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Posted by on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 in Blessings, Boats, Frustrations | 10 comments

Frustrations, Blessings, and Boats.

Those are 3 things that go together right?

When I first started this blog, I told myself that I would not only post the good things, I would post the bad things and frustrations as well. So, here we go….

The last few weeks have been challenging, to say the least. If you’ve been following us on our Facebook page, you may or may not have seen where we had a brush with an angry lady who ran a stop sign and got all in a fit of rage about it. Denying that she was at fault, she got away with it and did not get a citation.

We lost our car Sophie. (We lovingly named it many years ago.) She was a good car and we are sad to see her get totaled by the insurance company. While the photos may not look like there was much damage, the whole front end was damaged!  However, this may have been a blessing in disguise. Just a few weeks prior we were discussing what to do with her when we left. Do we leave her with family? Sell her to someone here in town? Try to sell her when we get where we are planning on heading out? We couldn’t decide. This answered our question and we got more for her from the insurance company (even after paying the deductible) than we thought we could sell her for.

Then about a week later we had a set back on a possible boat purchase. We were planning to go to North Carolina to view a Pearson 35 we’ve been watching and talking to the owner about. He was giving us a great deal and we thought it might be “the one.” Then a few days before we were set to leave, we get a call about something that was happening with our renters/neighborhood.  I won’t go into details for privacy reasons, but we decided that now wasn’t the time to go possible purchase a boat and have things fall apart at home. We’re just going to wait it out for a couple weeks and make sure things improve. I feel like this is a sign that this just isn’t the boat for us, and that’s okay. There are plenty of boats out there and we will find ours when the time is right.

In fact, just as I’m writing this, less than two weeks later, we have already found a couple of boats that we might like even better. YAY for us!

Let me tell you, boat shopping is way harder than I thought it would be. Each boat is very different and not every boat is perfect. You might find one that has the perfect layout, plenty of storage, but it needs way more work than we are willing to put into it. Or you will find one that is in great shape, has a great engine but the storage is really lacking and the galley is just not a good set up. We even found one boat that we put on the maybe list, but then we learn that the settee in the salon doesn’t make a bed (which is where Ben and I will probably end up sleeping and Molly will be in the V.)  There are just so many things to consider when choosing your floating home! It can be very overwhelming at times!

We are taking is one step at a time, and trying not to rush things. We are so excited and SO ready to get this adventure started, but we don’t want to make the wrong decision and pay for it later. This is a very important purchase. We need to find a boat that will have plenty of storage, an acceptable layout/cockpit and has good solid “parts” (rigging, engine, hull, etc.)

Even though there have been some struggles in this adventure, we will continue to move forward. and are looking forward to the day that we can leave the land challenges behind and gain new perspective and new challenges (and NEW adventures) on the water.

Last Wednesday, Ben and I planned to going sailing on Lake Lanier with Kathy and Doug on their Ericson. Due to an unfortunate Molly meltdown before school, she got to come with us. Which, actually turned out to be a good thing, since Molly has never been sailing before.  It was super windy that day, but we had a great time and Molly loved it! Kathy said she took to it like a pro, and she laughed with excitement when the boat was healed over at 35 degrees. I’d say Molly’s first sailing experience was a success.

Ben and I are going sailing again tomorrow. Stay tuned for more adventure to come!

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