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Posted by on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 in Boat Projects, Living Aboard, Maryland | 0 comments

Mast Climbing and Fun Times!

We’ve officially started making progress South!

So many things to learn along the way. It’s amazing all of the little skills that need to be acquired in order to become competent and safe sailors – but we’re chipping away a bit each day and becoming more and more capable as things progress.

Beautiful sights. Sunrises, sunsets, and everything in between has become beautiful in it’s own unique and individual way. So much life and energy out there on the water.

Watch Video 18 here!

10.9 Today I worked on the blog, and Ben uploaded a video to YouTube with the Casa Rio wifi. We went for a 3 mile (round trip) walk to a little convince store for some things we were getting low on (IE: RAVIOLI). We invited Aras over for dinner tomorrow before we leave on Tuesday.

10.10 Today Molly and I did Homeschool and Ben worked on the next video. He also went up the mast today! He was pretty scared. Molly and I thought it was funny. We had Aras over for dinner tonight to say goodbye and thank you for all his help. We rowed over to the Casa Rio Marina again for showers before we leave tomorrow!


10.11 Today, we woke up, had breakfast and got ready to head out. We left the dock around 9:30 and we went south for about 6 hours. We anchored in Hill Point tonight and head out tomorrow morning for Solomans Island. N 38*33.157′ W 76*17.043′


10.12 Today we headed out for Solomans Island, where we anchored for the night. We took a dingy ride over to a dingy dock at the hotel and walked to the grocery story, West Marine and had BurgerKing for dinner. N 38*20.317′ W 76*27.583


10.13 Tonight we anchored in Glebe Creek. It was a beautiful spot. Beautiful sunrise and sunset. Crossed into Virginia today! N 37*59.536′ W 76*29.005

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