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Posted by on Friday, August 11, 2017 in Bahamas Anchorages, YouTube Videos | 2 comments

Miami To Bimini To Mackie Shoal To Great Harbour

Watch Video 33 here!

The time has arrived. Now, instead of making progress South down the protected waters of the Atlantic ICW, we must turn our little ship East, and head out into the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

In this video, we leave the USA, we check in at Bimini, we spend the night anchored on Mackie Shoal, then we finish up at Great Harbour in the Berry Islands… just in time for a monster cold front to hit us.

Fun stuff.

Oh, and get this… there’s sailing in this video.

Sailing you say?? You heard right! We raise those white triangle-shaped pieces of cloth of begin making miles, not with the power of a diesel engine, but by that incredible, invisible force that has propelled ships over the horizon for thousands of years… wind.

1.19.17 Today we got up at 4 Am. I hardly slept last night because I was so nervous and excited about today, 4 AM came way too fast. We pulled up the anchor at 4:30 and were on our way. The sunrise over the ocean was beautiful. It was really weird to totally lose sight of land in our own little boat. The crossing was pretty good. We had some wind, but it was pretty much from in front of us the whole time, so we were motoring the entire way. I was afraid of getting sick, so I took some motion sickness meds that then made me really tired. Molly played down in the cabin for most of the trip. We let her sleep and she didn’t wake up until around 7. She played with her Legos and on the Kindle. She did come out into the cockpit for a bit to see what was going on. At one point, Sarah came over the VHF and said that there were whales to the North of us. We could see when they blew water out of their spouts and I (Tambi) saw one of their tales come out of the water. It was pretty cool. They were too far away for any photos or video though. It was pretty uneventful, except for the whales and when one of our Luci Solar Lights fell overboard and we turned around and had to scoop it out of the ocean with the net.

We made it to Bimini at 1:30. Ben and Andrew went ashore and got us all checked in. It is so beautiful here! We made it! It’s so exciting! Ben got in the water and cleaned about half of the bottom of the boat. Molly jumped in for a few seconds and then decided that it was too cold so she got out. There was also a pretty ripping current going through there. We were just hanging out and a police boat came by and asked all the anchored boats to move because larger boats needed to be able to get in. We really weren’t in an “anchor” spot, so we had to go. We moved to another anchorage right outside of the Bimini inlet. We will stay here tonight and will be moving to Mackie Shoal tomorrow. Moved from N 25*43.648 W 79*17.608 to N 25*43.309 W 79*18.301

Sunrise over the Atlantic

We just CAN’T believe how blue this water is!

Molly is ready to swim!

Our first sunset in the Bahamas!

1.20.17 Moved to Mackie Shoal today on the Grand Bahama Banks. We sailed a lot today. It was kinda choppy and we were heeled over a lot and I (Tambi) did not do very well, I felt super seasick. Also, it’s really weird to be anchored out with no land in sight.

N 25*40.061 W 78*38.822

1.21.17 We left Mackie Shoal today to get to Great Harbour. On our way we passed an island (Little Stirrup Cay), it looked REALLY familiar and there was a cruise ship anchored out next to it. As we got closer, we realized that it’s CoCo Cay, Royal Caribbean’s private island and we have actually been there on a cruise! It’s so weird to be seeing this on our own boat! On our way to Great Harbour, I got pretty sick today. It’s really been difficult to enjoy myself when I feel like this. Hopefully after time, I will get my “sea legs”. Ben was amazing! He did most of the sailing today by himself. We sailed 100% today, for 9 hours. It was such a relief to get anchored.

N 24*44.812 W 77*50.589

How weird is it to wake up in the middle of nowhere?

Sunrise over Mackie Shoal


  1. Ahoy,

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    We are down in Grenada this hurricane season. It is very hot and humid. Carnival starts this week so it about to get very loud.

    Mark and Cindy
    sv Cream Puff

      We are doing great. Currently we are at a marina in Green Cove Springs, Florida, going back and forth between here and Georgia every 2-3 weeks. So glad to hear from you guys and glad you made it to Grenada safely! Keep in touch guys! 🙂

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