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Posted by on Sunday, October 18, 2015 in Rent our house, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

House for Rent and so much more!

So, it’s been about a month since I’ve posted, sorry about that! We’ve been super busy prepping our house for rent and getting started on making our first videos! I’ll give you the rundown on what we’ve been up to!

We’ve gotten rid of and packed up A LOT of stuff in the last few months. Our storage building is starting to look very full and we’ve personally stocked the shelves at the local donation center. A video of the process we’ve made on our building will be up on our Youtube channel very shortly once I put the final touches on it! We’ve carried loads and loads of boxes, stuffed animals, Molly’s toys and keepsakes that we just cant part with, up there and it is no longer looking like the scrapbook oasis it once was. We still need to close in the front of the building to store the larger furniture items and sell Ben’s truck, (know anyone looking for a very well cared for Toyota Tacoma? We’ve got one for sale!)

Molly does her part in the cleaning too.

In prepping our house for rent we did a major cleaning inside and out, top to bottom and took many photos of our house. From the photos, it seams that our house was spotless, clean, and pretty empty, however, that was NOT the case. Haha! We would move everything to one corner take a photo of that side of the room, move everything to the other side and take a photo of that side of the room and so on. We did this for every room! It also took us several days to complete this task. From those photos, I made a slideshow video about our house to show it off to potential renters. We have lived here for about 7 years now. It’s a beautiful home and we want to find someone who will love it just as much as we do! It’s kinda weird to think about someone else living in our house. This is our home and we love it, but it’s necessary to rent it out for us to be able to go on this adventure of a lifetime. Hopefully the person who rents it will take care of it and love it and when (if?) we move back in, it will be like we never left.

Rental in Stephens County Georgia

Our loved home!


Rental in Stephens County Georgia

Living Room


Rental in Stephens County Georgia


Since we posted our house online, we’ve had a lot of interested people, apparently there isn’t much for rentals in our area. At least none that are as beautiful as our home (if I do say so myself) and we’ve already started showing the house! Currently our house is spotless, and we are working very hard to keep it this way. If you have a 5 year old, then you don’t have to guess at how hard that is (plus, my husband would say I am not very good at keeping things tidy either, ha.) Every time I turn around she has something strewn about her bedroom or the living room. Such is life. Things are moving along quickly and soon we will be moving in with my mother and her husband. They are letting us move into their basement (where I lived before Ben and I got married). It’s pretty basic, bedroom, bathroom, living room area and a counter top with a sink and a mini fridge, but it will be perfect for us while we transition. We will share the kitchen upstairs and cooking and cleaning responsibilities. We’ve also told them we will do anything they need done around the house, like fixing the stove or any painting or house updates that might need to be done. My mom has already started making a mental “to-do list” for us. We are so grateful that they are going to let us live with them while we make the transition from our house to our boat. Plus it will be nice to get to spend the time we have left here being close to family and friends.

The first video we’ve published is our Patreon launch video. We are pretty new at this video making thing so please forgive us if it seams a little rough. It feels a bit awkward talking to a camera at first and I’m certain I would never make it in Hollywood. I am not very good at putting myself out there, especially in front of crowds, or people that I don’t really know, so talking to a camera is difficult because I know that it will be on the internet and will be seen by MANY, MANY, MANY people…. did I say MANY yet?  But I’m sure we will get better as time goes on! Our goal is to eventually get some better video editing software instead of a free version we found online and some nicer video equipment so that future videos have better video and sound quality.

On top of creating our first video, we’ve also launched our Patreon page where you can generously donate to our journey if your heart so desires.  They way Patreon works is you pledge a certain amount of money for each video we publish, and that money will go towards everything from food, to fuel, to wifi. Plus, it will help us reach the goals we’ve set up for the video editing items I talked about earlier. You can also set a monthly maximum amount that you want to donate so if we (like I say in the video) go on a video making frenzy you won’t be overcharged more than you wanted to give. Your support on Patreon is greatly appreciated and we hope to repay you with awesome videos of our travels so you will feel like you are right there on the boat with us!


Our Patreon Page

We have also met some very nice people through my sister-in-law that want to show us everything they know about sailing! We are so excited to go out on their boat with them in the very near future! Stay tuned for a video and blog post about that!

Until next time….


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