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Posted by on Saturday, March 9, 2019 in Boat Projects, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Installing New Rigging and Hurricane Prep

This post takes place over 3 different trips to the boat. One in March, one in May, and one in June of 2018.

We are getting the boat ready to go on the hard for hurricane season, and repairing the rigging that was damaged in Hurricane Irma.

Watch episode 83 here!

It’s time to replace the 38 year old standing rigging on our Endeavour 32 sailboat.

In this video, Ben will replace the 4 lower shrouds. Those are the wires that run from deck-level, up to the height of the spreaders.

Ever since buying this sailboat, I’ve had thoughts of replacing the standing rigging. The decision was made for me when some of the wires were damaged during hurricane Irma.

This will be the biggest project we’ve tackled yet, and we’ll be doing all of the work ourselves. Well, mostly Ben.

Watch Episode 84 here!

In this post, Molly and I join Ben in Greencove Springs, Florida. We unstep the mast and haul our sailboat out of the water. Then we get to work to prepare her for being on the hard for the next 6 months. 

To prepare Sandflea for hurricane season, we set out ant traps inside and outside the boat, we grease all the jack stands so bugs can’t crawl up them, we set out mouse traps and roach traps as well. We also put out damp-rid bags to keep the moisture at bay so no mold will grow inside while we’re away. We’ve done everything we can think of the keep her in good shape. 

The standing rigging replacement project will continue with the mast down while the boat is out of the water for the hurricane season.

It was our goal to complete the replacement of the standing rigging with the boat in the water. Unfortunately, I reached a point where I was not able to continue the project because the mast could not be effectively secured while upright. Ah… safety first, right?

Oh well – the boat is coming out of the water anyways, so it makes sense to go ahead and pull the mast down and finish the rigging project safely.

Watch Episode 85 here!

In this video, Ben will be installing Sta-Lok rigging terminals. These are great because they are assembled with simple hand tools instead of requiring a swage press.

Replacing the standing rigging on our sailboat is tough. It’s hot, mosquitos are everywhere, Ben’s fingers are bleeding, he nearly gets struck by 2 lightning bolts, and worst of all… his pale body is glistening from an over-enthusiastic application of Avon Skin-So-Soft.

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