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Posted by on Saturday, April 27, 2019 in Boat Projects, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Poli Glow and Sail Ready!

November 2-8, 2018:

Watch Episode 90 here!

Watch Episode 91 here!

FINALLY, after over a year of waiting and working, it’s time to splash the boat. The travel-lift raises Sandflea from her stands and slowly rolls her over to the water.

The boat is lowered to the water, checked for leaks, and then we commence with stepping the mast back onto the boat.

I was SOOOOOOOO nervous as the mast was being lifted above the boat with the crane! I had spent so much time and effort trying to get all of my measurements just right when I was replacing all of the standing rigging, and it all came down to a single very moment where I would know if I had done everything right.

Turns out that the mast went up without any problems at all.

Wow, Ben… you sure do know your stuff. Excellent work, Ben!

From here, there’s still a bit of prep work to do before we can actually depart, so we don’t waste anytime getting busy with our final projects.

New adventures await!

So, we tune the standing rigging with a Loos tension gauge, we get a new spray dodger, and we also discover an impromptu boat project that MUST be completed before we can sail.

This was our LAST boat work trip. The next trip we make to the boat will be to load up and GO SAILING!


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