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Midas Cast Aluminum Cookware Set

I am in love with this set of pans guys! They are very light cast aluminum and they have a ceramic nonstick coating. The nonstick coating is really nonstick. I have never had anything get stuck and I have (yet) to burn anything in them. Our set is a beautiful blue color. The set comes with two lids for using when cooking, and two lids for using the pans to store leftovers in. Which is perfect for us, we just throw on the lid and leave it on the stove for lunch the next day. This set has one removable handle that you can use on any of the pans. All of the pans nest nicely together for easy storage in a small space. It even came with some felt pieces that you can put in between the pots when you put them away. I am so glad that we chose this set over some of the more expensive nesting sets that we were originally looking at. While I’m sure they work just as good, and nest just as nicely, I just love the look and feel of this particular set.

We purchased our set on Amazon. Amazon no longer sells this product (that I can find), but I did find them on other websites and I’ll link them below.

Wayfair: Midas 9 piece cookware set

Walmart: Midas 9 piece cookware set

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