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Posted by on Wednesday, November 23, 2016 in Boat Projects, Maryland, Moving, YouTube Videos | 3 comments

Moving aboard SV Sandflea!

Watch Video 16 here!

When we got home, we got started right away with all the last minute things that needed to be done. We had two weeks left until we were leaving our little town of Toccoa, Georgia for good (or until we get tired of cruising.)

We ordered every last minute thing that we needed to order from Amazon like flags, portable electronic chargers, water containers, ICW charts, and so much more. Those two weeks were like Christmas everyday! We also went shopping for all of the food we might need for the next month or so. We then took things out of bags and boxes and put them in hard plastic containers, we took the labels off of the cans and wrote the contents on the top.

We organized our stuff into keep, take, and toss piles, packed up everything that we were leaving in a closet at my moms house and then we cleaned the basement. We canceled things we didn’t need anymore and we ported my phone number to Google so that I would still have it when we return and not have to pay for 2 phones when we only need one. Now my phone is only good for Wifi.


I also got to work sewing all 6 of the settee cushions, the curtain for Molly’s bed, the curtain for the closet, the pillow cases, the napkins, and the cover for the anchor locker in the v-berth. We also bought a king size blanket, cut it and I sewed the edges to make two blankets, one for each of our beds.

Then, one of the last things we did before we left was have our Sail Away Party. It was so bittersweet. We are so excited to move into the next step of our adventure, but it’s so hard to say goodbye to such good friends and family! We will miss them all so much. We will still be able to keep in touch, but it’s just not the same as being able to see them, and hug them and spend time talking to them face to face.

We left bright and early on Wednesday Sept 28 with our rental truck packed, 95% empty. We drove all the way to Maryland, no overnight stop in Virginia this time. It was a LONG drive.  It also rained through all of Virginia and Maryland.

When we finally got to the boat (still on the hard in the work yard), we started to unload some of our things. It felt so good to be back on our boat. It feels like home already.

Around dinner time, Aras (the nice guy we met on our last day here when we were working on the boat last time we were in Maryland) picked us up in his truck and took us to dinner. He also let us stay the night on his boat, and boy was the wind blowing tonight!! It was so windy and rainy.


The next day, we had coffee and breakfast with Aras on his boat, and then he dropped us back off at our boat on his way to work.  We continued to fill it up with our stuff. We decided to wait until tomorrow to put her in the water, since it was still pretty windy and rainy. It rained all day while we were working. We drove the rental truck back to Aras’ boat to stay another night (because our boat was still on the hard and pretty much a MESS!) When we got there, Aras had a great looking dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread prepared for us! It was even more windy and rocky tonight than it was last night!

Friday morning, we woke up and had coffee with Aras and then went back to the boat for more organizing. We also put the boat into the water today! It was a great day! The boat is starting to come together and get organized. We went to dinner again with Aras tonight. Tonight was the FIRST night we slept on our boat!

Next post you will get to see our first few days on board in the water!


  1. Great & lovely family, great devotion, great mom & dad, on Great Bridge. Any chance on sailing up the Savannah to Toccoa? What a great surprise that would be to family & friends!And so interesting to us viewers. Looking for Episode 22. Thanks for all the videos.
    Eddy & gladys


    • Thank you Eddy & Gladys!

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