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Posted by on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 in Florida, ICW Travel, Living Aboard, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

The Final Stretch Of The Atlantic ICW

Watch Video 31 here!

We’re stuck! Stuck in Miami.

Turns out that these winter “Northers” are no joke. Persistent, strong winds for days and days on end keeps us pinned down for over a week.

So, what do we do?

Well, we edit video, we homeschool, and we prepare for the upcoming Gulf Stream crossing… even though we’re not entirely sure when that will be.

Still, hope looms on the horizon in knowing that our next big move will be not South… but EAST!

1.5.17 Moved to a different part of the bay today. There is a lot of wind coming in and we don’t want to be out in the open. We found a little corner of the bay that will be really protected from the winds coming in. Also, I did a complete food inventory today of everything we have on the boat! N 25*48.554 W80*08.390

1.6.17 We walked to the Bank and the Grocery store today. The walk was about 1.5 miles one way. We had to get more cash for the Bahamas and wanted to get some more provisioning done. I got another blog post up today. It was my intention to be totally caught up with blog posts before we left for the Bahamas because I knew we would be here for a while with this wind coming in, but my computer had different thoughts. The battery died right after I got that last post up and when I tried to charge it, it would not charge! AHH! NO!! We think that the charging cable is bad, and that maybe the cheap inverter that we have has something to do with it. But that means that we needed to find a new cable before leaving, so we made an amazon order and had it sent to one of our lovely Patrons here in Miami that we had already planned on meeting up with.

1.7.17 Today we caught up on some homeschool and Ben filled up our water jugs. Ben and Molly did some sewing on our sail cover where the wenches are rubbing holes in them. There is a lot of strong wind is coming in tonight.

1.8.17 to 1.11.17 These days were just lazy days with nothing to do while being stuck on the boat in lots of wind. We did homeschool, played a lot of Kingdom Rush on the Kindle, Molly and Ben flew her kite from her cousin Khora, and Molly enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. 

1.12.17 Today we got off the boat! We went for a walk in Miami and had a fantastic lunch! I mean it was just so good! Probably the best coleslaw that I’ve ever had. I also had one of their homemade pickles, and I don’t even like pickles! We each had a hamburger. It felt so good to get off the boat after being stuck for 6 days. After our walk, we hung out on the little beach that shows up at low tide before going back to the boat.

1.13.17 Andrew and Sarah on the boat Honeymooner got here last night. We originally met them in Jacksonville at Sarah’s Creek free dock. They are a really nice couple. Today they came over for a bit, then we all went into town. We took an UBER and went over to South Miami Beach. There we went to the beach and a scuba shop (where Andrew got a polespear). We also found Miami Ink!! I had to get photos of the place! We went inside and looked around. It was pretty cool. We went across the street and had yummy burgers for dinner and then we got an UBER back to the boat.

1.14.17 Ben and Molly went to get some more water in our water jugs today. They got lost and almost ran out of gas. I watched a few episodes of a show on Netflix while they were gone. We had a pretty lazy day just hanging out on the boat.

1.15.17 We hung out with Andrew and Sarah on their boat today, and we had dinner together on their boat. Ben and Andrew talked about the crossing over to Bimini. We hope to cross together. We’ve become fast friends with them. We really like them a lot. Molly has really taken to Sarah too. Tomorrow we are moving closer to Dinner Key.

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