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Engel Fridge

You know what takes some major adjusting? Learning to live without refrigeration! But you know what else? Been there done that, now we’re moving up! This season, we are adding a brand new 45qt Engel refrigerator to the Sandflea! I can not wait!  When we first started the sailboat search in 2016, a fridge was number 1 on top of my list and we ended up not having one at all. It was hard, but we made it. While I’m glad that we can say that we survived without it, I am so happy to finally have one on the boat. Just think about it….

Cold drinks after an afternoon swim.

Butter. Sour Cream. CHEESE!

The possibilities are endless!

Check out the newer version of the fridge we purchased: Engel Fridge

This product can be used as a fridge or a freezer and can be run on a DC or AC system with very little power draw.

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