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Posted by on Saturday, September 22, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Florida, Frustrations, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Sailing Westbound Across The Gulf Stream

Watch Episode 67 here!

In this post, we sail our Endeavour 32 westbound across the Gulf Stream towards West Palm, FL.

In this post, we make a big mistake…

…we go back to the States.

Well, that’s my (Ben’s) opinion anyways.

Yes, it’s sad but true. We cross the Gulf Stream from East to West and we wind up back in the land of brown water.

It’s actually a little more complicated than that because it really takes us 2 attempts to safely cross the Gulf Stream. The first time to try it, the swell was just ridiculous once we got 5 miles away from Bimini, so we turned around and spend 1 extra night in the Bahamas. It wasn’t as great as it sounds though because the anchorage was very rolly. Ah well.

The next day we get up and the seas had calmed down. Unfortunately the wind had also disappeared, so a motorboat ride it was as we made the 75 miles crossing from Bimini to West Palm.

Lastly, I hope you can still enjoy the video even though a massive booger is visible during a good portion of the footage.

That’s all.


6.23.17 We got up at 5AM to leave for Florida. Between the wind direction, the waves, and the swell it was so uncomfortable. We just couldn’t continue. We turned around at 7AM.

We didn’t get anchored again until 11:45. We were roaming around Bimini trying to find a place to anchor that wasn’t rolly, or crowded, or right in the channel. It was so super stressful and by the end I was crying. We just had to pick a place to anchor. It wasn’t the best place, but it was all we had, and I was tired of circling.  N 25*43.849 W 79*17.884

I know we’re sitting anchored in this beautiful anchorage and we are so lucky to be here, but I just can’t be here anymore. I am missing my family and friends at home. It’s been such a long 9 months. It’s been such a wonderful 9 months! I can’t believe that this amazing trip is coming to an end, and in a way, I’m perfectly ok with it coming to an end.

We were so tired, and stressed, and wore out we watched two movies today. The first one was Big Hero 6 and the second was Moana.

We’re going to try to make it to Florida again tomorrow.


6.24.17 Today, we got up at 5AM again to try and cross to Florida. Last night I didn’t sleep very well between the swell and the party on the beach it was impossible to stay asleep.

We left for Florida at 5:30, it was a pretty uneventful motor sail back. We made it back to Florida at 3:30. It feels so good to be back in the states!

About an hour and a half before we made it to the inlet we were boarded by the coastguard. They wanted to see the engine compartment and the bilge. They wanted to make sure that our flairs and our fire extinguisher were up to date. They checked all of our storage spaces and wanted to make sure we had all of our paperwork. They also took a peek at our passports to be sure that we were legal.

When we came through the cut we anchored South of Peanut Island. N 26*45.887 W 80*02.831

I called the customs office and we were cleared. Tomorrow, we have to go to the airport and check in, in person. We watched Finding Nemo tonight.

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Posted by on Friday, September 21, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Molly, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Molly’s Bahamian Birthday Aboard A Sailboat

Watch Episode 66 here!

One cool thing about this trip has been that we’ve each been able to celebrate our 2017 birthdays in the Bahamas.

In this post, it’s Molly’s turn. We didn’t have cake mix, so we made up a batch of pancakes, stacked them up in a rough semblance of a cake, covered it with Nutella, and stuck a pink candle in the top.

Molly loved it. She’s so easy to please. 🙂

This post takes place between The Berry Islands and Bimini. We’ve been waiting on the right wind to take us back to the States – and the time has come to sail the 175 miles back stateside.

Bittersweet stuff. Mostly bitter for me, but the girls are looking forward to superfluous things like showers and food that didn’t come from a can.




6.22.17 Today is Molly’s 7th Birthday!! Wow! 7!

We made it to Bimini today. N 25*45.946 W 79*16.317

It was a very long day. Ben and I took turns steering every hour. Sunrise was beautiful. Our buddy boat Zenroots, took a really nice shot of us with the sails up.

Molly and Ben went swimming with Alex and the kids on Zenroots. Then tonight after dinner Molly chose the family movie, we watched Zootopia. There was a beautiful sunset tonight. Getting ready for another long day tomorrow.

