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Posted by on Monday, July 25, 2016 in Boats, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Boat Shopping in Crystal River, Florida!

June 12-16 2016

In part one of the videos (Episode 8), you saw that we went down to Crystal River, Florida to check out the S2 9.6C. When we got there we were so excited to see this boat. We thought it could be “the one”.

We met the owner at Pete’s Marina. He took us over to the boat on his small motor boat, because the sailboat was moored out in the bay. When we climbed aboard it felt great. We looked around the deck and it seamed to be loved and well taken care of. There were a few minor cosmetic things that needed to be done, but what boat doesn’t have those things. When we went down below, I was pleasantly surprised that it felt bigger than a 30 foot boat. We looked around, inspected in every nook and cranny, took measurements and began thinking, could we make this boat work for us. We know it’s a 30 footer, but it has made some great use of the space, it’s been well taken care of, and it has an aft cabin. Which we loved!

After we had time to talk with the owner and fully inspect the boat for ourselves, it was time to take her out! We spent the next hour or so tacking around the bay. It was so much fun and she sailed like a dream. I bet that right now your thinking, well if you loved the boat so much why didn’t you buy it right then and there?



Well she had some issues too… Firstly, the rigging was pretty old, Ben didn’t feel comfortable with the shape that the rigging was in. Secondly, it was a 30 footer, and while it seamed perfect right then and there, we also have to take into account that we do have to live on it and we would still need to fit three peoples belongings, homeschool stuff, galley equipment, food, tools, line, fenders, toiletries, and all the other possessions that we have on board. We thought that we would fill that boat up pretty quickly. Since it was a center cockpit and had an aft cabin, there was ZERO storage in the cockpit except for one small “saddlebag” on the back. Lastly, the most disappointing issue of all, neither Ben or I could stand up under the bimini in the cockpit. We were hunched over like The Hunchback of Notre Dame. We imagined standing under there and being very uncomfortable, very quick.

So, with that we left that boat with so many thoughts running through our heads. We were disappointed that this boat that seamed perfect didn’t work out, but somehow we knew in our hearts that this boat wasn’t the one for us, despite all the good qualities that it had. Time to move on.



In part two of the videos (Episode 9), we scramble to find more boats in the area to make this trip worth it. We were not giving up that easily. Part two blog post coming soon.

Until then, I’m going to leave you with some photos of the fun things we did in Crystal River.

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