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Posted by on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 in Boats, YouTube Videos | 4 comments

Did We Just Buy A Sailboat?

We did! We did! We did just buy a boat!

We are so excited about this next step!

I’ll tell you a little bit about the most recent trip we took to find “The One”. (Watch the video here.)  We found a boat on Sailboat Listings that looked wonderful, and so perfect. It had everything we wanted in a boat, the only thing we were worried about us was that it was in Maryland. Did we really want to go that far north to buy our boat? We decided to go for it, especially since the search has taken us all over the place, and we hadn’t looked that far North yet. Why not try it right? So we packed up the car, and drove to Maryland.

Pit stop at the Virginia Welcome Center.

Swimming at the hotel in Virginia.

When we got to Maryland, we couldn’t wait to look at the boat, we went straight there. We climbed inside and felt great. It was clean, it appeared to be in great shape, and looked to be well taken care of! 3 things that had been very hard to find for us in the boat search. We were really happy! We spent a few hours checking her out. We looked in all the storage spaces, we looked at all the stuff that was in the lockers that was going to be staying with the boat, we were very thorough to be sure that the hull was in good shape, and we wanted to be sure that there wasn’t anything wrong with her that we couldn’t live with.

After looking at the boat, we found a place to stay, and had a wonderful sunset dinner on the water at the most beautiful place.

That night, after dinner, we got an email from a man who owns an Aloha 34 who we had previously given a verbal offer for his boat. He would not move on his offer then, but now he was ready to take it. We were interested in seeing it, before committing to this Endeavour, the only problem….

IT WAS IN GEORGETOWN, SOUTH CAROLINA! A whole 8 hours from where we were. Did we really want to leave Maryland, and drive all the way to South Carolina just to see this boat? Yes. We wanted to be sure. So we did it. When we got there, we met the owner at his boat. At first sight, it was dirty, needed some work, and full of junk. We went inside and aside from the obvious problems, and MESS that was inside, I was in love. There was so much storage, so much room, and a galley to die for. If you ever find an Aloha 34 in good shape, for a reasonable price. BUY IT. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

We were pretty disappointed when we left the Aloha. As disappointed as we were though, it really made the Endeavour in Maryland look perfect for us. So, we drove BACK to Maryland! Yep, that’s right. Crazy us, but we just had to be sure about this Endeavour before we bought her. When we got there, we went straight back to the boat, climbed aboard, and knew that this was the one. We loved it, and we wanted to make it ours. We negotiated a price with the owner, signed a contract, and gave the broker a deposit.

We left Maryland feeling excited that this was it, and anxious to get the paperwork back telling us that the boat was ours. Just a few days after getting home, we got the signed paperwork and confirmation that she was ours!  We are SO excited and can’t wait until the next step where we go to Maryland and get her ready to go!


  1. OMG – This is freakin’ awesome!!!!

    Congrats. And, on the bright side it is an a great area to learn to sail. The Chesapeake Bay is fantastic (other than the flies and jellyfish).

    As an FYI, get the boat out of Maryland as quickly as possible and make Delaware your homeport (to avoid sales tax due at the time of the close).This will save you 5%

    This link will help you:

    Good luck and we hope the survey and close goes smoothly

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

    • Thank you Mark and Cindy! We are so excited! Right now we are tied up to a dock in Maryland waiting for Hurricane Matthew to pass so we can start heading South!

  2. Freakin’ awesome news – congrats.

    Now you need to get that boat out of MD and save yourself from paying the sales tax. This link my help you decide where to store her until you leave the Chesapeake:

    Good luck with the survey and close. Hope all goes well.

    Mark and Cindy
    sv Cream Puff

  3. Congrats guys on finally finding YOUR boat! Looking forward to the upcoming posts 🙂

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