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Posted by on Friday, January 6, 2017 in ICW Travel, Living Aboard, North Carolina | 1 comment

Pals, Pigs, & Poltergeist In Wrightsville Beach

Alrighty, it’s time to tour Wrightsville Beach! This coastal town is certainly ranks as one of our favorite stops along the Intercoastal Waterway. Nice anchorage, wonderful sunsets, and loads of dolphins.

We make new friends, we see a pig being pushed around in a stroller, and Molly gets to go trick or treating. You won’t believe how much candy she hauls back to the boat! The kid is a candy magnet.

The boat is doing great, we’re doing wonderful as a family, and we have absolutely no regrets of our decision to embark on this sailing adventure. It’s been 100% incredible.


Watch Video 21 here!

10.29 Left early for Wrightsville Beach NC today. N34*12.489 W77*47.935

Homeschool on the boat.

10.30 Today we went ashore and went to the beach twice! We saw a pig in a cart, and went grocery shopping. We spent the evening with Scott and Kitty on their boat.

10.31 Today we went ashore and walked to the pier. Scott and Kitty introduced us to the family on the boat Baila. They have 3 girls ages 13, 10, and 6. We went trick or treating with them. We had a great time!

11.1 We left Wrightsville Beach this morning. We anchored in Dutchman’s Creek. We meet Ron and Mindy from the Cat “Follow Me”. They are a great couple and lots of fun! Molly and Mindy played pirates and Molly and Ron had a water gun fight. Mindy gave Molly a pirate eye patch! N33*55.180 W78*02.648

11.2 Anchored in Little Creek tonight. N33*52.478 W78*34.239

11.3 We left Little Creek this morning. We saw a lot of Hurricane damage on the ICW through Myrtle Beach area. We saw a swam in the water. An airplane flew right over our heads. It was crazy close! We anchored in the Waccamaw River tonight. Nothing here. Beautiful. We took showers on the deck with the solar shower. There were hundreds of mosquitos outside! N33*40.343 W79*04.085

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  1. Regarding your VHF wire problems, your wire is most likely ziptied (as you thought) in a bundle with any other wires that are inside your mast. These can be be replaced with the mast removed and the end cap -may- need to be removed. The ends of the zip ties are normally left untrimmed so that the untrimmed end will push against the inside of the mast. This prevents movement of the wires inside of the mast so that they don’t chafe.

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