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Posted by on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 in Florida, ICW Travel, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

When a No-see-um Swarm Attacks

Watch Episode 71 here!

In the Florida ICW swamp, a No See Um swarm descends upon our sailboat and her crew. A horrible night ensues.

2 of the absolute worst nights we’ve experienced has been caused by something roughly the size of a poppy seed. Of course, there are millions of them, they sneak into the boat through tiny cracks, and they feast on your flesh while you sleep…

I’m referring to the dreaded NO SEE UM!

Yes indeed, what a horrible little insect.

We do, in fact, have specially designed screens on our boat that are supposed to protect us from insects. The screens do an excellent job of keeping mosquitos away, but they’re simply no match for the minuscule size of the no see um… they slip right though the screens.

Since the screens are of no use, what we have to do is physically close up every single orifice in any way we possibly can. This practice is actually very effective at keeping no see ums out of the boat, however, it’s also equally effective at keeping oxygen out. DOH!

So in this post you’ll see us suffering through a no see um attack, and you’ll also get to see us traveling about through Daytona Beach and a few other spots as well.

Then, the cherry of the video… you’ll experience first hand one of Tambi’s hidden talents. She can actually tie a knot in a cherry stem using nothing more than her tongue. Ohhhhh mama!


7.8.17 Today we stopped in New Smyrna. N 29*00.906 W 80*54.728

We watched part of the Incredibles movie with Molly. Then we had an ATTACK of no-see-ums! They were crazy and they were everywhere!! So annoying. Luckily, it rained today, so it wasn’t too hot. We had to completely close up the boat and tape it shut to keep the annoying little monsters out.

7.9.17 We made it to Daytona today. N 29*11.947 W 81*00.337

We went ashore to walk around and get lunch. Lunch was super good. Molly also hid a rock that had a sunshine on it. Apparently it’s a new fad to hide rocks around places for people to find. Molly likes it, so why not? Ben and I watched Harry Potter number 6 tonight.

7.10.17 Today we anchored by Fort Matanzas. N 29*42.986 W 81*14.463

There was some rain and thunderstorms today. We could not get our anchor to grab. We kept dragging anchor and it took us a few tries to get it really dug in.

7.11.17 We anchored in Shell Bluff Landing today. But first we stopped at the St. Augustine fuel dock and we got fuel and water. We met a great guy named Steve.

N 30*00.195 W 81*20.302

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