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Posted by on Sunday, September 16, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Eleuthera, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Spanish Wells Has Papa Scoops Ice Cream

Watch Video 61 here!

Spanish Wells! Land of fishing boats, golf carts, Papa’s Scoops, and bad anchorages.

We spent exactly 1 day exploring Spanish Wells. It’s a pretty chill place. Yeah, golf carts are the primary mode of transportation around the island. They’re everywhere!

Also, the price of food is the closest to the USA that we have experienced anywhere in the Bahamas.


6.10.17 I had a hard time sleeping- well getting to sleep I guess. It was 5:00 AM before I fell asleep. Ben got me up at 7 because we were dragging anchor and we needed to get over to Spanish Wells to get stuff done. So only 2 hours of sleep is all I got. Man coffee was SO good today! I feel exhausted and sick from no sleep, but the day must go on. I will definitely make sure to go to sleep early tonight. We moved over to Spanish Wells. N 25*32.752 W 76*44.540

As soon as we got settled, we went ashore and dropped off the trash and got diesel. Then we walked to the grocery store. It was very nice. Even better stocked thank Rock Sound. After we got done with groceries, the propane guy picked us up in his golf cart. Everyone has a golf cart here in Spanish Wells! He took us to his house and filled our propane tank, then he kindly drove us back to our dinghy. Grommet left us a gift at the dock they were staying at. Oreos, SO HAPPY! After shopping, we came back to the boat, had lunch, and put the groceries away. After that we decided to go back to town to walk around. We walked through town looking at boats, houses, and in the little shops.

We got back to the boat for dinner. We were going to go get ice cream at Papa’s Scoops, but they are only open from 7:30-10 PM and closed on Sundays. At least that’s what their Facebook says, but a sign at their store said open after church. So… we decided to go out to dinner and get ice cream tonight instead of tomorrow. We went to dinner and had a great meal! Then it wasn’t quite 7:30 yet so we walked to the beautiful pink sand beach. At 7:30 we got our ice cream and walked back to the dinghy in ice cream heaven. That ice cream is so yummy and creamy! We got back to the boat and I was in bed by 9. It’s been a long busy day on only 2 hours of sleep. Hopefully I won’t be doing that again any time soon.

Also, Ben has decided not to sleep in the v-berth anymore. Haha! He says its way too hot in there so he’s sleeping out on the starboard settee.

6.11.17 Today we moved to the beautiful Egg Island. It’s so magnificent here. I’m sure the photos won’t do this place justice! N 25*29.761 W 76*53.210

Molly and Ben went swimming and explored the beach a bit today. We got the boat ready to travel to the Berry Islands tomorrow. When they got back we had dinner and showered.

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