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Posted by on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Exuma Islands | 0 comments

Northern Exumas with friends

4.12.17 Rain today… and we cleaned out the composting toilet.

Moved to Normans Cay today. N 24*36.271 W 76*49.237

After we got to Normans, guess who showed up!? Honeymooner! We thought they’ed be in Cuba by now! After they got settled and had dinner they came over to catch up. They decided not to go to Cuba. They left Black Point today, heard us on the radio with Bali Ha’i and followed us here! There was a beautiful rainbow in the sky when we anchored.

Ben and I watched Star Wars episode 6 tonight.

4.13.17 Today we went to Lobster Cay with Bali Ha’i and Honeymooner. N 24*40.287 W 76*49.339

We did some school and then went snorkeling/fishing. After that we went back to the boat and prepared rice and the yellow snapper Ben caught. Sarah made the lobster and also cooked Jeff’s catch, and a lion fish. We all met on Honeymooner and had a great dinner. We really enjoyed hanging out together!

4.14.17 Moved to Highborne Cay today. N 24*42.572 W 76*49.567 We stayed on the boat tonight, there is another cold front coming in tonight.

4.15.17 Today we stayed on the boat. We made bread, did a load of dishes, read the Easter story in Molly’s Bible. It was a nice lazy Saturday! We had a delicious dinner too!

4.16.17 Today is Easter Sunday, and we went to shore. We gotĀ diesel fuel, then we went to the grocery store. After the grocery store we went to lunch at the Xuma restaurant with Jeff and Katina from Bali Ha’i. There are some beautiful flowers by the marina. After lunch we got ICE CREAM and took it back to the boat!! Ben and I watched Star Wars Episode 7.

4.17.17 We had a delicious breakfast this morning then we moved the boat a few hundred feet North.

N 24*43.119 W 76*49.818

This afternoon we went snorkeling with Honeymooner. Tonight we all got together on Bali Ha’i and had an amazing dinner! I made red beans and rice, Katina made chicken bites and bread, Sarah made sushi and potatoes. It was all so YUMMY! We really enjoyed spending time with all of them. We will miss them a lot when we all have to separate.

4.18.17 Today Andrew and Sarah on Honeymooner left for Nassau to start the trip back to the states. We cleaned up the boat and Jeff and Katina came over after dinner to hang out before they leave tomorrow. We will miss them and Honeymooner a lot!

4.19.17 Today Jeff and Katina left for Nassau to start their journey back to the states. After lunch Ben, Molly and I went to the beach. It was a nice relaxing afternoon. We came back to the boat and had tacos for dinner. We watched Brave and had a family movie night.

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