibility and stress of managing a piece of Real Estate from afar.

From here, the plan is to stay land-based through hurricane season. We’re still making trips to the boat to work on it every few weeks. I hope to have the boat out of the water within the next month so that the mast can be unstepped in order to complete the standing rigging replacement. After that, she’ll stay on the hard for the next few months with the goal to have her ready to splash just as soon as the hurricane season fizzles out.

The big-picture plan is slowly coming together, and the sale of our house is a HUGE accomplishment that we can officially check off the list.


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Posted by on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 in Cleaning out, Moving, Rent our house | 8 comments

Out Of The House – Into The Dungeon

We have SO much to tell you!

First off, we are officially moved out of our house. That’s one big milestone that we can scratch off our list. We really didn’t think it would take so long to find renters for our house. It certainly wasn’t for lack of interest, but we just wanted to be certain that were putting the very best people possible into our home. Trouble at home is certainly not something we want to be worried about while we are 2000 miles away – so we took our sweet time in making that decision.

Now, we are living in “the dungeon” – also known as my momma’s basement. The space was lovingly given the title of “the dungeon” by my father, I suppose because it’s dark, damp, moldy, smells of old cheese, and is infested with scorpions that have acquired a taste for human flesh. I’m joking, of course, about all that stuff – except for that part about living in my mom’s basement… that part is real… very real indeed.

Anyways – let’s get you caught up.

Building pre paintingBen finished the storage building in late November. He worked very hard on it for days on end until it was finally done! He also painted the newly enclosed side to match the existing side.

Once completed, we noticed that birds were getting inside and pooping on the ground. I certainly didn’t want bird doodie on our safely stored belongings, so I had the brilliant idea to put up some type of screen on the openings at the top. The people who renovated our house before we bought it, left the original storm window screens in the attic of our house, so Ben re-purposed them as bird-proof-barriers for the storage building.


After he finished the building, we were able to start filling stuff in buildingit with all our belongings that we just couldn’t part with, kitchen stuff, and some of the things that we didn’t want to have to purchase again after we got back from our adventure. This newly enclosed part of the building is not “mouse safe” like the back part of the building, so we have to be very selective as to what we put where.

Pillows, blankets, and important things we’ve had to put in the back side of the building. Other things like kitchen supplies, and furniture we were able to put in the front. We also had a lot of plastic tubs, so we were able to put our clothes and other things in those and store them in the front. Hopefully we choose right and we don’t come home to some big family of mice living in our stuff! We worked very hard to keep things organized and it took MANY trips to get everything up the hill and put away into our private mini-storage facility.


RentersAfter months of searching we finally found our renters! We were so excited to have Kathy and Jim contact us looking for the perfect rental home! They moved from Pensacola Florida to be closer to family in the area. When we met them, we instantly knew that they were the ones we wanted living in our loved home. They moved in on January 6th. We went over that evening when they got into town and helped them unload some of the truck. Ben went the next day while I was at work to help unload the rest. I think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship with this couple!


It’s a bit weird moving someone else into our home. We searched for months for the perfect first home years ago and we have LOVED it since the day we spotted it on the market! It’s a pretty bittersweet thing to do. On one hand, you know you are doing the right thing, you know you have the perfect renters, and you know that you are taking one more step towards your goal. On the other hand, you are going to miss your house and the life you have built there. I just keep telling myself that this is what is right for us, and that we have so many exciting and fun (and challenging) adventures coming!

IMG_6062Along this journey we’ve had to part with some things that are definitely difficult to part with. Take this potty seat for example, we won’t need it on the boat, and really didn’t need to bring it to moms. You wouldn’t think of a potty seat as such a hard thing to get rid of, but for me, it has literally supported Molly’s bottom for the last 3 years. She was toilet trained on this seat. But alas, I can’t scrapbook a potty seat can I? So, we had to say goodbye and we sent it out with the trash (I mean really, who wants a used donated potty seat?).



After we locked in our renters it was time to start packing up the rest of the house. We had already started packing up and moving things up to the building that we were not currently using, like books, summer clothes, most of Molly’s toys, and other sentimental things that we didn’t want to part with. We also packed up some kitchen things that we didn’t necessarily need at this time. But we had a lot left that needed to be boxed and moved up into the building.

Packing          IMG_6023

We also sold our bed and were sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a while. We kinda liked it better than having a huge bed taking up space in the room.



The day after Christmas we MOVED into my Moms. My Moving Mollymom and Jimmy (her hubby) have been so generous to allow us to move into their basement! Even though our renters were not coming until the 6th of January, this was just much easier than trying to live in our house while also trying to pack up and clean. So we packed up everything that we thought we might need at moms and took it over. It took us about 3 or 4 trips to get everything there. The basement also needed to be cleaned a bit, before we could fully move in, so we cleaned up over there before we were able to unpack. Here is Molly in the back with the first load of stuff to take to moms.


