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Our Boat


Endeavour 32

S/V Sandflea



Molly’s Quarter-berth

Starboard toward the V-Berth


Port toward the V-Berth



Boat Terms

Bow – The forward part of a boat.

Stern – The rear part of a boat.

Port – The left side of a boat when seen by someone facing the bow.

Starboard- The right side of a boat when seen by someone facing the bow.

Forward – At, toward or near the bow of a vessel.

Aft – Near, toward or at the stern of a ship.

Draft – The vertical distance between the waterline and the deepest part of the keel, usually expressed in feet. The draft of a ship determines the minimum depth of water necessary to navigate without grounding.

Keel – The central longitudinal structural member of a ship to which all the frames, stem and sternpost are fastened.

Galley – The compartment where food is prepared and cooked. Note to lubbers: there is no kitchen on board a ship.

Head – 1) The toilet compartment. 2) The top corner or edge of a sail.

Salon – Public living area on a boat

Berth – A bunk where a seaman sleeps.

Bulkhead – A partition separating areas below, like a wall. 2) Any vertical partition or wall in a ship. (note: there is no such thing as a wall on board ship.)

Spinnaker – A large very lightweight downwind sail.

Jib – A triangular headsail mounted to the headstay.

Mainsail – The principal and largest sail in a sailplan

Mainsheet – The tackle used to control the angle of the mainsail to the wind.

Clew – The lower aft corner of a fore and aft sail.

Tack – The lower forward corner of a fore and aft sail.

Windlass – A geared bit that gives a mechanical advantage when drawing a line taut.

Sheet – A line leading from the lee corner of a sail or the end of a boom and used to control the angle of the sail to the wind.

Halyard – An arrangement of line and blocks employed to hoist a sail or flag.

Mast – A vertical spar on a sailing vessel employed as the support for the sails.

Line – A rope that is engaged in a specific task on board ship, such as a sheet or halyard.

Rode – The line or chain that reaches from a ship to its anchor.


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