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Posted by on Friday, September 21, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Berry Islands, Frustrations, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Manatees And Beaches In The Berry Islands

Watch Episode 65 here!

We go to the beach, we see manatees, we ride in the dinghy, and we eat dinner at The Brown’s Garden, with a French Canadian family. I run around with a couple of boat kids. We fill our water tank with bad water. Tambi does some laundry at one point.

We have a great few days in Great Harbour basin!


6.17.17 Today we had breakfast then went to the beach around 11 or 12ish with the French Canadian family on Zenroots. We had a great time. We also saw two manatees at the marina! We got to pet them! Later on Molly went back to Leo and Charlottes boat to play legos. Ben and I washed dishes then went over ourselves. We had rum and cokes with lime. We all had a great time. Molly and the kids played and the adults talked. They are going to buddy boat with us for the crossings back to Florida.

We came back to the boat right before dark. Molly and I read some of the BFG then we went to bed.

6.18.17 Today is Fathers Day! Molly and I made Ben cards. We went ashore and washed one more load of towels, since I forgot to do them the first time.

After that we let Molly go over to Zenroots to play again. We came back to the boat and realized that we had bad water in our tanks. So very frustrating. The only think we can think that happened, is that we picked up some bad water in Spanish Wells.  We had to drain the entire 50 gallon tank (which we thought was 65, so we learned something new about our boat today!) While the water emptied down the drain, I figured this would be a good time to wash the dishes. After we emptied out, cleaned, and refilled the tank, we went to dinner with Zenroots at a place called The Brown’s Garden. It was very good! There was a really cool sea glass pile in front of the restaurant that we got down in and explored.

6.19.17 Today we hung out on the boat, then we went to the marina for showers and ice cream.

We had ice cream to celebrate Molly’s birthday because we’re not sure where we’ll be on her actual birthday.

Ben and I watched Harry Potter 3.

6.20.17 Moved to the outside of the basin today. N 25*46.019 W 77*53.322

Zenroots is here. Molly and Ben went swimming and Molly got stung by a jellyfish in the left knee pit.

We hung out on Zenroots tonight for some popcorn and fun.

6.21.17 Today we moved to Little Stirrup Cay to prepare for our crossing to Bimini tomorrow.

N 25*49.201 W 77*55.529

I spent the afternoon baking things to get ready for tomorrow. We had birthday pancakes for lunch for Molly.

We went swimming with Zenroots. Then they came over for brownies and popcorn.

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Posted by on Monday, September 17, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Berry Islands, Snorkeling, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

First Shower In 3 Months At Great Harbour Marina

Watch Video 64 here!

In this post, Tambi enjoys the first REAL shower she’s had in 3 months of cruising the Bahamas by sailboat.

Nothing makes you appreciate the little things in life more than doing without them for a while.

Take showers for instance. The overwhelming majority of people enjoy a nice hot shower each and every day.

The shower we enjoyed at Great Harbour Marina, after going without REAL showers for over 90 days, was probably the best shower we’ve ever had.

Alright, that’s enough about showers. What else is in this post…

Oh there’s a plane wreck that we snorkel around for a while. Really cool plane. I think this one had the engines mounted on the wings. Must have been a pretty good sized plane back in the day.

Let’s see – there’s also a good bit of sailing as well.


6.15.17 Today we sailed over to Great Harbour on the west side. N 25*44.935 W 77*51.766

We took a side trip and anchored by the airplane (N 25*45.892 W 77*53.139). We dove on the airplane and it was super cool.

After diving the airplane, we picked up anchor and went into the Great Harbour Basin to anchor.

After anchoring, we met a French Canadian family on their way back to Florida. They have an 8 year old boy named Leo, and a 6 year old girl named Charlotte. The mom’s name is Melissa and the dad’s name is Alex. They are a super sweet family and we can’t wait to spend some more time with them.

We had yummy enchiladas for dinner. Tomorrow, is showers and laundry day!! I am so excited, we haven’t had a real shower since March!

