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Posted by on Thursday, August 20, 2015 in Cleaning out | 0 comments

Cleaning up the backyard

So we began cleaning up the backyard a few days ago.

Ben cut up a tree that had fallen over,

8-16-15 (4)

and we cut down a couple other trees that needed to come down.

8-16-15 (3)

We made a very LARGE pile of limbs, pieces of the trunks, and scrap from around the yard.

8-16-15 (8)

And then we lit it on FIRE! What fun! Who’s bringing the marshmallows?

8-17-15 (3)

Then Ben mowed down the high grass and weeds. Looks nice huh?

8-20-15 (6)

Ben also found a frog under the mower. Which Molly says is her new BFF.

8-20-15 (2)

We found a guy who has a racing sailboat on Lake Lanier who said he would show us a little about sailing. We are super excited about it! Stay tuned for photos about our adventure! We go Saturday! Wish us luck!

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