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Posted by on Thursday, August 13, 2015 in Cleaning out | 0 comments

Items for sale!

Not only have we been dropping LOADS of stuff off at the donation center (see this post: So Much Stuff!), we have been selling things on Ebay.  We’ve sold everything from Ben’s guitar and RC cars to my Beanie Babies (which only got like 10 bucks). After shipping and Ebay costs, we actually lost money on the Beanie Babies. HA!  Most of my items are not things that will sell. My stuff is mostly items that belonged to my father or memories from when I was younger.

My wonderful Hubby and the Captain of this Caribbean sailboat adventure has been putting up ads and sending boxes out for days now.

All the money we make from selling our things will go into a savings account that we have set up for our “Boat Fund”. This fund is going to pay for our down payment on a boat, items we will need on the boat, and anything else we may need to purchase for our trip.

Check him out. That’s my man. Working hard.

benworking (1)

benworking (2)

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