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Posted by on Sunday, September 16, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Berry Islands, Snorkeling, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Royal Caribbean’s Coco Cay All To Ourselves

Watch Video 63 here!

Also known as Coco Cay, Little Stirrup is Royal Caribbean’s private cruise ship island. Today we have it all to ourselves.

I suppose this particular destination is the least authentic of all the islands we’ve been to thus far. I say that because, in this video, we spend a couple days anchored off the beaches of Little Stirrup Cap – or as Royal Caribbean calls it – Coco Cay.

Yes, things are a little less authentic here, but it’s still pretty to look at. Just try not to think about the fact that all the perfectly aligned palm trees were shipped in and planted there – or that the underwater snorkeling features are made of concrete. If you can get past that stuff, then Little Stirrup is a pretty cool place to stop.

I will say that it is pretty neat to be able to pick out a beach chair from among the thousands that line the beaches and sit there in absolute solitude.


6.13.17 Made it to Little Stirrup Cay today. It was another bumpy ride. N 25*49.234 W 77*55.606

After getting anchored and settled, we decided to stay on the boat and not go ashore until tomorrow. There is a cruise ship anchored by the island.

6.14.17 Today we went over to little Stirrup Cay  to swim. There was another cruise ship here again today. We snorkeled inside of the roped off area looking at the “shipwreck” and the “plane wreck” put there by the cruise line. After swimming, we went back to the boat and got cleaned up.

After the cruise ship left at 5, we went over to the island and beached the dinghy. We looked around the island. It was deserted. It’s pretty weird to be on “Coco Cay”, Royal Caribbean’s Private Island. Especially since we’ve been here twice before on a cruise. We took some photos and hung out in the chairs a bit.

After that we went back to the boat; Ben did some video editing and I made a delicious creamy spaghetti dinner.

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