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Posted by on Thursday, July 28, 2016 in Boats, YouTube Videos | 2 comments

Crystal River Trip | Part Two

June 12-16 2016

In the second half of this trip (watch it here in Episode 9), we located a broker and he took us to see a few boats.

First he took us to Bradenton to see a Morgan Out Island 33. We stepped aboard and knew instantly this was not a good deal. It had been so badly neglected. There was so much water in the bilge that it was almost overflowing into the cabin sole. There was mold everywhere and things were badly broken from a recent storm. It’s such a shame because you could tell that this was once a very loved boat. There was custom built cabinets and a beautiful hand made table inside. We were really excited to see this one because this is one of the boats on the top of our love list. To get there and it be so badly taken care of was a real disappointment.



The next boat he took us to see was a Watkins 33. This boat was much nicer than the Morgan. It could have been perfect if it didn’t have so much moisture inside. It felt like it had some leakage issues. None of the cabinets would open because they were so swollen, and it looked like there had recently been three inches of water sitting on the cabin sole for awhile. Time to move on.


The broker didn’t have anything else for us so we went back to our hotel in Crystal River to gear up for another day of searching tomorrow.

While we were at the Marina looking at the Watkins, we saw a flyer for another Morgan 33. We called the owner and he said we could take a look and he told us he would leave the key aboard because he was going out of town. The next day we drove back to St. Petersburg. We got onboard, and pretty quickly knew, this was another one that just didn’t work. There was a large leak where the deck to hull joint is and there were a lot of weird modifications and exposed wiring. Not things we want to deal with.


On the way back to Crystal River we had two more stops to make. We had located an Ericsson 32 and a Columbia 36.

The Ericsson wasn’t bad, except the cabin sole was pretty soft and so was the fore deck. The galley wasn’t in the best shape either. This was an easy decision and we decided to pass.



The Columbia needed a complete overhaul job. There were no cushions, the interior was completely torn apart and there wasn’t even a stove. The guy had put a lot of money into it, but it was still going to take several months to get it to where it would work for us. The engine wouldn’t even start and the floor had been so rotted at one point that it had been replaced piece by piece with plywood. That was a big nope.

So with a bit of disappointment we made our way back to the hotel where we spent the last night enjoying each others company and taking a swim in the motels pool. Tomorrow it was time to make the long drive home.

Until next time friends, where we take another trip boat shopping. This time we head to Savannah.


  1. Tambi, don’t get disheartened! I know it’s hard, but you’re learning so much about what you expect and need in a boat! And, I imagine, you’re learning a ton about boats, in general. We planned this life for TEN LONG YEARS, and looked at bunches of boats during that time. You’re already way ahead of us in your timeline. Can’t wait to see y’all out here!

    • Hi Kimberly! Thank you so much for the encouragement! We have definitely been learning a lot about boats and what we want in a boat. We are getting closer with every trip and fall This is just the first trip of three that we’ve taken so far! I’ll be writing more on those soon. Ten years is a long time to plan. I am so glad you finally made it out there! We are definitely looking forward to the days that we can meet all the wonderful people we’ve come in contact with (including you guys!) throughout this journey in person!

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