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Posted by on Thursday, August 9, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Eleuthera, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Ten Bay Beach, Eleuthera

In the last post, I shared video 54, where it begins in Rock Sound and ends with us pulling up the anchor and heading to Ten Bay Beach. In this post I’ll tell you about that sail, and our time spent at Ten Bay Beach. You can watch video 55 here, where we hang out at Ten Bay Beach, and then make our way to Governors Harbour.

5.16.17 In the latter half of episode 54, it shows how we go about weighing anchor and sailing away without the assistance of the engine. It’s not all that hard to do, but requires a bit of forethought, and good communication between the anchor-upper (thats Ben), and the helms-woman (that’d be me). Also, Molly, “The Swabby” takes the helm. Yep – our little Molly can steer the Sandflea, with a little supervision, of course. Ah – they grow up so fast!

We anchor under-sail in Ten Bay Beach after a lovely sail. N 25*07.136 W 76*09.292

Ten Bay Beach is a beautiful secluded beach. There were so many little tiny shells. The only downside, is the time of they day we were there, there were also SO many biting no-see-ums.

Oh the many funny faces of Molly!

I found hundreds of little tiny shells on Ten Bay Beach. They were beautiful!

Keith gave me a lovely box of chocolates for Mother’s Day. Thanks Keith! They were yummy!

Also, there were so many cute starfish!

Another beautiful Eleuthera sunset!

5.17.17 Today we left Ten Bay beach for Governors Harbour. It was another beautiful sail, until the last 30ish minutes, where it began to rain on us. It wasn’t so bad and it kept us cool. We anchored in the harbor (in the rain) and get settled in. We went ashore to see if the immigration office is open because we only have 2 days until our visa’s run out.

We’ve been in touch with Keith’s sister in the immigration office via text and they have been really busy with the boats of Haitians that have landed on the island. She told us that another boat landed in South Eleuthera this morning, so the offices were closed today. She said not to worry if we’re a few days late, that it wouldn’t be a big deal.

There was a mama and baby dolphin that tagged along with us for much of the sail from Ten Bay to Governors Harbour.

We went ashore and took a quick look around Cupids Cay looking for the immigration office.

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