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Posted by on Friday, August 26, 2016 in Boats, YouTube Videos | 2 comments

Sailboat Search in Washington, NC

July 25-28, 2016

This trip has been a difficult one. Probably the worst trip I’ve ever taken. It was hot, sweaty, and just all-around discouraging.

You can view the video here. . . 

It began with what we thought would be a 6 hour drive and ended up being a 10 hour drive. Good thing we left at 5 in the morning or else we would have been getting in very late.

As soon as we got to town, we drove straight to the boat. We were pretty excited! It looked so good sitting there at the end of a beautiful dock surrounded with tall grass at the edge of the river. We thought at that moment isn’t this perfect? We walked up to the boat, climbed aboard, and started digging around. We opened her up and took a look inside. She looked pretty clean compared to what we’ve seen so far. Ben stepped down inside and immediately felt a soft cabin sole. He went topside to feel around and the bow felt like he was standing on a trampoline. “Solid as a rock” the ad said. Really? We drove 10 hours in the heat with no a/c for this? Feeling very frustrated we left the boat and didn’t even look back. What now?

We went to our hotel and checked it. After dinner at a Mexican restaurant we went swimming and then did some boat recon and tried to find something else to look at while we were here. We decided that the best thing would be to drive the 5 hours to Charleston to see if there is anything we can dig up there, since it was on the way home again.

When we got to the outskirts of Charleston, we still hadn’t found a hotel. This was a very difficult task. Everything was booked unless we wanted to pay $200 a night. We found a budget hotel and booked it, when we got there we realized it was a sketchy place where there were a lot of weirdos living. We were not going to stay here. We cancelled our reservation, spent the next 20 minutes on the phone with trying to get a refund. We finally found a Relax Inn with one room left. It wasn’t the best place we’ve ever stayed, but it wasn’t the worst either. We showered, got some dinner and went to bed.

On Wednesday, we drove the 20 minutes to Charleston. Trying to find the Charleston City Marina, Agnes the GPS had us lost in the ghetto. When we finally got ourselves out, we found our way to the Marina. We walked around the marina for about an hour, found three boats for sale, all too big or way out of our price range. We decided to call it a day and head back to the motel.

We were sweaty, tired, and frankly not doing so good. We were frustrated with ourselves, each other, and the boat search all together. We got back to the hotel, showered, and spent the next three hours taking a time out. Ben searched for boats, I read the last half of Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets while Molly watched cartoons. We went to dinner, then went to bed. We were done with this trip and ready to go home.

We got up at 7, packed the car, had a wonderful breakfast at IHOP and drove the last 4 hours home.

Looks like we’ll be taking another trip as soon as we recuperate, and locate some more boats to check out. Until next time when we go to Maryland and have a great time! Fair winds friends.


  1. We feel the pain. It took us about 4 years to find Cream Puff. Don’t give up!!! The right boat is out there waiting for you.

    Mark and Cindy
    sv Cream Puff

    • Thank you Mark and Cindy! We know the right one it there somewhere! So excited to find it soon!

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