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Posted by on Sunday, August 26, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Eleuthera, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Hanging out in Governors Harbour, Eleuthera

Watch video 56 here!

In this post, we go on a dinner date in Governor’s Harbour in Eleuthera, Bahamas.

I feel like this post/episode is a fairly accurate reflection as to what a normal day is like while out cruising.

You get up, you clean the dinghy, you do laundry, you run out of cash so you go to the bank, then you grab a nice hamburger because by that time, you’ve worked up an appetite.

If you ever do laundry at Governor’s Harbour, be warned. The laundromat is hotter than Hades. The dryers vent all the exhaust directly into the building itself. Holy moly, it was like being in a sauna.

No matter – we round off the day with a nice island-style family dinner date. Nothing like enjoying a good meal with my 2 ladies as company – especially on a beautiful island in the Bahamas. It just doesn’t get much better than that.


5.18.17 Today we went ashore and Ben cleaned the bottom of the diggy while Molly and I combed the beach for shells and sea glass. Then we went over to the immigration office to see if they were open, they were not. After that we went to the bank and got some cash, because we’re getting a little low and we just wanted to be sure we had enough to get through until we get back to Florida. When we successfully (after a couple tries) got some cash, we went looking around the little shops here in Governors Harbour. Ben is looking for a pair of crocs! Yikes! We ate lunch at a little place called Da Perk. It’s a little coffee/sandwich shop. It was super yummy, but also pretty expensive! We spent $50 on lunch! After lunch we went looking for the laundromat so we can do a much needed laundry run tomorrow, then we went to the grocery store and got some things. We had beans and weenies for dinner and we watched a family movie, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.

5.19.17 Today our immigration runs out. We have been in the Bahamas for 120 days! We’ve been trying to renew but because of the boats from Haiti, no one is in the offices. We called Keith’s sister, and she said we would be fine.

We went to the laundromat today and did a couple loads of laundry. I love the feeling of clean sheets!

After that, we came back to the boat, took showers and got ready for a family dinner date. We had a great dinner at a place called Buccaneers. It was the BEST onion rings I’ve ever had. So good! We’ll definitely be stopping here on return visits! Ben and I watched third Matrix tonight.

5.20.17 Today Keith came up and we went to the Leon Levy Plant Preserve. I’ll share photos and details in the next post.

We also explored the town a little bit today.

5.21.17 We stayed on the boat today and just hung out. Today was Molly’s last day of 1st grade!

5.22.17 We went to the immigration office today and got our visa’s renewed. They gave us 45 more days, so it’ll expire on July 4th.

We left Governors Harbour today for Alabaster Bay. N 25*15.577 W 76*19.235 We stayed on the boat tonight. Ben and I watched the 1st Hunger Games.

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