At moms we have a nice space downstairs. We have a bedroom which we share with Molly, a bathroom, and a living area. In the living area there is a counter top with a small bar sink and a mini fridge. We eat most dinners as a family upstairs, but it’s nice to have a “mini kitchen” downstairs for breakfast and getting coffee in the mornings before work (also, late night snacks). It’s really nice to have this time spent with family too before we head off. Ben’s parents live pretty close to my moms so it’s nice to be closer to them as well.


Before our renters could move in we had a lot of This is what Molly does while we clean. Play in that needed to be done! After we were moved out and officially sleeping at moms house, and we had everything packed and in the building, we started the task of deep cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, floors and everything in between! Here is a photos of what Molly did while we were working hard! Playing in the leftover cardboard boxes.


Tambi Cleaning







I was on the floor scrubbing the tile, wiping down cabinets, deep cleaning all the appliances, scrubbing toilets, sinks and showers, cleaning kitchen counters and wiping down all the baseboards, walls, and doors for a good four days.



kitchen light



While I was busy doing all that, Ben had the task of
patching up the many nail holes (including drywall puddy, sanding and painting), fixing light fixtures (BIG JOB THERE!), he also had to touch up scrapes along the walls and baseboards with paint, vacuuming and steam cleaning the carpets and so much more!




We had already taken most of the food from our house over to my moms, so while Ben was at the house cleaning while I was at work, he didn’t have much to eat. What he did have was a few cans of Vienna Sausages, beef flavored Ramen noodles, and some cans of pineapples.

In fact, I got this text one day while I was at work.


















We tried selling our TV and Couch on some local for sale sites on Facebook, but we didn’t have any takers for the prices we wanted, plus we were on a pretty tight time crunch. We figured that we would get just as much of a write off for them as we would if we sold them, so we called the Salvation Army and they came right out and took them away. It was a bit sad getting rid of the couch. It kinda has some sentimental value to me. You see, that is where I gave birth to Molly. Yep, right there on the couch. We had a (planned) home birth.



Wednesday, January 6th was the renter arrival day! They were 20160106_125939expected to arrive around 6pm. That day we put the finishing touches on the house. Ben and I went around the house and found any little spot that needed to be touched up with paint, made sure the walls were clean, wiped down the baseboards, cleaned the hardwood floors and did anything else that needed to be done. We wanted it to be perfect for their arrival. And it looked better when we left it than it did when we moved in.

So, what’s next? We will get settled and into a routine at moms and quite possibly start looking for a boat. Right now we are also just trying to work as much as possible and save as much money as we can. We are also trying to spend as much time as we can with friends and family that we will miss dearly while we are gone. We probably won’t see most of our loved ones for the full time we are out sailing unless they make a trip to see us.

This was a big step for us on our adventure, and one that I am happy that has happened. Until next time folks!


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Selling the truck and getting a JOB!

So a few weeks ago, Ben sold his beloved truck! That has always been his dream truck and about a year ago, he finally got it. He loved that truck. But in order for our sailing dream to work, we really don’t need 2 vehicles costing us in insurance and a monthly truck payment when my car is paid off. We already don’t know what to do with my car while we are gone, so having 2 vehicles we don’t know what to do with is unnecessary.





image2 (1)









Also, in October, Ben mentioned that it might be a good idea for me to get a part time job to help out with bills and our boat fund until it’s time to leave. I was thinking it to, but pretty much kept my thoughts to myself because I didn’t think Ben would agree that working is a good use of my time right now. Apparently I was wrong.

I haven’t “worked” at a place of business since the YMCA in our town closed it’s doors in October of 2013. Since then I’ve been working from home with Ben and our business and really just enjoying my time spent with Molly. I had worked at the YMCA since I was 15, and I pretty much worked in every job available there with the exception of aerobics instructor or the CEO. I started out volunteering when I was 13 at summer camps, and when I turned 15, I was offered a job with the afterschool programs. Then I worked summer camps, afterschool and what we called Childwatch (where the parents left their kids while working out). I also worked with our gymnastics program a little. Eventually I worked my way up to Afterschool Director, then Childcare/Summer Camp Director, then over to the Membership Director until it closed. I really enjoyed my job at the YMCA and I miss the people and organizational aspect of running the programs the most.

Moving on to present day, several weeks ago, I started putting out feelers for a part time position. I had a really good offer to work at a CPA full time, but since it’s pretty up in the air about our sail date, the owner understandably didn’t want to hire someone who might quit in 3-6 months. I looked into the local golf club trying to work in their restaurant, but apparently winter is their slow time, and didn’t need anymore help. That one was a real bummer, since the pay is really good, and it’s only working Thursday to Saturday.

