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Posted by on Thursday, August 2, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Exuma Islands, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Waiting on the Wind at Allens Cay

Watch Video 50 here!

“Allen’s Cay” is a group of 3 islands that are just North of Highborne Cay in the Exumas. Honestly, there’s not much here aside from the local group of iguanas that roam the island. Well, that’s not true – there’s also a beach shack and the ruins of an old Chic-Fil-A.

Well also check out that old Chic-Fil-A that I told you about. It’s amazing how quickly such a nice establishment can go to waste once abandoned. What a shame… these islands could use a spicy chicken sammich every once in a while.

There’s also a cool mini beach hut on the East side of the island. No idea how it got there, who built it, of what purpose it serves, but it’s so cool! You wouldn’t want to weather a hurricane there, or even sleep over night because of the mosquitos – but it’s PERFECT for a quick photo!

Finally, the reason we’re hanging out at Allen’s Cay in the first place is because we are waiting for the wind to change directions so that we can cross the Exuma Sound and make it over to Eleuthera. Well, until then, it’ll just be us, iguanas, ruins, Chic-Fil-A, and a beach hut.

4.20.17 Moved to Allens Cay and Leaf Cay today, just north of Highbourne Cay. N 24*44.818 W 76*50.270

There are a lot of iguanas here. Molly held class with her ponies today. Ben and I watched a movie tonight.

4.21.17 We went ashore today to see the iguanas and explore the island.

4.22.17 Moved to the North side of Highbourne Cay today to hide from some wind coming in.

N 24*43.629 W 76*49.328

4.23.17 We did some school today so we can sail to Eleuthera tomorrow. We watched Maleficent for family movie night.

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