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Posted by on Sunday, August 23, 2015 in Learning to sail | 2 comments

Learning to sail!

Yesterday we went out on our first ever sailing trip! Ben met a man online named Ed who said he would take us out on his boat on Lake Lanier. His boat is a racing boat, not a cruising boat, but the sailing basics are about the same I guess. Either way, we had a great time!


Our sailing vessel for the day. Ed named her “Lucky”.



Getting the boat into the water.


Look at that beautiful sail!


Ben looks so serious steering the boat. Ed took us out on the water and showed us about finding the direction of the wind and turning the sails into the wind. He told us about apparent wind and true wind (learn more about that here if you’re interested), and how the sails actually work. There is so much stuff to learn. Also, Ben is much better at it than I am, he is proving he will be an excellent captain.


There wasn’t much wind today, but we still had a great time! We did a lot of sitting in the sun and getting tossed around by motor boats. Which Ed called being “Shaked and Baked”, haha.

After we got the boat out of the water, Ed took us down to another marina. We had lunch at the yummy restaurant and walked down a dock with some other sailboats on it. Ed has a lot of knowledge about boats and the different types. He was telling us about which boats are good brands and which ones we should stay away from. He’s a pretty great guy, and he offered to take us out on the water again, which we are pretty excited about.



  1. Ahoy,

    Loved this post – I am also tracking a few storms right now and thinking about how best to prepare..

    I sail my Newport 30 out to Catalina Island as much as possible and am hoping to make the big crossing to Polynesia sooner than later…

    I thought you might be interested in sharing our home page links on each other’s sailing blogs?

    I author a sailing blog that, among other things, provides cruising advice for west coast sailors (distances from Southern California harbors out to the main Channel Island destinations.) There’s also some DIY boat maintenance tips thrown in there.

    This is my home page.

    If you’re interested, I can add a link to your home page on the Captain Curran sailing blog.

    If you like, I can also post your above-mentioned article on my All Things Boat facebook page.

    Thanks a bunch for your consideration.

    Kevin Curran

    • Ahoy Kevin!

      We would love to trade links! I have already added your home page link to our Sailing Resources page! We would also love to have our article mentioned on your facebook page! Thank you for linking up with us!


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