Then I saw on Facebook that a local salon was hiring a part time receptionist. SCORE! I can be a receptionist! I was pretty much a glorified receptionist at the YMCA for many years, so it was right up my alley. I turned in my resume, and now I’ve been working at Spa and Salon Anastasia for 2 weeks! I absolutely love this job! I work with some great ladies and the hours are pretty flexible for us being down to one car now. I love working the desk, organizing the schedule and talking to the customers. Also, it’s a business I can really get behind, it’s all organic and natural products are better for you and don’t have all those yucky chemicals in them that regular salons have.

Organic Spa Salon in Toccoa


Me working the Fall Harvest Fest my first week.

Me working the Fall Harvest Fest my first week. Yea, you like that fanny pack don’t you.

Let me tell you, after not working for the last two years, I really have to rewire my brain. It’s been really laid back around our house, and I had plenty of time to do the bills, and run Molly around, go to the gym, do errands, and spend time with my girlfriends. Now I am having to reacquaint myself with fitting all that around a job. Even my sister noticed how forgetful I have been recently and said “what have you done with the planned and organized sister we know and love!” Ha! Well she’s still here, but she’s just lost at the moment! I even totally forgot to pay our cell phone bill! Thank goodness for AT&T’s text alerts and grace period!

Lets hope that I get the hang of working again…. and Ben gets over selling his truck.

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Cleaning up the backyard

So we began cleaning up the backyard a few days ago.

Ben cut up a tree that had fallen over,

8-16-15 (4)

and we cut down a couple other trees that needed to come down.

8-16-15 (3)

We made a very LARGE pile of limbs, pieces of the trunks, and scrap from around the yard.

8-16-15 (8)

And then we lit it on FIRE! What fun! Who’s bringing the marshmallows?

8-17-15 (3)

Then Ben mowed down the high grass and weeds. Looks nice huh?

8-20-15 (6)

Ben also found a frog under the mower. Which Molly says is her new BFF.

8-20-15 (2)

We found a guy who has a racing sailboat on Lake Lanier who said he would show us a little about sailing. We are super excited about it! Stay tuned for photos about our adventure! We go Saturday! Wish us luck!

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Posted by on Thursday, August 13, 2015 in Cleaning out | 0 comments

Items for sale!

Not only have we been dropping LOADS of stuff off at the donation center (see this post: So Much Stuff!), we have been selling things on Ebay.  We’ve sold everything from Ben’s guitar and RC cars to my Beanie Babies (which only got like 10 bucks). After shipping and Ebay costs, we actually lost money on the Beanie Babies. HA!  Most of my items are not things that will sell. My stuff is mostly items that belonged to my father or memories from when I was younger.

My wonderful Hubby and the Captain of this Caribbean sailboat adventure has been putting up ads and sending boxes out for days now.

All the money we make from selling our things will go into a savings account that we have set up for our “Boat Fund”. This fund is going to pay for our down payment on a boat, items we will need on the boat, and anything else we may need to purchase for our trip.

Check him out. That’s my man. Working hard.

benworking (1)

benworking (2)

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Posted by on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 in Cleaning out | 2 comments

So much stuff!

So, in the last week we’ve cleaned out the pantry, kitchen, office closet, and my closet. For me this is such a hard task. I am such a sentimental person and if I could, I would keep everything I’ve ever received from anyone who ever mattered to me. That includes the love note from my boyfriend in the 5th grade. (Yes, I found a few of those cleaning out the closet. No, I did not throw them away.)

Here’s a little bit of what goes through my mind as I’m trying to decide what to do with a particular item: I look at the item. If I don’t automatically start to cry from the wonderful memories that it gives me, I will hold it in my hands, look at it, and think do I need this in my life? Will I ever use it? Hopefully (for the sake of our sailboat adventure plans) the answer is no. If i do look at it and automatically start to cry. Then, yep, you guessed it. It’s a keeper.

This here is me sitting in a sea of junk from the office closet.


Check out this gem. I found my “Ya-Ya Sisters” hat in the office closet. Sadly, we took it to the donation center. Ben said, “What little only lady wouldn’t want that awesome hat!”


Today we took our 3rd load of goodies to the donation drop off. There are many benefits of donating your gently used items. Not only are we getting rid of things that one, we don’t need anymore and two, are not worth selling to anyone (like my Ya-Ya hat) we get a HUGE tax deduction at the end of the year for everything we donated to local charities. We will get more out of it by donating it and helping out others than we would if we tried to sell it ourselves.


back of car


I came across this old girl here while cleaning out my closet. My backpack. I’ve had this sucker since the fifth grade. She’s seen better days I can tell you that. We said good bye one last time and I trashed her with a tear in my eye.


Next we have to get everything that we sold out the door! Also, next on the list of things to do is cleaning out the remaining closets in the house, cleaning up the backyard, and organizing my scrapbook room (Yikes!)

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