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Posted by on Monday, August 6, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Eleuthera, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Sailing to Rocksound, Eleuthera and Exploring

Watch video 51 here and video 52 here!

We tried sailing from the Exumas to Eleuthera, but FAILED.

There are so many variables with sailing. So many things than can change for the better – or for the worst. Depending on the size of your boat and your experience level, the extent that these variables affect you can vary tremendously.

Take our crossing from Highborne, Exumas to Rock Sound, Eleuthera for example. We had been very patient indeed to wait for the wind to shift to a direction and strength that were favorable for us to sail to Eleuthera. Unfortunately, patience alone doesn’t guarantee you a reliable and comfortable passage.

We wanted wind from the South and for wave height of no more than 3-4 feet. We watched the weather until it seemed that our day had arrived. What did we get?

We got almost 0 wind and waves of 6-8 ft… and that’s how it goes.

So, when that kind of thing happens, you have 2 choices: 1) Press on. 2) Turn back.

We opted for choice #2.

All is not lost though. The following day, the conditions changed. Still, there was almost 0 wind, but at least the wave height had lowered tremendously to only 2-3 feet. Fine, we’ll take it! A motorboat ride it is.

The next day, we safely get our sailboat anchored in the protected harbor of Rock Sound in Eleuthera. You could weather most frontal systems here, but you would need to move around a bit to stay close to the weather shore.

It was strange arriving here after being in the Exumas for months. Eleuthera has tall trees and roads – with CARS! Seriously, it was a bit of a shock to see these things after going without seeing them for so long in the small cays of the Exumas.

So this post is a story of turning back, waiting, and ultimately making it to your destination even though the conditions we were waiting for never did actually materialize… and that, in large part, is cruising. We also¬†settle into Eleuthera life. It’s good to be back around more convenient resources, that’s for sure!

4.24.17 We left for Eleuthera today. We got an hour out and had to turn around. The wind wasn’t right, the swell was huge, and we were very uncomfortable. We anchored back by SW Allens Cay. N 24*44.655 W 76*50.367

Ben and I watched a movie tonight.

Headed out early towards Eleuthera. Then we had to turn around. Molly entertains herself with Legos while underway.

After we got back to Allens Cay, Ben went for a snorkel. He found a lot of conch shells.

Also, do you think we anchored a bit shallow? Nah, me either.

4.25.17 We left for Eleuthera again this morning and guess what!? We made it! We anchored in Rocksound.

N 24*51.715 W 76*50.367

Also, guess who we anchored next to? Totem! Behan is in Annapolis for the boat show but she said we should still stop by to say hi. So we did. It was great to meet Jamie and the kids and we can’t wait for Behan to get back to meet her too.

Left for Eleuthera again today. It was a much better day! Also, there were dolphins!

We anchored next to Totem!! There was such a beautiful sunset tonight!

4.26.17 Today we went to the grocery store. It was so great! That grocery store was amazing! It had aisles, and a frozen food section, and a wall of cheese! Also, there was air conditioning!! The first AC we’ve felt since January! Wow it was great! At the store, we met a man named Keith who works there. We got to talking and he was asking me where we were from and when I told him Toccoa, he said “Aww, yes, I know Toccoa!” I was shocked! He lived in Atlanta for many years.

After we got groceries, we went to town. We walked around, went to the Blue Sea Horse for coffee and internet. Then we walked to the ocean hole. Ben jumped in and swam with some local kids. When we got back to the boat, we had yummy tacos for dinner! We had a great first day in Eleuthera, and can’t wait to spend more time here.

What an amazing grocery store!

Molly is just so happy to be here! After we get back from the grocery store, I do the inventory.

If you’re ever in Rocksound, Eleuthera, you should definitely check out The Blue Seahorse.

Ben jumped into the Ocean Hole with the local kids.

This kid LOVES tacos!

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