Ben and I watched Harry Potter #2 tonight.

6.16.17 Today we got up and had eggs and muffins for breakfast. Yum! Yum! We went over to the marina and did two loads of laundry. While we were doing laundry, Molly made friends with the ladies that work in the office. One of them shared her lunch with her while the other one set up her laptop so she could watch the new Beauty and the Beast. Haha!

After laundry, we came back to the boat. Leo and Charlotte invited Molly over to play with legos on their boat. While she did that, I did the dishes and made a delicious dinner of sweet potato and butternut squash soup for dinner. We picked Molly up and had dinner. Then we went over to the marina for showers.

The showers were wonderful! Amazing! Outstanding! Ok, I think you get the point. After the showers, we went to the store and got some cold drinks and snacks.

We came back to the boat, and Ben and I watched the rest of HP#2 and Molly watched a movie on the kindle.

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Posted by on Sunday, September 16, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Berry Islands, Snorkeling, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Royal Caribbean’s Coco Cay All To Ourselves

Watch Video 63 here!

Also known as Coco Cay, Little Stirrup is Royal Caribbean’s private cruise ship island. Today we have it all to ourselves.

I suppose this particular destination is the least authentic of all the islands we’ve been to thus far. I say that because, in this video, we spend a couple days anchored off the beaches of Little Stirrup Cap – or as Royal Caribbean calls it – Coco Cay.

Yes, things are a little less authentic here, but it’s still pretty to look at. Just try not to think about the fact that all the perfectly aligned palm trees were shipped in and planted there – or that the underwater snorkeling features are made of concrete. If you can get past that stuff, then Little Stirrup is a pretty cool place to stop.

I will say that it is pretty neat to be able to pick out a beach chair from among the thousands that line the beaches and sit there in absolute solitude.


6.13.17 Made it to Little Stirrup Cay today. It was another bumpy ride. N 25*49.234 W 77*55.606

After getting anchored and settled, we decided to stay on the boat and not go ashore until tomorrow. There is a cruise ship anchored by the island.

6.14.17 Today we went over to little Stirrup Cay  to swim. There was another cruise ship here again today. We snorkeled inside of the roped off area looking at the “shipwreck” and the “plane wreck” put there by the cruise line. After swimming, we went back to the boat and got cleaned up.

After the cruise ship left at 5, we went over to the island and beached the dinghy. We looked around the island. It was deserted. It’s pretty weird to be on “Coco Cay”, Royal Caribbean’s Private Island. Especially since we’ve been here twice before on a cruise. We took some photos and hung out in the chairs a bit.

After that we went back to the boat; Ben did some video editing and I made a delicious creamy spaghetti dinner.

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Posted by on Sunday, September 16, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Berry Islands, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

A Downwind Sail To The Berry Islands

Watch Video 62 here!

We weigh anchor and sail 52 miles dead downwind from Egg Island all the way to Hoffmans Cay in the Berry Islands.

This may be the shortest video we’ve ever made, but I hope the effort that went into it is apparent. Basically all the footage ended up being really windy and splashy which hurt the audio… so I made a music video out of it. 🙂

In this video you’ll see our 52ish mile crossing from Egg Island to Hoffmann’s Cay – or from Eleuthera to the Berry Islands. Not a bad trip. Dead downwind all the way. It’s times like these that I kinda wish we hadn’t ditched our whisker pole, but at the same time, I still don’t think it would have been worth hauling it around for the 2-3 times it would have come in handy.

Yes Sir – headed back to the States now. Bitter sweet and mixed emotions – especially for yours truly, Skipper Ben.

6.12.17 Headed to the Berry Islands today. We got up at 6:30 this morning and left Egg at 7. We made it to Hoffmans/Fowl Cay at 3:00. Molly and I took small amounts of motion sickness pills all day. It was a bumpy ride, but no one got sick! N 25*36.829 W 77*44.221

Ben and Molly went swimming, and I took a nap.

Also, on the way to the Berry Islands, Molly threw out her message in a bottle. Somewhere around

N 25*30.942 W 77*11.442.

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