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Posted by on Monday, August 21, 2017 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Exuma Islands, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Highbourne Cay, DON’T EAT THE CHICKEN!!!

Watch Video 36 here!

HIGHBOURNE CAY. Lovely little island, but also very expensive. This is a private island / resort that caters to the big super-cruisers and sport fishers that have made their way over from South Florida.

The cost of a single night in a slip is $4.00 a foot.

A pack of Oreos is $12.

An avacado is $6.

Still, even with the costs of goods being the highest we’ve seen thus far, it’s still a beautiful setting in clear blue water.

In this post we eat ice cream and Ben goes spearfishing.

Oh, and I’ll show you the most colorful chicken we’ve ever seen!

2.1.17 Made it to Highbourne Cay today. We stayed on the boat after we got here, after a long day of motor sailing. We’ll be going ashore tomorrow. N 24*42.348 W 76*49.222

Beautiful Sunset from our anchorage at Highbourne Cay.

2.2.17 There was a lot of swell where we anchored so we moved around the corner today. N 24*42.644 W 76*49.706

We are staying here tonight and probably tomorrow too. We went to the marina for lunch today and we got ice cream!

Another beautiful sunset in Highbourne Cay.

2.3.17 We filled up with water and diesel today. Then we went to the beach with Claudie and her family. Ben went spearfishing with Laurent but he didn’t spear anything. Ben and I watched the first Hobbit movie tonight.

2.4.17 We did laundry in a bucket today on deck since Highbourne doesn’t have laundry services for anyone not staying in the Marina. Molly used the drying sheet as a tent. After that, we went to the marina and got some things at the grocery store for BLT’s and Tacos. Yumm! We had the BLT’s for Lunch and the Tacos for dinner. It was so good and it’s so great to have fresh food. We also went to the beach with Claudie and her family again today.

Lets play a game. . . Where’s Ben? Molly seams to like her tent too.

Ben says not to eat the chicken. This birds name is Lou.

2.5.17 We met Will on Doggie Paddle today. He came over to borrow some sail tape because he ripped his head sail today. He stayed and chatted for awhile, he is a nice guy and we enjoyed meeting him. Will invited Ben to go spearfishing with him. Molly and I watched the Minions movie while Ben went spearfishing with Will.

2.6.17 Today, Will came over to the boat to return the sail tape and he stayed and hung out for while. Then Molly and I did some homeschool. After Will left, we had lunch and then we went to the beach while Will and Ben went spearfishing again. He caught a lot of fish today.

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