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Posted by on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 in Cleaning out | 2 comments

So much stuff!

So, in the last week we’ve cleaned out the pantry, kitchen, office closet, and my closet. For me this is such a hard task. I am such a sentimental person and if I could, I would keep everything I’ve ever received from anyone who ever mattered to me. That includes the love note from my boyfriend in the 5th grade. (Yes, I found a few of those cleaning out the closet. No, I did not throw them away.)

Here’s a little bit of what goes through my mind as I’m trying to decide what to do with a particular item: I look at the item. If I don’t automatically start to cry from the wonderful memories that it gives me, I will hold it in my hands, look at it, and think do I need this in my life? Will I ever use it? Hopefully (for the sake of our sailboat adventure plans) the answer is no. If i do look at it and automatically start to cry. Then, yep, you guessed it. It’s a keeper.

This here is me sitting in a sea of junk from the office closet.


Check out this gem. I found my “Ya-Ya Sisters” hat in the office closet. Sadly, we took it to the donation center. Ben said, “What little only lady wouldn’t want that awesome hat!”


Today we took our 3rd load of goodies to the donation drop off. There are many benefits of donating your gently used items. Not only are we getting rid of things that one, we don’t need anymore and two, are not worth selling to anyone (like my Ya-Ya hat) we get a HUGE tax deduction at the end of the year for everything we donated to local charities. We will get more out of it by donating it and helping out others than we would if we tried to sell it ourselves.


back of car


I came across this old girl here while cleaning out my closet. My backpack. I’ve had this sucker since the fifth grade. She’s seen better days I can tell you that. We said good bye one last time and I trashed her with a tear in my eye.


Next we have to get everything that we sold out the door! Also, next on the list of things to do is cleaning out the remaining closets in the house, cleaning up the backyard, and organizing my scrapbook room (Yikes!)


  1. You guys are at such an exciting part of your cruising journey – getting ready to leave a life on land for one on the water! It’s thrilling and nerve-wracking at the same time. All the best in your search for a boat. Looking forward to following along with you guys as you become full-time cruisers. Cheers – Ellen

    • Thank you Ellen! We are very excited about our new life adventures and all the new friends we hope to make along the way! There is still so much to learn and do, but we are moving forward towards our goal everyday!

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