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Posted by on Monday, August 3, 2015 in Telling People | 0 comments

A conversation between 3 sisters

So, we’re home from our anniversary vacation. As you read in our last post, we spent most of the weekend talking about our new Caribbean sailboat adventure, making lists of things we don’t know about and need to learn about, lists of all the things we think we will need or want on the boat, and lists of the MANY things to do at home to get prepared.

I also told my sisters about our plans today. It kinda went something like this:

Me: So, Ben and I have decide something, I wanted you two to be the first to hear it.

Sister 1: Baby time?

Sister 2: ?!?!?!?! Yes yes

Sister 1: Baby timeeeeeeeeeee!

Me: Haha. Not baby time.

Sister 1: No?

Sister 2: Awee man

Me: Far from it actually. Lol.

Sister 1: Your moving?

Me: This is going to sound really crazy.

Sister 2: Lol spill it already!

Sister 1: You’re moving!?! To Savannah.

Sister 2: Oh lord please no.

Me: We’ve decided that we want to sell a lot of our belongings, rent out our house and travel around the Caribbean in a sailboat.

Sister 2: What?! Are you serious!!

Me: For about a year.

Sister 1: Whoa, I’m kind of in shock

Sister 2: Me too!! It would be fun though!


So there you have it. I have a feeling that most people won’t believe us at first. We’re going to have to prove to them that we are really serious about it and we’re going to do what we say we’re going to do. We are pretty good at following through with our plans. My mother-in-law always compliments me on how good I am at making my To-Do lists or my “planning” lists and how I actually do whats on them. I am definitely a planner and list maker!

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