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Posted by on Friday, November 25, 2016 in Living Aboard, Maryland, YouTube Videos | 2 comments

First Days Living Aboard

Check out Video 17 on YouTube!

October 1st

Today, Saturday, the forth day of rain! Why is it that in all the 7500 miles that we drove to find a boat we did not have ONE drop of rain, then when we get here to move aboard all we have is rain? Ha! Today we just spent on the boat getting organized. We also took the rental truck back to the rental place and Aras picked us up and brought us back to the boat. Tonight for dinner Aras picked us up at our Marina and we went back to his Marina where we meet and had dinner with the crew on SV Gromit, a very nice family with 3 girls ages 5, 3, and 6 months (Instagram @Familyatsea). Aras let us take his truck back to our boat at the Casa Rio Marina.

October 2nd

Sunday, we got up and had breakfast and took Aras back his truck. We hung out with him for about 30 minutes. He took us back to our boat on his Boston Whaler (small fishing boat). When we got back to our boat there was a bit of a commotion going on. A guy who was supposed to be coming in tomorrow got there early and was trying to get into the dock, there was another guy there, who tied up to our boat, who was trying to move his other boat that was stuck at the dock. After we got the boat situation worked out, Aras helped us get our mainsail put up and get our cans where we wanted them. He convinced us to head out to Selby Bay and anchor instead of heading over to tie up to Gregs dock for the night like we had originally planned. I guess we have to suck it up and untie the lines sometime right? Why not now? We had a beautiful sunset dinner of pancakes. We talked to Grammy and Mimzie on the phone tonight.

October 3rd

Our first night on anchor was wonderful! This morning we woke up and had coffee and breakfast. Then we did homeschool. We were 4 days behind in homeschool, so we had to do some major catching up. It was pretty stressful for mommy and pretty tiring for Molly as well. We only got 3 days caught up, so tomorrow we will do 2 days of lessons and be totally caught up.

October 4th

Today we took a dingy ride over to throw out some trash, we went to a playground to let Molly play, and we took a baby wipe towel shower tonight. (HA!)

October 5th

Laundry day! Today we did laundry in the bucket and we hung it up on the lifelines. We had a pizza dinner on Aras’ boat and took a REAL shower at his marina. BEST SHOWER EVER!!

October 6th

Today we docked at Selby Bay Marina and got diesel and water. We went out into the main bay area and played around with the sails. We got her up to 7 knots! Then we reanchored in Selby Bay for the night. We rehung the laundry outside again too because it hadn’t finished drying yesterday. It still wasn’t done when it was time for bed, so we hung it inside the boat to keep it from blowing away.

October 7th

Moved over to the small marina where the house boat is in Mayo for the weekend to stay out of the wind and rain from hurricane Matthew. Tonight after dinner we rowed over to the Casa Rio Marina and took a shower.

October 8th

Today we went to the Annapolis Boat show with Aras and his friend Susan. It rained all day but it was still a good time. We ran into someone who recognized us from our YouTube channel! It was so fun! We had dinner with Aras and Susan in Edgewater where I tried fried oyster and crab cakes for the first time. It was a great day!


  1. Greetings from Elizabeth City NC. Wish you guys came down the Dismal Swamp route and not the Great Bridge route and we could have met. Following your adventure and would like to see a true cost breakdown for all the work done at the boat yard and outfitting the boat. I have a 1979 30 foot Hunter that I am outfitting and your experience will help me. Thanks Rich

    • Hi Rich! Thank for the comment! We really wanted to come down the Dismal Swamp but it was closed due to Hurricane Matthew. Maybe when it reopens one day we’ll be able to come by!

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